It now appears that many of the population, have now become participants in a worldwide multiplayer version of ‘Where’s Wally.’

The ‘Wally’ in question, being a Malaysian Boeing 777 Airliner which has allegedly vanished without trace.

The MSM is strangely reporting on every conspiracy theory that is doing the rounds, while the conspirators are beside themselves with their theories ranging from everything from Air Piracy and Top Secret Government Weaponry, right through to the ever popular standby of good old fashioned Alien Abduction.

The most bizarre connection I have seen would have to be the Jimmy Savile Connection, which is being offered on the David Icke Forums.

The amount of disinformation that has accompanied this event is unprecedented, which has led to questions starting to be asked of those who proport to be a part of the Alternative Media, who generally can be reliably looked on to fill in the MSM blanks.

In many ways it’s a dream scenario for those who stand to benefit from discrediting those in the Alternative Media who are making things very uncomfortable for those who hold the reins of power at the current time.

So, unsurprisingly, the theories are coming thick and fast and the more outlandish and unbelievable they appear to be, the more legs they appear to have.

Which of course may be the intention.

From what is currently available, I can see two, maybe three possibilities regarding the fate of Malaysian Airways MS370, some of which have already been discussed.

The first is that there never was a flight along that route, the whole thing is/was set up using crisis actors to represent the passengers relatives and friends at the airport.

The MSM are/were fully aware of this and are playing along for whatever reason that might be.

The second is that the flight was somehow diverted using an AWAC (Airborne Early Warning and Control) type system, flown to an undisclosed location with the full knowledge of those countries involved and held there for future use, possibly a ‘False Flag’ event which involves an airliner flying into a building for example.

That would mean that the crew and passengers, would have to be either disposed of in some way, or were in some way involved which is highly unlikely.

The United States and the Russians are more than capable of spotting a vehicle numberplate, or recognising facial features from satellites using technology that was available during the early 1980’s, so are they now saying that they have no way of tracking and locating the whereabouts of an Airliner the size of a 777?

You are being told that not only the Americans, but the Chinese, the Russians and more than twenty other countries are involved in what is being described in the MSM as a ‘search covering more than 10% of the surface of this planet.’

But not a drop of fuel, oil, luggage or wreckage of any description has been located, which rules out a crash landing, or at least one that has been reported.

So what’s left?

An Emelia Earhart type mystery that will forever more be debated and speculated upon as another of the world’s great mysteries?

Or, a precursor to an even bigger, and more mysterious future event?

21 thoughts on “WHERE ARE THEY?

  1. Only dillons on the DI Forum could link the missing plane with Savile – what next? Savile didn’t die, he is in fact a pilot for the Secret Services & they know this because his chrome plated spade they were previously trying to implicate in a moider told them so.

    Or perhaps he shorted out the tracking system with a lighted cigar & the static created from his shiny track suit? That forum is as flaky as Icke himself. Those lemons just become more and more ridiculous! It’s quite mind blowing how they come up with these far fetched fantasies.

    Back to reality …. it really is strange how we can track an animal from birth to death, but we can’t trace a missing plane? US Space Agency Messenger Satellite can photograph 100% of Mercury but they can’t trace a missing plane? You can track a parcels journey around the world, but you can’t trace a missing plane? If indeed there was a plane in the 1st place, who’s to know when the powers that be tell so many lies and create so many false flags?

    The next time they’ll spot it is when it crashes into Big Ben or the Statue of Liberty I expect, and we’ll be told it was the work of Al Quackers or whatever fake name they give to the next fake terrorist group. Barmy Baz Obarma won’t be able to dress up as Bin Laden this time, but I expect he has a dressing up closet that put’s Mr Bens Fancy Dress shop to shame, maybe he’s even got a Savile costume, which will excite the DI Forum flunkies no end.

    Oh my god, I’ve just started another rumour, Jimmy Savile is really Barmy Baz Obarma! Gasp! I knew it!!! Expect to see that on the DI Forum later. You know it makes sense! (NOT!)
    Talking of Emelia Earhart, I was reading that a new search is going to be carried out of Nikumaroro later this year.

