As a species, mankind are victims of their own success in so many ways.

We have become hostages of our technological sophistication and scientific advancement, and are now finely balanced on what is now proving to be a very sharp knife edge, which may yet prove to be our undoing..

As this warning from politicians in the US shows, western governments are covertly preparing for a natural or man-made ‘event’ which may plunge the west into darkness.

“As the technologically sophisticated United States faces the increasing threat of an electromagnetic pulse attack from a man-made, high altitude nuclear explosion or an “inevitable” massive solar flare, Republicans are trying to prepare a defence. They are proposing legislation to protect the vulnerable U.S. electrical grid from an attack so cataclysmic 90 percent of Americans could be affected, including many who would face starvation. The legislation aims to get the federal government to ensure that vital hardware and other devices are installed in the national grid system to protect critical infrastructure such as systems that supply water, food, fuel, communications, transportation, financial transactions and emergency services. The protection would be employed by hardening the grid to ensure that it can be brought back should it be subjected to such an event. The alternative, said Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., who will introduce the legislation called the SHIELD Act, could leave the nation without electricity for months and possibly years and affect some 90 percent of the American people, subjecting them to starvation and death. SHIELD stands for Secure High-voltage Infrastructure for Electricity from Lethal Damage Act”.


But, would it really be such a bad thing?

Would it really drive us back to the stone age as has been quoted?

After all, we have if the truth is told, come a long, long way from being a civilised group of caring souls and become a dishonest, greedy, ruthless, violent, immoral and generally hateful society.

Just take a good look around you.

Outside your families and your circle of friends, who do you truly trust?

Would you trust a complete stranger for example?

We have reached a stage in our evolution as a species, where we view almost everything with suspicion, many just carry on walking where once we would have stopped to offer assistance.

How many of you stop and offer to help if you see a car broken down at the side of the road for instance?

How many times have you witnessed or read in the media, that the first thing that many people do if they witness an accident or a crime, is to film it on their mobile phones and upload it to the Internet?

How many men out there think twice before they take a seat in a train carriage if the only other passenger is a woman?

How many of you genuinely care for your fellow humans, but are too afraid to speak out against injustice, unless it’s from behind the imagined safety of a computer screen?

So with this in mind, would it be such an awful thing if the power did go out?

For a while at least.

However would we manage, how would we cope? I can almost hear you saying it.

“I would die without my iPhone” was a particularly disturbing thing I heard while in a shop recently, that is the way that many people now think, that they could physically cease to exist if they were not ‘plugged in’ or somehow ‘cut off’ from the rest of society.

So my question is, if as a species, mankind has existed for over a million years on this planet, according to the latest research that is, however did we manage to survive thus far?

212 years… A mere blip on the evolutionary timeline, a little over two centuries since Alessando Volta invented the first viable source of DC current, the electric battery.

As recently as 1920, domestic dwellings began being lit with electricity for the first time, that is only one hundred years……. a single century.

No time at all really.

Would the power going out mean that we would have to talk to each other face to face again?

Would we have to rely upon and help each out in ways that our grandparents’ generation took for granted?

Would we start to grow our own food again, begin to barter and trade with our neighbours, to ensure we all had enough to eat, and warm clothes to wear?

Would it be so bad to see clear blue skies, free of planes pumping God knows what into the atmosphere, and to breathe in lungfuls of clean, fresh air, free of traffic fumes and pollutants?

Would it be so very bad to rise with the sun, and to work in harmony with the four seasons, which would after a short while, become clearly defined, and as separately defined as they once were?

Is it so awful a concept, to work alongside and learn from those around you, instead of being continuously fed propaganda by the mainstream media and our governments?

Would our children learn practical skills, to respect the land and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds them every day?

Would we start to build things again, make things again, re-learn almost forgotten skills like making your own clothes and maintaining and repairing things, instead of just tossing them aside when they became ‘unfashionable?’

Would we communicate with each other again, instead of vegetating in front of the television or playing games on computers and consoles?

Or would we just start to kill and eat each other, reminiscent of the scenes so beloved by the Movie and Television industries?

I know what I would do, what about you?

4 thoughts on “WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT

  1. Good post. Something has to give. These mega-corps rampaging over the Planet with no accountability is leading to disaster for everyone. Being Freemen on the Land actually sounds pretty appealing to me.

    1. Me too.

      We cannot sustain this accelerated pace for much longer, it’s more important than ever to become aware and to prepare…

      For anything 🙂

  2. This story has been going on for years what IF when the if never happens because l this does is to frighten people into doing something far from their reaches of capablity. The lights do go out at anytime then there will be no barter system because people will panic and go nuts.it will be a lawless country . The thing people must do NOW is to stock pile food clothing water purifying tablets along with soap salt sugar and many many other things.

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