I have been pretty much silent on this site of late, at least in regard to the Covid/SARS ‘pandemic’ that the world is currently being held hostage by, and there are reasons for this, the main one being that I have no interest in contributing to the almost impenetrable fog of mis-information that has surrounded it.

Like everybody else, I have lived through this two-year glitch in the always-expanding history of the human race, but, unlike many of the billions of other souls who inhabit this plain of collective human consciousness alongside me, I have not been running around in a state of blind panic, choosing instead to spend the time observing the behaviour of others.

I shall state from the start that I am NOT an ‘Anti-Vaxxer’, and I, like most people of the generation I was born into, have had all the necessary vaccine-based therapeutics, up to, and including the Polio and BCG (TB) jabs when I became of age, and likewise, my children  had all the childhood therapeutics that were deemed necessary.

However, the generation that I was born into, also appears to be of much hardier stock, as we were not afraid of germs, rolled about in the dirt, played in the rain, jumped into, and usually drank from mountain streams and rivers without fear, and during that normal process of growing up, built up a natural resistance and immunity from most of the things that were out there, that we are now being told to be terrified of.

Whenever a child in the village succumbed to Chicken Pox, or Measles for example, our parents used to ensure that we were exposed to the affected child at the first opportunity, with the result that we all caught it at the same time, which then followed the natural process of granting us a lifetime of protection from those illnesses.

Of course we had intermittent outbreaks of more serious illnesses when we were growing up, like Scarlatina and Whooping Cough and even Meningitis, which were, of course, of greater severity, and did prove fatal in rare instances, but we came through them all relatively unscathed, and minus the fear of the world and everything that crawls, flies, swims and walks within it, that exists nowadays.

Fast forward to today, and going only on what I see and hear almost every day, it seems the whole world has finally lost what was already, its tenuous grip on reality, and gone totally insane during the course of this ‘Public Health Emergency’.

As the old adage says “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink”, but I would go further, and add “You can lead a human to knowledge, but you cannot make them think”.

What is plainly obvious to me, as it should be to anyone reading this, is that something is very, very wrong with the whole official narrative that has surrounded this pandemic, and that there are those out there, including political leaders, multi-national business interests, and of course 99.9% of the legacy media journalists, who simply are not telling the truth.

I am not a ‘Covid-Denier’ any more that I am an ‘Anti-Vaxxer’, in case you were wondering, I do, however, share the belief that there is actually something out there, which was released into the population, – whether by accident or design – and that what we are now facing, and is in no way, and never was, a ‘naturally occurring’ threat to humanity.

I also believe in something called ‘informed consent’, which means that if I am ever going to subject myself to any medical procedure, and one that is, after all, ‘gene-based’ and still in its experimental stage, then I reserve the right to be fully informed of both the immediate risks, exactly what it contains, and the possible/probable long-term adverse effects, in a way that is easily understood.

I also subscribe to the belief that not being a naturally occurring virii, puts Covid19 among any number of other ‘Frankenstein’ creations, are laboratory-created, and which have been manipulated at a cellular level, and designed for God only knows what purpose.

The following video presentation by Dr. Tess Lawrie of the World Council For Health raises some interesting points to my way of thinking, inasmuch as a number of clinical studies have shown that ‘Therapeutic’ treatments have been shown to be a far more effective way to deal with the pandemic, than the continual reliance – and push to implement -on [experimental] vaccines, which Governments and legacy media outlets around the world, have pursued with a relentless, almost maniacal urgency.

Please watch the video in its entirety, but pay particular attention from 0:40 seconds in, where Dr. Lawrie states: “Individual testimonies show that very serious risks are associated with the widely-deployed, experimental ‘gene-based’ vaccines or injections. People are not being told about the risks and emerging research now shows us that ‘gene-based’ injections are neither effective, or safe. In fact, they are Toxic.


Joe Biden’s Uttar Pradesh Covid Cure.

Times of India.


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