    In her case she was unfamiliar with the new fangled systems in the plane she was flying which is why they lost communication with her. Some items thought to have possibly belonged to her were found on the Island, so maybe that will be a solved mystery soon?

    Here are 5 instances of planes that apparently disappeared without a trace – excuse the choice of website, but it linked from Yahoo or somewhere.


  2. About your forthcoming `Smartmeter’ article;I just found this:


    This a cut & paste of what is there.No info on the poster.

    The Big News is I’ve traced the SMARTMETER Creation and funding back to 475 Riverside Interfaith Center Rockefeller Funding and a contract with US DEPARTMENT OF Energy and Columbia U. for billions in bailout money for this SMARTMETER Crap.

    Go to: “Center For Computational Learning Systems “475 Riverside NY NY Same Building as Rockefeller Brothers Fund at The Interfaith Center Ecumenical Unity “God Box” building. This group is part of Columbia University.

    Columbia University is tight with Rockefellers as they originally owned the land that the Interfaith Center as well as most of the other 19 skyscrapers Rockefellers Own,some 70 floors high constructed by JohnD. Rockefeller during the ending of the depression. Rockefeller leased the land from Columbia University, bought it later for $425 million and sold again to Japenese Mitsubishi corp, later bought again and partners with Columbia U.

    The Big News is I’ve traced the SMARTMETER Creation and funding back to 475 Riverside Interfaith Center Rockefeller Funding and a contract with US DEPARTMENT OF Energy and Columbia U. for billions in bailout money for this SMARTMETER Crap.

    Search Smart Meters Bad to see why we are sick, dying, low energy and more.
    There are 2 Globalists working with about a dozen gifted students from all over the world in this infested building on the smartmeter program. The Jesuits scan the countries for these gifted students, Rockefeller gives them great scholarships to Jesuit Schools mostly Georgetown University where they are brainwashed and developed into these teams to facilitate NEW WORLD ORDER projects. I’ve tried every way I can to get you the direct links to this evidence tonight but they are all over me. All kinds of blocking is occurring on my computer.
    Mar 16, 2014

  3. I forgot to say, my standby email account was hacked yesterday along with my suspended Twitter account – suspended purely due to the usual suspects and their many fake accounts reporting my account as spam and blocking, as they have with yours and so many others. So if you get any weird emails from me, bin them without opening them. Obviously the usual twits on Twitter and their hacking games. Seems someone is still mighty desperate to get to you, even trying to get to you through me too now. Sad suckers!

    1. Certainly looking more and more desperate now Jane.

      I half expect another visit from the police accompanied by the NSA as no doubt they have been told that there is a Boeing 777 sitting in my shed after I used my hacking skills to divert it to Wrexham.


    Order of Chaeronea is VERY interesting.Explains a lot in the world today.
    & a Welsh “Scotch cattle” society!!.

    I’ve just watched this vid & if you didn’t know this,you should too.
    Very Serious Dangers Of Posting Photos On The Net – Vid


  5. Probably the best analysis of the Hijacked(?) airliner is at

    Also,in the rather jumbled list of links on his site (in blue,at top of page) are articles on smart meters.& try “Security issues 3,2,and 1”.Both are in the bottom line of the links.

  6. This is the best post about this subject I’ve read so far.

    A whole bunch of high tech defence guys were on board.

    Maybe it’s relevant.

    1. Aye, it’s convenient that there happened to be a party of semiconductor engineers on board I agree.

      All adds to the mystery I guess.

  7. “Perhaps the most unsettling information in regards to the missing Boeing 777 comes from retired 35 year Delta pilot, Field McConnell, who states that since 1995, Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilots have been equipped in Boeing planes.
    This information was apparently not released until March of 2007, following a subsequent lawsuit by McConnell.”


