During the summer months of 1947, something happened – something very significant, and something which began a chain of events, that more than sixty six years later has still not reached it’s full conclusion.

That event, which would become arguably the most recognised incident of it’s type, and which became the subject of countless theories, scientific papers, dozens of books, Hollywood movies and a Television series – was something that became to be known the world over as ‘The Roswell UFO Incident’.

Given the sheer volume of information (and disinformation) that has already been published regarding the event that allegedly occurred at Roswell, many researchers have spent the greater part of their lives attempting to discover what really happened.

Facts have been turned into rumours, and rumours have been turned into fact on so many occasions, that they now form part of the official narrative – so much so, that increasing numbers of people have reached the conclusion that the ‘official’ records have been specifically designed to make even the most indefatigable investigator, simply give up trying to untangle them.

What is indisputable, however, is that something definitely happened in the summer of 1947, near Roswell, New Mexico, and something which has, for whatever reason, never been allowed to be revealed in full.

But, what if this event did not even occur at Roswell at all?

What if it was suggested that the event in question, occurred some distance away, and an entirely different scenario was ‘staged’ at Roswell by the authorities – to distract from what was viewed as posing the greatest threat, not to humanity, but to those who wielded the power over the majority of humanity?

Would that be enough for the authorities to put into effect, an unprecedented, and what has arguably alleged to be, one of the biggest cover-ups in the whole of human history?

Too dramatic?

I guess that would depend entirely upon if you considered that as a species, humankind being denied the opportunity of discovering their true origins, or their real potential for example, of being of some importance – would that be enough?

I believe it may be, so what I am about to suggest as to what may have really happened in 1947, is an interpretation only, an opinion which may, or may not offer, an alternative to not only the ‘Official’ story, but also the countless ‘Conspiracy Theories’ that have accompanied this event for almost seventy years.

I am also only too aware, that according to Wikipedia, and other online sources, the so-calledRoswell Incident’, has been described as: “the world’s most famous, most exhaustively investigated, and also, the most thoroughly debunked UFO claim” – Ever!’

“The Gift”

The American Military, who’s 509th Airborne Division incidentally, were given the task of delivering the weapons that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and were based at Roswell Army Air Field, New Mexico, retrieved, (or were pointed towards) the crashed debris of what was believed to be a ‘non-terrestrial craft’ – (minus it’s drive mechanism, which is significant) on the night of June the 30th 1947.

When it was discovered, this craft appeared to have ‘been arranged to look as if it had accidentally crashed, and realistic but artificial non-human body parts were also placed nearby’ – the reasons for this were speculated at the time, to have been that it would be immediately obvious, as not belonging to crew members of an ‘enemy’ spy plane for example.

A terrestrial one anyway.

This would have also demonstrated clearly to it’s finders, the benign motives of those who had ‘delivered’ something, which was, to all intents and purposes – always intended to be received and viewed as ‘A GIFT’.

The ‘body’ that was retrieved, was then used by the authorities, to form the basis of the stories that were purposely ‘leaked’, then widely circulated later in the United States and beyond – as the fabled ‘Grey’ Extra Terrestrial, (a particular favourite of Conspiracy Theorists) as it had the characteristic large head, oversized eyes and hands with ‘three fingers and a thumb’.

This may also have been another indication that this was an obvious ‘Dummy’, and not an organic being, as all self-aware LIVING beings have five-sided symmetry, eg: two legs, two arms and a head and four fingers and a thumb.

This ‘find’ was also, more than likely, located somewhere between the towns of Truth and Consequences, and Magdalena, approximately 120 miles west of the alleged crash site.

Not in the town of Roswell itself, as is commonly It has been suggested more than once, that a more accurate location is where the VLA (Very Large Array) Radio Telescope now stands.

The VLA was built in 1981, (the world’s most powerful at the time) and is a short distance north-west of ‘Bat Cave‘, which is coincidentally the most ancient ‘Agricultural’ site in North America, where amongst other things – 4,500 year old corn kernels were discovered.

What is certain, however, is that the U.S. Authorities have not given the public the full and true facts, either leading up to the event, nor about any of those that have followed it, and which are, without a doubt – closely intertwined.

What is also true, is that due to the overwhelming amount of propaganda and deliberately leaked ‘false’ information, it is no longer even necessary for the ‘official’ story to be accurate or not.

The Roswell Event has endured and has been purposely kept in the public consciousness.

