Wars are very much a reality, they happen.

Countless innocent people get killed, countries are devastated and millions more are dispossessed, bewildered and left to fend for themselves amidst the shattered infrastructure of their homelands.

It should be common knowledge by now that the two world wars were wholly avoidable, they were engineered by politicians and by those who sought only to increase their wealth and power, as well as bringing untold misery to millions, if not billions of people.

Every war since could have been settled by other methods.

So how are all these wars allowed to happen?

The majority of people do not want them, nor need them, so a means must be found to persuade ordinary people to accept the necessity of their sons and daughters being sacrificed on the whim of politicians..

I do not think that anybody is 100% certain about anything that really goes on in the world. The reasons for that are straightforward though, in that Governments lie to their people, the mainstream media promote those lies and distraction is everywhere.

The truth is that we are lied to daily about everything, even those lies are purposely designed to make us play a part in an agenda we are not even allowed or expected to understand.

My personal thought is that governments are quite simply, pathological liars.

They have the means, the opportunities and motives to fake almost anything.

The means are in the cash at their disposal, the opportunities in their control of the mainstream media, academia, the sciences, and control of the economy, and they have created the illusion that any resistance is futile.

And it has worked hasn’t it?