“The earth shall quake before them;
the heavens shall tremble:
the sun and the moon shall be dark,
and the stars shall withdraw their shining”

Every so often I feel deeply ashamed to have to co-exist on a planet with such a barbaric species as the human race.

I have reached the point where I no longer allow my inbuilt empathy, to bear any sense of loss over ‘Man’s Inhumanity To His Fellow Man.’

It’s become too normal, too everyday an occurrence and it’s almost expected nowadays, that someone, somewhere, has been an absolute bastard to someone else.

If they are not trying to maim and kill each other, they busy themselves devising ever more ingenious ways to corrupt or destroy whatever else gets in their way.

Humans truly are a vile species on the whole, it is an injustice indeed when comparisons are drawn between them and animals, as is often the case in the ever present media.

It’s insulting to the animals for one thing.

Also, in my opinion, humans, in their current incarnation, have forfeited any right they think they have to inhabit this planet, for another.

So-called ‘civilized’ human beings are the ultimate destroyers, they are not yet capable of seeing, and have remained unable to appreciate, nor live peacefully alongside each other, let alone any other life form on this planet.

How many species have humankind hunted to extinction would you say?

Atlas Bear
Bali Tiger
Barbary Lion
Big-Eared Hopping Mouse
Bubal Hartebeest
Bulldog Rat
Cape Lion
Caribbean Monk Seal
Carolina Parakeet
Carpathian wisent
Caspian tiger
Cebu Warty Pig
Chadwick Beach Cotton Mouse
Chatham Bellbird
Chatham Fernbird
Dusky Seaside Sparrow
Dwarf Hutia
Falkland Islands Wolf
Formosan Clouded Leopard
Goff’s Pocket Gopher
Gull Island Vole
Hemigrapsus Estellinensis
Hokkaido Wolf
Japanese Sea Lion
Madeiran Scops Owl
New Zealand Owlet-nightjar
New Zealand Quail
North Island Snipe
Passenger Pigeon
Piopio (bird)
São Miguel Scops Owl
Sardinian Pika
Saudi Gazelle
Schomburgk’s Deer
South Island Snipe
Stephens Island Wren
Stout-Legged Wren
Syncaris Pasadenae
Syrian Wild Ass
Western Black Rhinoceros

A sobering list don’t you think?

Are you shocked in any way?

Any normal thinking person should see that the above list would be more than enough, that some switch would have been thrown inside the human brain, which recognised that nothing and nobody should be allowed to continue inflicting such utter devastation on species after species.

But no, according to conservationists, one of the most majestic among those who deserve to exist in peace on this planet, may be lost within a single decade.

Elephantae, or Elephants, have been around for 50 million years, in various forms.

A world without them would be unimaginable, but is now a very real possibility.

When any species ceases to exist, the universe feels it, stars visibly tremble as the loss radiates ever outwards, reaching far beyond anything that humans can even begin to understand.

But there are those that are watching.

These are the ones that know, that every time a species disappears by the hand of man, a natural disaster follows soon after.

To redress the balance in some way, perhaps?

Each instance of extinction is comparable to tearing a hole in the sky that can never be repaired, a universally accepted occurrence that mankind has ignored once too often.

In 1930 there were between 5 and 10 million elephants in the world.

In 1979, that number had fallen to between 1 and 3 million.

In 1989, there were approximately 600,000 left.

By 2012, there were between 250,000 and 350,000 Savannah elephants and between 50,000 and 140,000 Forest elephants.

Asian elephants numbered between 35,000 to 40,000.

Around 36,000 elephants in Africa are still being slaughtered each year despite a worldwide ban on ivory.

Victims of large numbers of highly organised, well-funded and heavily armed gangs.

In Kenya alone, 162 elephants out of a population of 35,000 were killed by poachers in the first six months of 2012.

That rate has not diminished.

Similar to humans, each elephant is an individual, and each has its own unique personality.

Also, like ‘some’ humans, they are peace-loving and compassionate, not only to their own kind, but to others.

Left alone they are bound together by a strong family instinct, remaining together for their entire lives.

elephant hacked

Unless they are unfortunate enough to cross the path of a group of humans that is.

