The Truth is offensive!

If you tell the truth, you are offensive.

Fortunately, many people now are slowly becoming offensive themselves.

But how long do you think it will be before being offensive may mean becoming “an enemy of the state”?

Throughout history those who have told the truth have suffered, while law courts and history writers prospered.

It is much the same today.

If you tell people what is really going on, they want to know why you can’t be more ‘positive’.

Why are you telling them that there are bad things happening that can’t be fixed?

The ancient Greeks understood this well.

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was the prophetess who no one believed despite her 100 percent record of being right.

Telling the truth to British people can be just as damaging as telling the truth to the Greeks in ancient mythology.

In Britain and everywhere else in the Western world it now seems, telling the truth is becoming more unpopular than ever.

Telling the truth has now even been criminalised in the United States.

Look at Bradley Manning, held for two years in prison without bail and without a trial in violation of the US Constitution, tortured for one year of his illegal confinement in violation of US and international law, and now put on trial by corrupt prosecutors for aiding “enemies of the US” by revealing the truth, as required of him by the US military code.

US soldiers are required to report war crimes. When Bradley Manning’s superiors showed themselves to be indifferent to war crimes, Manning reported the crimes via WikiLeaks.

What else does a soldier with a sense of duty and a moral conscience do when the chain of command is corrupt?

Julian Assange is another example. WikiLeaks has taken up the reporting function that the Western media has abandoned.

Remember, the New York Times did publish the Pentagon Papers in 1971, which undermined the lies Washington had told both to the public and to Congress to justify the costly Vietnam War?

But today no newspaper or TV channel has the courage nor the ability to be allowed to truthfully inform the public.

Julian Assange stepped into the vacuum and was immediately demonised, not merely by Washington but also by left-wing and right-wing mainstream media, and that included the Internet.

It was a combination of jealousy, ignorance, and the fear of attracting Washington’s wrath.

Without WikiLeaks and Assange the world would know essentially nothing.

So the order went out to destroy Julian Assange.

It is amazing how many people and Internet sites actually obeyed Washington’s command.

Assange has been so demonised that even though he has been granted political asylum by Ecuador, the British government, obeying its Washington masters, refuses to allow him safe passage out of the London Ecuadorian Embassy.

Is Assange destined to live out his life inside the Ecuadorian Embassy?

Will Assange be a facsimile of Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty who on November the 4th 1956, sought asylum in the US embassy in Budapest as Soviet tanks poured into Hungary to put down the anti-communist revolution?

Cardinal Mindszenty lived for 15 years in the US embassy.

Today it is Britain & America that is copying Soviet practices during the cold war.

In contrast with the US and the UK, the “authoritarian,” “communist,” “oppressive” Chinese government when confronted with Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng’s defection to the US embassy in Beijing, simply let him go.

It is an upside down world when America and the British refuse to obey international law, but the Chinese communists uphold international law.

Europeans and Americans are not bothered in the slightest that alleged terrorists are tortured, held indefinitely in prison without charges, and executed on the whim of some executive branch official without due process of law.

Most Americans prefer to remain oblivious to the unaccountable murder, torture, and detention without evidence, which proclaims their gullibility to the entire world.

There has never in history been a population as unaware as the American people.

The world is amazed that such a hoodwinked and blinkered people ever became, if only for a short time, a superpower.

The world needs intelligence and leadership in order to avoid catastrophe, but America can provide neither intelligence nor leadership.

America is a lost land where nuclear weapons are in the hands of those who are concerned only with their own power.

Washington is the enemy of the entire world and encompasses the largest concentration of evil on the planet.

Is there nobody of any substance left to rise up against the evil?

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10 thoughts on “TRUTH IS OFFENSIVE

  1. @outlaw i read today that the police might pre arrest anyone who might cause trouble at thatchers says they will trawl the net looking for troublemakers. that means in effect it would be illegal NOT to mourn thatcher….they used to employ people to mourn at funerals, these days they will use jobless on workfare..

    1. The stories are spreading like wildfire it seems Bob.

      I know they are scanning for certain ‘trigger’ words and are looking for any Internet chatter regarding, ‘parties’ or ‘gatherings’…..

  2. Assange is a limited-hangout artist, probably a CIA asset, leaking huge volumes of low-level diplomatic cables, trying to pass them off as state secrets, in order to waste the time and energy of genuine truth-seekers.


  3. Right or wrong this is yet another example of the United States covertly on it’s way to a dictatorship. A type of that which one could never imagine would come to be. Atrocities of the past will pale in comparison of what is yet to come. We might even welcome a large asteroid or solar e.m.p..
    Why would so many powers that be react like this to one man?

    1. Because the truth is a far greater weapon than bombs or propaganda I think.

      The enemy of the truth is the enemy of mankind…

  4. Good article. As you know I’m always offensive and couldn’t give a fuck whom I offend. Of course, I don’t ‘purposefully’ go out to offend but if you find what I’m saying offensive and negative then clearly it’s most certainly not me who has a problem. My motto: “If the truth is offensive then it’s time to start offending.”

    Interestingly a prick I know got offended because I told him I was a racist and proud of it, moreso when I told him racist as by the original definition of it; from none other than Leva Bronstein (aka Leon Trotsky, the german jew, financed by Jacob Schiff, another German Jew, to create the revolution in Russia), whom while addressing the Russian people, demonised the Slavic peoples (as racists) for not abandoning their cultures and traditions to be culturally colonised by communism and resultant authoritarianism and oppression, he told me he joined the communist party some 24 years ago. In other words, this grade A arsehole was insulted that firstly I exposed Trotsky for the vile filth he was and secondly gave him the true definition of racism, polarly opposite from the false common day definition he knows, from the very mouth of his beloved Trotsky – one who will defend their culture and traditions from enforcement of an alien one and nothing whatsoever to do with ‘hatred’ of another race.

    So he was offended by the undoubtable truth and his bubble burst once ripping off Trotsky’s angel mask to expose the demon beneath.

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