I am of an age when certain words in common use today have taken on a completely different meaning to when I first learned about them.

Regular readers of the Outlaw will no doubt relate to this, and will remember with fondness, those halycon days when being ‘gay’ had no bearing on ones sexual preference, a ‘hoe’ was normally used to weed the garden and a ‘faggot’ was a cheap hot meat dish usually accompanied by peas and gravy.

A ‘Chopper’ was a bicycle, a ‘butt’ was a woodworking joint, being ‘sick’ meant you were unwell, and being ‘full of spunk’ had an altogether different meaning.


The same can be said for proper names, some of which, have over time, taken on a completely new meaning.

I would like to think that the unfortunate (or not) recipients of such names were able to see the funny side.

ok suk wang

hunglo tombstone

A memorial that stands proudly to attention and speaks for itself.

boner headstone

I should imagine Léopold tried not to attract too much attention and have his name come up in conversations.

leopold fucker

You could imagine that William and Ludwina may have grown sick of their name at times.


Arthur appears to have been a strict husband.

spanks headstone

Some men prefer a woman to have a pretty face, nice hair, good boobs, or shapely legs, while the ass always remains a popular choice among the male of the species.


But there is always a second choice.

titman headstone

Hopefully, the rest of him is here too.


A very popular girl while alive one would imagine.


Some children really were Monsters.


Americans would understand this a lot quicker I should think.

hugh johnson tomb

They undoubtedly knew more than their name implies.

Jackshitz tombstone

They sound like a good laugh

An Austin Powers fan perhaps??


One can only imagine what Harry would have been called in High School.


My particular favourite, and I remain confident that Mrs. Fanny Hair was obviously well thought of and entirely worthy of everlasting remembrance.


*Etymology is the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time. The term “the etymology of [a word]” means the origin of the particular word.*

25 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN A NAME

  1. Cheered me right up that did. Needed a good laugh. Hey, my 1st attempt at a comment-ever! Always like to b involved in the important issues-Lol! OPND:) x

    1. Hey BB.. OPND Indeed.. It’s great to see you here and it feels good to lighten the mood every so often too 🙂 x

  2. These are great aren’t they? I thought I got enough stick having this name, but looking at these, it could have been a lot worse 😀

    1. Suddenly our lives and/or names seem less shitty when you read what others have been saddled with all their lives eh? 🙂

      1. Thank you for this Jimmy – I needed a lift today and this certainly put a broad smile on my face ? After a marathon meeting of our schools parents and it’s Board of governors last night to try and resolve some serious problems, it was nice to be able to have a good laugh 🙂 It also made me remember my Mum telling me that she went to school with a Cherry Pye and a Pearl Button, my sister had not one but 2 Neil Down’s at her school, we knew a couple called Laurel and Sandy Lane and I remember girls who rejoiced (?) in the names Scania and Mercedes (their father was a trucker !!) and the best of all fancy being called Atalanta Willy. Ye gods what were her parents thinking 🙂
        You can see why both Rolan Bolan and Zowie Bowie prefer to be known by other much more ordinary names, and I should think that one day all of the silly names it’s so ‘fashionable’ to give your child (mainly the offspring of ‘celebrities’ ) will come back to haunt and embarrass them.

        1. Hi Sophie. Glad it made you laugh…

          I do remember a lad in school named Richard Richards, we called him ‘Doubledick’ and there was a girl in the year above me named Teresa Green.

          We also had a Petula Clarke, a Robert Browning and a Barry John!

          Not funny names per say, but us older ones will remember their namesakes.

  3. Imagine having the surname ‘Fucker’ that’s got to be life long misery – 79 years of it in Leopolds case. Mind you, I can think of a few that actually deserve that name 🙂

  4. Hi Outlaw and greetings from Ireland. Typing this with an sore head and incredibly shakey hands, yesterday was rough. I have a quick question, I can somewhere remember you saying that Charles Edward Frith is not to be trusted. In my opinion he is saying all the right things and hasn’t put a foot wrong but as we both know that counts for naught. You and your opinion I do trust for a variety of reasons. Just looking for a heads up so i don’t waste anymore time with him should he be a cunt. If it wasn’t you who said it and i’ve got the wrong person, i sincerely apologise. Thanks

    1. Hi John, thanks for the comment.

      Personally I think that Frith is bang on the money in a lot of what he says, but has some rather suspicious associations and certainly does not answer questions put to him.

      Like some noteable others within the online alternative media, he gives an opinion and even when it’s obviously innaccurate information and liable to be misinterpreted, he will not respond to or retract in any way, relying instead on a ‘team’ of his followers to attack the commentator as a ‘troll’ or a ‘paedophile’ among other things.

