There are very few people who have not seen the image at the top of this article, and countless hundreds of similar celebrity-heavy images in the mainstream media and all over the Internet.

The article reproduced below was published on Theaustralian.com website on the 17th of April.

Almost a month ago.

So can questions now be asked?

Are Boko Haram the new version of the non-existant Al Queda, the Islamic Militant Terrorist Organisation that never really was?

Is this just another distraction in a long line of recent distractions?

What purpose would it serve to continue running the story?

Legitimising the use of Drones perhaps, or getting boots on the ground to survey the land ready for the extraction of billions of dollars worth of oil and minerals?

Who knows….


SCORES of female students kidnapped by Islamic militants from a north-eastern Nigerian school are free, Nigeria’s military says.

Only eight of more than 100 students are unaccounted for, Major General Chris Olukolade said in a statement that gave no details.

“The others have been freed this evening,” he said.

The government had reported that security forces were in hot pursuit of militants who abducted more than 100 females from a high school yesterday.

Borno state Governor Kashim Shettima told reporters that 129 students were kidnapped and at least 14 freed themselves: four of the students – aged between 16 and 18 – jumped off the back of a truck and 10 escaped into the bush when the extremists asked them to cook and were not paying attention.

The abductions came hours after an explosion blamed on extremists killed 75 people in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, angering citizens who are questioning government and military claims that they are containing a 5-year-old Islamic uprising. Two more attacks killed 20 people on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in north-eastern Nigerian villages.

While the military claims that they have cornered insurgents in a remote northeast corner of the West African nation, attacks have increased in frequency and are becoming more deadly. More than 1500 people have been killed this year, compared to an estimated 3600 between 2010 and 2013.

Mr Shettima told reporters that the insurgents arrived at Chibok government Secondary School for Girls wearing military fatigues and posing as soldiers – a common tactic used by the insurgents. His information came from the school principal, who believed the men were soldiers removing the young women – aged between 16 and 18 – for their own safety. So the principal made no fuss as the students were loaded onto the back of a truck.

It was only as the armed men were leaving, and started shooting, that he realised his mistake, Mr Shettima said. The militants killed a soldier and a police officer guarding the school, officials said.

Such attacks are typical of the Boko Haram terrorist network – the name means “Western education is sinful” – which has vowed to force an Islamic state on Nigeria – Africa’s most populous nation of some 180 million people divided almost equally between mainly Muslims in the north and a predominantly Christian south.

The extremists have been kidnapping girls and young women but in one horrendous attack – some of the 59 students killed were burned alive in a dorm – first went to the girl’s residence and told them all to leave, go home and forget about education because it was un-Islamic.

Nigeria has Africa’s biggest economy. Almost 70 per cent of the population lives below the poverty line and the northeast suffers the most poverty. Only 5 per cent of children get to high school, and only a small percentage of those are girls. The government closed all schools in Borno three weeks ago, but those who were kidnapped were recalled so that they could write their final exams.


0 thoughts on “WHAT’S GOING ON?

  1. Yup.Boko Haram.

    Started & supplied & financed by the CIA.

    An excuse to get the US into Africa.

    Nothing more need be said.

  2. Oh,& I forgot to mention,Mossad are in on it too.

    The whole thing is aided by having the most consistently corrupt & rip-off governments since “independence”.

    Remember,some years back,when Mossad agents got caught drugging & attempting to kidnap & repatriate to Nigeria,a rice trader who’d made over 5 billion dollars profit & smuggled it out of the country.

    Just doing a favour & expecting one in return.

    And now for some things completely different:-

    Interesting that this comes from a US site.Heard or read nothing in the Brit press:-
    UK’s Demand for Engineers Far Exceeds Current Supply


    Which links to:-
    “Aberdeen, Scotland, is currently a major hub of oil and gas activity, serving not only the North
    Sea region but projects in other parts of Europe and beyond. Consequently it has attracted oil and gas talent from all over the globe.

    Here, Rigzone gets the views of four oil and gas professionals
    from the United States, Australia, South Africa and Nigeria about living and working in the city.”

    – See more at:


    Here’s an interesting “take” on this subject that I’d not heard of before:-
    What Science Says About Race and Genetics


    The Secret Back Story to Russia and Ukraine that Americans Never Learned In School


    1. American style cash-led healthcare?

      Thrift Hospitals?

      No medical care without insurance and brutally expensive medicines?

      What is there to be worried about? 🙁

  3. “According to the DOJ charging documents, between 1997 and 2006, Pfizer HCP sought to make and conceal corrupt payments to foreign officials in order to gain improper business advantages, including regulatory approval and increased sales of Pfizer pharmaceutical products.

    Through its employees and agents, the company agreed to provide kickbacks, cash payments, gifts, entertainment, and travel resources to numerous government officials, including physicians and pharmacologists, who were employed by state-owned enterprises including hospitals and government health centers in Bulgaria, Croatia, Kazakhstan, and Russia.”

    Sounds perfect for the corrupt British government though doesn’t it?

  4. Well,perhaps this first one ties in very nicely with the above.

    & by the way,as a reader of Yank blogspots for over 7 years,I can assure you that the kind of corruption mentioned re. Pfizer above is standard operating procedure for US companies at home & abroad.

    Just google “The economic hitman” for a real eye-opener of what they do & get away with.
    & now back to dear old Blighty:-
    This is a plan for a Cyprus-style “Bail-in”.I.E.Your money will be stolen to give the Rothschilds &
    their buddies even more than the estimated 50-`100 trillion quid they already have.

    “Taxes will have to rise unless officials are given new powers to raid people’s bank accounts,
    David Cameron told Sky News yesterday.”


    And as an aid to your future compliance:-

    “The Skynet system, which includes the radio equipment deployed on ships, on vehicles and in the
    hands of troops, is the UK’s single biggest space project.

    It is valued at up to £3.6bn over 20
    years and is run by a commercial company, Astrium, in a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) with the
    Ministry of Defence (MoD).”


  5. Cervix vaccine issues trigger health notice (I would absolutely bet that some Japanese official had a large envelope of Yen stuffed into his
    back pocket.

    As I said above,it’s S.O.P. for US companies at home & abroad.)

    ‘Ignoring borders, the US ruling class, not being in solidarity with its own people, has common interests with other economic and political leaders of the world.

    Therefore, although the United
    States technically imposes its world supremacy, it is not the dominance of the US people but that of a transnational ruling class whose centre of gravity is located in the United States’.


    Lendman is pushing his book,but the summation here is enough:-
    “Flashpoint in Ukraine explains today’s most important geopolitical issue.

    It’s the gravest one since WW II.

    Possible global war looms.

    Things head perilously closer to it than any previous time.

    Neocons infest Washington.

    They influence administration policy.

    They want Russian and Chinese rivals marginalized, weakened, isolated and controlled.

    They’re surrounding both countries with US bases.”

    (The US & Israel are now considered to be the biggest dangers to the planet,as polls taken in many countries have shown.)


    &,from the tribe that really never learns from the past,until the backlash makes them “victims” again:- As world opinion turns, Israeli soldiers parade their tyranny


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