The human tendencies toward totalitarianism are as old as civilization itself.

In fact, what people are witnessing and experiencing today is the modern expression of this ageless thirst for total control.

One of the most important things that the forces who strive towards this have learned, is maintaining the vitally important facade of disguising themselves as friendly, helpful and most importantly, above reproach.

They have learned the significance of disguising their real intentions behind layers of perceived “freedom and democracy” and religious dogma.

Their aim is to gain people’s absolute and complete trust, through their absolute and complete deception.

An outsider who is not party to the behind-the-scenes machinations and hidden agendas of the controllers, can scarcely imagine what is really going on.

Very, very few people can 100% vouch for the provenance of the information contained within anything they read.

This especially applies to much of what is to be found on the Internet, which is rapidly replacing public libraries, and the already controlled mainstream media as the main source of information.

In fact, it’s highly doubtful that anybody can be entirely certain, as just about everything people think they already “know” has been given to them by somebody else, gained through many years of sanitised data and learned behaviour.

People place a tremendous amount of trust in, and take a great deal more for granted when it comes to what they believe to be real “knowledge.”

But how much of that information, though freely available, is in fact, credible or even vaguely accurate?

What people really should be doing, is attempting to locate raw and previously unknown information, in order to inspire others to dig deeper for themselves, and then gathering together and utilising that which is most useful and relevant.

Does anyone in fact really know what “truth” is?

It is not even clear that “truth” can even be fully expressed in any one language, but what should be obvious, is that as people’s minds are under constant attack, they must also strive to become aware of what is happening all around them.

Then make a conscious effort to filter out the distractions and misleading information.

However uncomfortable that “Awakening” may happen to be.

What people are experiencing right now, and especially since 9/11 and 7/7, does now appear to be the implementation of a “50 year plan” which began at the end of World War Two.

Mainstream history has taught that “the second war to end all wars” was largely due to the Nazis who, backed by American bankers and industrialists, assembled an almost unstoppable war machine and embarked on a path of total world domination, creating what Aldous Huxley called the first “scientific dictatorship.”

In 1947 hundreds of Nazi scientists and researchers were smuggled into the United States (Operation Paperclip) and covertly placed within the scientific, research, academic, and military communities.

Could the result of this be what people are seeing and experiencing today?

What appears like a full-spectrum attack on the human mind and the suppression of independent thinking using every conceivable strategy and technology.

Could it be just that?

The Germans have a word which describes it perfectly.

A weltanschauungskrieg or a “world view attack” whose origins reach back into the dark recesses of the minds of the same Nazi scientists, who have been, in case you had forgotten, transplanted like a cancerous organ into the very heart of the power structure of the United States.

The most powerful nation on the planet at the time.

With a dominant presence in every other country on earth.

The attacks therefore, appear on many fronts; sociological, economic, political, medical, educational and ecological, for example.

An even more formidable weapon in the forefront of the tactics being used, is within the psychological dimension; mind control and manipulation using the ever present and omnipotent mass media.

Think back to the scene in the movie ‘Contact’ where Jodie Foster realises that they have received a transmission from an alleged extraterrestrial intelligence.

When they decode the message the first thing they see is a Swastika, coupled with an image of Adolf Hitler.

The first thing that comes to mind is usually that these, as yet unknown entities, are Nazi Aliens.

Stepping back from that, it becomes abundantly clear that the transmission being sent to earth, is in fact, the very first transmission they had received from us..

The first worldwide television broadcast in human history, which of course contained the imagery of the 1936 Olympic Games, which were held in….. Berlin!

The Nazis were the first to fully realise and utilise the immense power of the new medium of mass-communication, and undoubtably brought this knowledge with them to America, the “leader of the free world” and the world’s only nuclear power.

With minds such as those instilled at the head of every major institution, followed a few decades later by the “trigger event” of 9/11, the intensity level of the weltanschauungskrieg has been efficiently turned up to maximum!

24 hours a day and seven days a week, you are being literally terrorized by incessant mass-media garbage being spewed out by rancid, immoral news anchors and vacuous ‘celebrities.’

Entire countries are being plundered and laid to waste in front of your eyes, assaults almost totally based on fake intelligence.

Most people barely blink.

Entire corporations which are later proven to be complete fabrications go bust, at an immense cost to tax-payers.

Most people scarcely notice.

Entire ethnic groups are being labelled as “your enemies.”

Most people obediently nod their heads in agreement.

Soldiers returning from theatres of wholly illegal wars showing all the signs of radiation poisoning are said to have “pneumonia.”

So what?

Supposedly intelligent people actually enjoying insidious garbage such as ‘Big Brother’ and ‘The X-Factor’ and subconsciously absorbing everything they see in advertising and being broadcast as “News.”


News, which in reality, is little more than an endless and repetitive loop of monotonic incantations, containing the very worst of whatever can be fabricated to fill the space, in case people suddenly develop the urge to actually think for themselves.

If it needs a name, how about?

INFOTOXIN: A poisonous mixture of Information and Toxins.

Totalitarian regimes always target the minds of the children in order to control the habits and behaviour of the adults they become.

What people should be doing, is attempting to free their own minds, as well as those of their children, from the stranglehold of these ever-present and external Infotoxins of increasing authority and mass control.

Adapted from the writings of K. Rubrick Shreddinger

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    “I knew Russian Spetsnaz forces were supposed to be in the country and now I have absolutely no

    They’re Here! Yesterday, I stopped in at a business in a very small northern Wisconsin town where I know the owner well. I stop in from “time to time” just to chat with him. I always discuss things that happening in our country as he is also aware of the situation we are all in.

    He then told me of an experience that happened to him last fall when he was scouting for a place to hunt prior to deer season. He was driving down an old logging road when he came upon a fenced area with ten foot fences topped with barbed wire. He attempted to turn around in the drive that was there when two black SUV vehicles with blackened windows blocked him in. He was approached by about ten or twelve young uniformed men all in their early twenties.

    He did not recognize the uniforms and he said they all had automatic weapons and spoke good English with a very slight accent. He also
    said that they appeared to be in very good physical condition. The
    supervisor was a little older, early to mid thirties, who then told him
    that he must leave immediately.

    The supervisor then went away for a short period of time and returned to call him by name. Very curious since he hadn’t identified himself to anyone. This is in upper Wisconsin and right next to Lake Superior.

    I knew Russian Spetsnaz forces were supposed to be in the country and now I have absolutely no doubt. He is a VERY reliable person and an experience like this just could not be made up, especially from him.

    He also stated that they had been given a four mile square area.

    We have been sold out from within by the traitors in Washington, D.C.!

    Regardless of the preparation you may, or may not, have made your ONLY strength is going to be in God.

    He is still very scared after this experience.

    May 13, 2014″

    It Seems Iran Is Arming Iraq in Battles With Militants.

    Syrian war spillover encourages strange alliance.

    Bizarre Holocaust Lies Support Publisher’s Win

    Here’s a youtube vid about these about 2 years ago.

    This is far,far more serious than they say here.

    These things are utterly deadly,& knowing the genius of the Brit government,they won’t take this seriously until it’s too late. Oh,& I believe they originated in Japan,not China.
    Plenty more at that address.

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