      Frith is not transparent in any way, appearing remote and unnattached from the subjects he appears to know so much about, yet much of it is re-hashed from other sources and claimed as his own research.

      Very David Icke-Like in my opinion and my gut feeling says that he is certainly not what he appears to be.

      I hope I am wrong John, but until I discover different, I have to stand by my original suspicions.

      I do not condemn or critisise anybody out of hand as you know, there are reasons.

      I have attempted to contact him on numerous occasions over the last eighteen months and have not recieved a reply, not even an acknowledgement.

      Hope this helps my friend.

      Hopefully you will feel better soon BTW 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for the quick reply. One thing more than others jumps out and that is that he has never even acknowledged you. It’s all one needs to know really. Do you know what I am actually quiet disappointed here but obviously not suprised, I kinda liked the guy. Shag it anyway and on to the next person. Thank you.

    1. Always worthwhile reading his articles though John, as they often lead on to other related sites and issues which will give you a more balanced view of things.

      I read more than a few websites and blogs, many I do not agree with per say, but after a while you can recognise not so much what they say, but what they always seem to leave out.

      That is where the real story lies I have found.

      Keep your eyes open and never stop questioning everything until you are satisfied with the answers mate.

  6. The lengths we had to go to just so we had a usable email account-unreal. Still, we’re here now. Love to u and family:) xxx

  7. Love this post Outlaw. Funny and fresh – thanks. Charles Frith has always been solid, as far as I know. He hates the psycho guy. Good to see you still on form as always.

  8. I thought I’d posted this before,but apparently not So:-

    In the 70′s (I think),Private Eye revealed that the president of communist Hungary was President Fuck.

    Don’t recall any BBC news bulletins about him.

    Also,a Fraulein Fuck from Germany was a source of embarrassment when she enrolled at a British college & insisted that there was nothing wrong with her surname.

    (In the 80′s I believe).

    Also,there was an elderly Chinese businessman living in th UK who spoke no English but relied on his son to act as interpreter whenever he had to interact with non-Chinese speaking people.

    His son never felt able to tell him that he always referred to his father as Mr.Tu,& never by his full (Cantonese) name of Fuk Yu Tu.

  9. Good to see the Hinge and Bracket of the CSA Discrediting world are being challenged on Twitter world.

  10. However did you guess? 😀
    Alas, I see the Mr Wint & Mr Kidd of the Fake Anti CSA Campaigner/Supporter world still never seem to learn though. Someone desperate to get (it) ‘up’ in front of a certain grubby Judge mate perhaps? 🙁

    1. They are now accusing somebody else of being me I hear.

      Even though they spent every waking hour reporting me in order to get me suspended, they still think that I am somehow interested in what goes on in their damaged, abuse-obsessed, poisonous Twitter fantasy life.

      Rogers & McCormack has a ring of two ageing and exceedingly camp comedians who are now reduced to appearing as bingo callers in elderly care homes.

      Sad really, they should spend some time with their families or get some fresh air.

  11. I think that is the problem, people who actually want to spend time with them are as rare as hens teeth, so they have come together (pardon the pun) on Twitter and Skype (webcam too perhaps?) like a couple of warped star crossed lovers. A couple of sad, lonely, bitter creatures that have nothing better to do than take their jealousy and bitterness out on the world from behind a pc screen. I would feel sad & sorry for them, but they aren’t even worth the effort it would take to dig that deep to find an ounce of sympathy for, they are the personification of pathetic.

    1. The thing that has always puzzled me, is why people have failed to join the dots as to why two middle aged, single, weird, undateable and very creepy internet – addicted ‘men,’ are so obsessed by the sexual abuse of children.

      They continually have a go at Sonia Poulton too, but she has done more to highlight CSA issues than the #paedobritain idiots could ever dream of doing.

      Oh Aye, they would have to leave the safety of hiding behind their grubby computer screens to do that.

      Where were they yesterday for example?

      When Sonia and Bill Maloney were confronting Clegg and Danny Alexander….

      MonadTime, Rogers, Scharenhag and Co are entirely fake, deluded and thoroughly unpleasant creatures….

      Human Garbage who need to be dragged out into the light and shown for what they really are and the harm they cause to innocent people.

  12. Most of their so called followers are either bots (The Crustilian was talking to another bot tonight, that’s how sad it is), their own multiple fake accounts, or fellow weirdos who are in on their scams.
    If making peoples skin crawl was a profession, they’d be pro’s by now. Talking of which, Crustilian is still work dodging I see. A job dusting fairy cakes for £50 an hour would be too ‘backbreaking’ for him.

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