  8. Shiny tracksuit static – brilliant!
    I was wondering if this could be the “bigger than Watergate” event promised a while back… talk about searching for a needle…
    Or was Ben Fellowes on board? Those Templar’s Coins might play merry havok with onboard equipment…
    Maybe the Guardian forumite ‘Valeron’ has the answer:
    17 Mar 2014 13:48
    “Would it be possible for the plane to meet a boat in the Indian Ocean to get a pair of those water landing ski things fitted so it can then land in the water.
    Seems the most likely scenario to me and they should be sending a boat to check the Indian Ocean as we speak.with a bit of luck the passengers will be alive.”


    I shouldn’t be laughing, I know, but for the love of Christ!

    1. Oh I think that this one will run and run Bandini.

      I am half expecting Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, Richie Valance and Glenn Miller to make themselves known very soon too.

      The Mirror or the Mail will no doubt break the story, with certain bloggers and Team Anders congratulating each other.

      Funnily enough, the missing plane is not the issue I feel, but to discredit and show the world at large that the Alternative Media.. AKA Tin Foil Hat Wearing Conspirators are all as mad as a box of ferrets.

  9. Valeron obviously hasn’t heard of NylonGate yet, or he’d know it was Saviles static laden tracksuit that is to blame. I’m sure someone from the DI Forums will be along any minute to put him straight.
    Talking of that inflated ego that seems to have been burst of late – where’s the Oracle of all things CSA, Savile, abusing CSA survivors, secret lists, sucking up to MPs, missing planes and everything there is to know about anything? Surely he has a theory? Saving it for his mates at Exaro maybe? Or has he himself been shot down in flames? Can only hope!
    Think he’ll be busy helping an appeal for another compulsive compo seeking forever victim soon, that should keep him quiet. Think the Pickling plant compo seeking mission was a non starter, 6 months on, not a sign of any compo. Still, where there’s blame there’s a claim and another claim and another and another. Why look at yourself and your bad decisions when you can blame some other poor sod and make a few quid out of it eh? Beats getting off your lazy arse and working for a living – or so it would seem for some people, sadly normally the ones who don’t deserve it.

  10. Dear outlaw, I have no doubt that this is an act of terrorism from the masters of manipulation….the MOSSAD. Malaysia bravely prosecuted the Israeli government, in absentia of course, cowards that they are, and this act alone signalled a foreboding retaliative act. Timing is everything. Lay the groundwork….mention Iranian passengers (check), mention unknown sources (check), allow for conflicting conspiracy theories from msm (check), gradually drop more pellets (check), all supplied by very helpful US , besties with Israhell, (check), investigate backgrounds of all passengers (check), suddenly unearth the Mad muslim fanatic connection with pilot holding knife ( check), almost home now….No plane, no evidence, no proof….controlled computer disengagement like 911, effective disruptive relations between China and their major oil partner, Iran, and Israehell wins again…..this is an old Hollywood script. So old that folks like me don’t care to watch the sequel.

    1. Some very interesting observations Carol.

      The most cohesive set of reasons I have seen so far and absolutely worth considering further.

  11. My vote is its fake, for the following reasons;
    – it reminds the public of 9/11 (in multiple ways).
    – it reminds the public of terrorism, “Al-Qaeda”, etc…
    – it reminds the public of the fake “…’unclear’… nuclear threat”.
    – it reminds the public of the fake “invaluable satellite technology”.
    – it reminds the public of how silly many conjectures to be found on the worldwide web can be.
    fake, fake, fakety fake! my two cents well and truly spent there!!!

  12. If you have twitter ,find out why @fieldcc and @FLGovCand_gig are gone since Saturday noon (or before).

    Both said Andreas absolutely is innocent.

    Here is, how it played down: Mode S is (is primarily on 1090Mhz but q-band to uplink/downlink Comms may be and are likely to be incoorperated) uninterruptable on all Airliners.

    decipherable is a lot more than they admit: They say angle of Bank, speed,selected ALT, next selected Waypoint(s), in deeper layers of decipheration, you may find security camera images live, Audio life, Cabin air quality, conversations in the cockpit, status of damned door, each Mode S has also a published ID-Number and based on that a security code in case of hijacking (see Mid-air8″ in Youtube by me 2424Gig at frame 4.02 printer in cockpit can be remotely controlled to bring out a print out !