Should any living creature deserve to share any space, with one that could brutally and mercilessly hack the face off another?

For no other reason than the inherent cruelty and vanity that exists within the human race.


  1. Bandini

    President of WWF – symbol: elephant – lost his “job” for, er, hunting elephants. King of Spain.

    Sometimes it’s hard not to feel that your nose isn’t being rubbed in it…


    When this bastard dies there’ll be a few tales to be told.

    • Bandini

      (Was just about to nod off to sleep last night when I jolted back awake asking myself what I’d been thinking of: the panda, not the elephant, is the logo of the WWF… strange ways our minds seek to correct/solve the puzzles of the day whilst we dream.
      Anyway, he probably slaughters pandas too! Those zoo-based breeding programs a mere front to allow old Juan Carlos to sneek in after dark and dispatch another in front of their mother’s eyes… I’m joking, er, I think. )

  2. Jane

    The human race deserves to become extinct as far as I’m concerned. Not fit to inhabit the earth or to share it with the truly great and beautiful creatures that cling on to existence & will one day will join the list of extinct species.

  3. Moth

    Makes you wonder what planet these people come from when they behave so poorly. What planet are we from when we cant stand this behavior? Two polar opposites. Its almost as if we’re crossed bred and have trouble deciphering what we want in life (the saying “in two minds” comes to mind!)………we are such a confused species. The price of (some sort of) intelligence?

    Cant stand the whole Hunting for Conversation argument. Makes my blood boil as does this “Without you” post. Had to have a minute to think if i wanted to read it.

    I have trouble comprehending how anyone can cause harm to an animal. I. Just. Cant. Grasp. It.

    • The more time passes, the more humankind moves away from humanity.

      I genuinely believe that there are markedly different species of ‘humans’.

  4. Cetus

    I agree with all the posts on this thread. On a similar theme I’d be interested if any of you get annoyed at the constant monitoring and tagging of animals and birds – I can’t help screaming in my mind “can’t we just leave them alone”.

    • The point of wild animals is to be ‘wild’….. with no human interference or hindrance.

      I agree 100%

  5. Whilst looking for something else, I came across this:-


    Which links to this:-


    There’s 109 parts to it.I just did a quick read-through of a couple of them.It goes a long way to explain much of what is now exposed about our “upper classes”Sick?.

    And of a more personal interest for you,in todays Mail:-


  6. highlander69

    ”I genuinely believe that there are markedly different species of ‘humans’ A year ago I wouldn’t even have considered what you were saying Jimmy, but now I tend to believe that is a distinct possibility.

  7. My grandmothers favorite animal is the elephant, I watched a video this elephant and a baby and it was night in a zoo , her baby fell between the cages somehow and the mom cried after trying to get the baby, all the other elephants woke up and none could get the baby they made so much noise to wake up the staff on site. It was amazing how they are ya know. I do hate zoo’s thought I know we want to see stuff but that to me is the same thing as coming to your door and locking you up so people can come look at you forever. I dont think most people notice how unhappy animals are with our treatment. Polar bears are losing ice and yea were killing the earth with what we do. I am personally a tree hugger and if I ever saw a tree get cut that would hurt me deeply and I may go to jail over a tree and I dont think anything is wrong with me for feeling that way , somethings wrong with people who dont feel these things for everything on earth. But I dont know I guess our fancy houses and electronics poisoned food means more than everything that cant speak up in a way we understand.

  8. Fabooka De Stait

    Some sick people on this Earth, that’s for sure. They may all deserve what they eventually get.

  9. karen

    I would not condemn the entire human species, for every act of brutality, there is an act of kindness. I think most people who are thoughtful and considerate of their impact, if given the facts, will do good.

  10. Elaine

    That’s a truly horrible image of the poached elephant. Do these poor creatures get put down, or is there any hope for them after that stage? Also, did you know that orphaned elephants often go on man-killing rampages after seeing their mothers attacked by humans? If I could be granted one wish right now, it would be that these poor animals could be armed and taught to shoot back. The disgusting idiots who hurt them like that deserve to die, and much worse… 🙁

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