So much so, that it has now achieved ‘legendary’ status, which, whether it was by accident or design – was the original intention.

A legend which would resurface when the time was right.

It is difficult to ignore the fact that the locations of the alleged ‘crash’ were adjacent to the two top security sites connected with airborne defence systems, and with that in mind, would it be fair to suggest that the crash site was chosen for that very reason?

So taking all, or even some of that into consideration, would it be at all possible that the items were presented to the US Government as an opportunity for them to learn – and therefore finally begin to understand, humankind’s place in the bigger picture?

On that summer evening in 1947, were humanity, as a species presented with a craft of unknown origin?

By a person, or persons as yet, unknown?

Would it also be possible, that what has also emerged from that event, is that the custodians of this ‘gift’ were offered an opportunity to share it with the world?

And even though the U.S. Authorities were given an option, has the choice they made, left the rest of humanity with little option – but to face the inevitable consequences of that decision?

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    “The United States has been narrowly saved from lethal terrorist plots in recent years — or so it has seemed. A would-be suicide bomber was intercepted on his way to the Capitol; a scheme to bomb synagogues and shoot Stinger missiles at military aircraft was developed by men in Newburgh, N.Y.; and a fanciful idea to fly explosive-laden model planes into the Pentagon and the Capitol was hatched in Massachusetts.

    But all these dramas were facilitated by the F.B.I., who’s undercover agents and informers posed as terrorists offering a dummy missile, fake C-4 explosives, a disarmed suicide vest
    and rudimentary training. Suspects naïvely played their parts until they were arrested”




    What would happen if the Russian army really invaded Ukraine:-


  2. I’d like to have an opinion on this, but, as you say, there’s been so much mis-dis- and other “information” on the net and in other media, I find it no longer possible to know what to believe.

    Some years ago ( 20 or so I.I.R.C.) there was what claimed to be a film of an autopsy being carried out on an “alien”.

    Turned out to be a hoax & the hoaxers eventually came forward and admitted it and showed how it was done.

  3. Just been watching BBC news….by accident I may add.

    Can’t believe my ears. I quote……WITH THE RISE of ANTI SEMITISM IN EUROPE blah blah. WTF is occurring??.

    A crack Mossad team of assassins go in and kill a number of expendable Jews with a dodgy sense of humour to create a massive backlash against Islam.

    Je Suis Fuckme campaigns says they succeeded.

    Now we’re all anti Semites again.

    Where the fuck is this agenda going next??

  4. Ty Jimmy.As Spiv would say Just because I’m paranoid etc. Lol .BTW I’ve been using that phrase for years. Do copyright laws apply here?

  5. Jimmy hope you don’t mind if I try to be serious for once.

    I’ve been involved in AM for many years and I’ve got a lot of respect for people like you and yes even The Spiv…remember you were friends once…who try to get the message out there at great cost to themselves.

    And believe it or not I don’t think he is paranoid. Any of us could come under psychic attack at any time.I believe its happened to him and he has my sympathy.

    There but go the grace etc etc.

    I live in a Matrix… others may disagree.

    Fair play to them.

    And The Matrix has been very good to me…no care homes, good education,loving family,good job etc etc.

    Is that good luck or good Karma?

    Who knows. Its certainly not collusion with the PTB. I have mixed emotions… I feel happy but guilty at the same time.

    Guilty for the people suffering within the Matrix at home..

    Abuse,bad education,lack of opportunity… and and abroad especially in the Middle East and Africa…ongoing wars,poverty and disease.

    What can I do about this then?

    I wish I was younger, fitter, more giving, less cowardly, and with nothing to lose.

    Therefore I try to keep up with and support what the many AM commentators like you and the Spiv have to say.

    Because I know that a lot of what you are saying is true.

    Just a shame other issues distill the common message.

    Let’s say that from time immemorial only 5% of the population know what this life/planet/matrix is all about.

    These enlightened ones are in no particular order…

    Royalty, The Priesthood, Politicians, Scientists.


    Crooks and many others who have sold their soul to the devil by choice or by blackmail due to their human frailties.

    So what’s different now?

    What’s different is that the 95% ..including me..are being given an insight into what this world/matrix is all about by people like your good self.

    Everyone has to start somewhere and after 9/11insulted my intelligence I have been seeking the truth ever since.