    The remote goes over 130.55MHZ a receiver that is also absolutely uninteruptable by no-one in flight. Now, if someone other than the appropriate exerting Air Police Forces (HQ in Singapore and Aussagel F) has the source code, he/she can do what was done that Friday morning in the climb segment of Germanwings 4u9525.

    ATI is available tranquilizer gas stored in secret spot(s) and produced with the help of Carbonmonoxid from (by a320) left hand engine bleed air and exhaust hot air that is meant to feed the heatexchanger. Also a dead bolt can be remotely released and the damned door is shut and remains shut the rest of flight.

    Also intercom is in Mode S but can be cut as to cut both ends interrupting for the rest of the flight any comms between flightdeck and cabincrew.

    Unbelievable how idiotic and stupid this feature was architectured in Boeing and Arbus by security avionics technicians from Honeywell.

    They will expect Billions worth of civilian claims as soon as forensic authorities give me an A320 /B737 to disassemble the Gas preparation system, the Lock dead bolt, the flight control.

    Cyberhijackers from a Nation with extended Air Force capability (eg Ogaden) which eg includes night air refuelings, assumed control initiated the gasing in climb, starting on departure out of Barcelona Spain, Gas is effective and filling the fastest in climb, in climb somebody pushed his microphone and screamed “Emergency – Emergency …”

    when asked immediately by ATC for details – no more answer he passed out on the gas ! The climb continued to the selected level FL380 – Marseille ATC realized, an Emerency is in progress up there aboard the Germanwings and not less than 2 Pairs of Mirage2000 were broken away from current NATO exercise to head for visual inspection FL380 of this Germanwings.

    Also an Eurofighter Typhoon Italian Air Force realised Emergency is in progress, he went to set his Transponder for a short while on Mode A 7700.

    Military traffic is controlled on UHF, Civilians on VHF, so they normally do not communicate with one – an – other.

    Commands over digital data flows to Altitude give the feet and fully dividable by 16.

    About 20 min filling gas in climb and level off by A/P FL380, exactly at 09.30.54 somebody at the remote control station selected next desired Altitude 13008 feet and re-grabbed 13/100 sec later to notch it further down all the way to 96 feet, sure enough 9 sec later the Mode C Altitude begins to go down.

    Down down doubled the rate as if engines were completely at zero thrust idling.

    I did the math on this glide path angle: Somebody also remotely took lift out of these wings, by either gear down and/or deployment of slat/flaps/spoilers/speedbrakes or a good effective combination of all this.

    Cabin pumped up to withstand outside pressure difference of FL380 and about FL085 inside, when bursting into a Rocky Hill/ridge in the Savoyan alps, not only the fuselage pulverizes , but the Lungs in the breast/chest of people will burst inwarts too and blast their body into thousands of pieces (see Swissair 111 in Halifax, same there !)

    Nobody onboard cared for the proper adaption process in the descent downwarts, Nobody outside the plane cared for that either.

    This cabin was hot. Hot cabin landings are prevented by squadswitch but, this will override too, to avoid ear troubles and personal injuries.

    Once an airplane has landed with a hot cabin, The ATC will give them delicate treatment onto a safe ramp and carefully the flightcrew follows instructions qas prepared by Airbus engineers.

    The Storm window cannot be opened either, it would rip the hand of the flight crew way out in the Air on the ramp!

    Mirages were not late to do the visual inspection, but they had no way to un-interupt the uninterruptible A/P once Command is assumed by Cyberjackers noone else can help anymore!

    1. Nope. It landed in Diego Garcia.

      Someone managed to get out a message to 4chan by “hiding my cellphone in my butt”.

      JimStone had the facts on this, AT THE TIME!.

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