Most people today, no longer value, or have lost altogether the natural ability to understand traditional ways of preparing and eating their own food.

They will however, happily exist on a government regulated, nutritionally deficient food supply, relying on chemical supplements to compensate for what their bodies are screaming out for.

Proper Nutrition.

The early indigenous populations were naturally and acutely aware, that existing alongside nature in total harmony, was the only real path to good health.

Wild animals and those who are allowed to roam free, naturally obey her laws, and as a result have excellent teeth, also enjoying overall good health under normal conditions.

One of Nature’s unwritten dietary laws state: “If it rots your teeth, just leave it alone.”

It’s worth remembering, that without the safety net of modern dentistry, people might also be far more careful about what they eat.

The Inuit are only one example of an ancient people that prove beyond doubt, that humans can survive in good health, without developing diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay or constipation, purely on a 70% (saturated) fat carnivorous diet.

The Inuit have for generations, demonstrated how early Native Americans managed to survive their own harsh winters, they have also shown how the earliest humans survived the Ice Ages, and the value of the complete nutritional needs readily available in wild (therefore unadulterated) fish and game.

You may have been taught in school, that the Inuit were notoriously short lived, so you may also have never really been aware of the lessons that they can teach about good nutrition.

In fact, most Inuit groups had a significant number of elderly individuals among their numbers, often living to 80 years and beyond.

Their often-quoted high mortality rates, came mainly from accidents, violent conflicts (human and animal), and infectious disease as opposed to chronic disease.

The introduction of western diseases have long been cited as a major factor in Inuit mortality rates, much as wars and diseases such as syphilis, small pox, measles and influenza, introduced by European ‘settlers,’cruelly decimated the populations of Native Americans.

To say these people were short lived, exclusively due to their diet is quite simply, wrong.

Theirs are the diets that carried early humans right through to modern times and modern longevity, to the point we have reached today.

With fleets of ambulances, unnecessary surgery, heart valve replacement and bypasses, injectable insulin, chemotherapy, antibiotics, artificial pharmaceuticals and cosmetic dentistry that modern humans rely on, in order to stay ‘well.’

So why didn’t the Inuit people endure the chronic illnesses most ‘civilised’ nations firmly believe, comes from the ingestion of saturated fats?

What exactly did they eat?

Offal was one thing, (liver, kidneys etc) which are a rich source of minerals and the B and C vitamins.

They also ate raw meat (a source of Vitamin C) and fats, also making use of the bones and skin (‘snout to tail’ dining) and promoted natural fermentation, using rotted ‘stink fish’, which was an Inuit source of probiotics.

Since most people today eat an omnivorous diet almost devoid of organ meats, relying instead on steroid-heavy and adrenaline saturated muscle meats, they would be far healthier eating nutrient-dense vegetables along with animal foods (meats, fish, eggs, and poultry, which are an ancient and natural, source of B12).

A untainted, clean source of raw animal foods would clearly help anyone optimise their health.

Properly prepared bone broth (soup stock) for example, would help prevent the modern epidemic of mineral deficiencies, replenish and repair bones and joints, promote regular and restful sleep and also keep the skin looking youthful.

The fats derived from naturally raised animals are also needed to sustain energy levels and support the internal organs.

It may also be worth remembering, that fermentable carbohydrates (sugars and starches), the Inuit lacked in their diet, also heavily stress the bodies’ insulin producing cells, promoting obesity, strokes, heart disease, diabetes, and also feed many cancers.

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  1. No whale or seal blubber for me thanks lol. I read a bit about this last year when reading up on the paleo way of life it’s very interesting.

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