    After much study and research I now spend a lot of time investigating the claims of people like Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, Chris Thomas etc into the battle between good and evil being wagedat economic and geo-political level within the Matrix and at the cosmic and Metaphysical level beyond BTW there’s a lot of good news out there on that front.

    What’s this post all about then you may ask?

    I believe that you and others…. yes including the Spiv…have been designated by the powers of good to get the MESSAGE out to us 95%.

    With that comes a huge responsibility.

    Collectively you have a big audience out there who have their own ongoing problems and needs…. highlighted by many comments in Spivland if I may say so.

    All these people…many of whom are just starting to awaken…deserve to be given the message of what’s going on with a united front.

    As you know the PTB love to divide and rule. Unfortunately with so many inherently good, knowledgeable, well intentioned people in the AM at each others throats they’re having a laugh at our expense.

    My advice for what its worth to you Jimmy and all the other brave blogsters out there..

    We’ve all got a serious illness…… Its called human weakness.

    We should recognise this and deal with it.

    No ones perfect but collectively we can be.

    Chris Spivey has been given some brilliant advice from very concerned and well meaning people on his site especially regarding his physical and Spiritual well being.

    I hope I never need to take them up on it.

    But I sure hope Chris does!!

    1. With all due respect Joe, from what I have witnessed, Jimmy and Chris Spivey were never ‘friends’ I believe that Jimmy shared some information with Spivey, some of it personal and Spivey published it for no reason but trying to make himself look good. It did the opposite as it just showed that Spivey could not be trusted and can, and does stab people in the back as he has now shown many times.

      Christopher Spivey has not been ‘targetted by a psychic attack’ he is simply a duplicitous, greedy, self-serving and untrustworthy liar and also a complete bastard.

      He has lost the respect of many on this side of the water and even those who were not put off by his unneeded language are now just seeing him as a dumb wanttobe hoodlum with no alligience or loyalty to anyone but himself.

      We are big on loyalty here

      And how many more dollars can be expect to squeeze from his small group of deluded followers?

      1. Well said Jeff. Spiv played the same script as all the rest have to befriend people, just an act by a sad egotistical puffed up liar. He is no one to have any kind of trust or faith in HE’S A CON MAN.

        The only thing he’s got tangled up in (apart from bikini bottom ties & shoelaces trying to makes mall things stand out) is his own massive ego and his ever growing inflated perception of himself & the ease at which people can be fleeced by way of a donate button & a fantastical story.

        And can we take it that his claims that he had been busted for paedo & bestiality related offences (& the subsequent donations Begathon from the thing in the wig) were yet more lies. Only there was no mention in the press of anything other than his harassment against the Rigby family when he appeared in court? And if it yet more lies, then what sort of freak uses such grim things to buff themselves up about & beg for money off the back of?

        It’s pretty obvious why suddenly everyone has started making excuses for him and his dog on a lead man friend, but it’s nothing not witnessed before. And no one will be buying it today or any other day 😉

    2. Spivey lost any respect he had when he sold his own people out and sided with the muslims that have invaded our country and built noisy mosques in place of our churches, raped, beaten and murdered our children, introduced their own laws, turned our high streets in to filthy curry houses and corner shops, drove the real British people out of their towns and in to the suburbs, lowering their house prices while doing so!

      Yes, Spivey the filthy treacherous traitor has made his squalid and filthy bed, and now he must lie in It!

      If there was any justice in the world he’d be sentenced for treason!

  6. One of the funniest stories I have ever heard about crop circles had to do with a guy called Gutsful. He is a mate of my uncle, they served together in the forces. To cut a very long story short, gutsful was asked to provide surveillance and security on a farm. The farmer wasn’t concerned one jot about aliens and crop circles, despite them appearing on his land. The problem was crims stealing his oil, diesel, machinery etc. One night the farmer and his family were awakened by gunshots and screaming like you’ve never heard. Gutsful and his mates had caught these men ” mid field”. The farmer actually thought gutsful was murdering them. What he did was to fire his shotgun into the ground well wide of the intruders while at the same time screaming like a banshee his self. The villains were also screaming in terror, because they believed they were going to be killed. There is so much more to tell about gutsful that I have learned, I could write a book. He also caught people faking crop circles. Does he think some are created by aliens? I honestly don’t know, YET.

  7. Nice theory, but they sure did give the gift to the wrong people. The waters have been well and truly muddied concerning Roswell.

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