The following video, which is reporting on a story that was first aired on Italian Television in 2015, on experimentation that was being done by Chinese scientists, on viruses (specifically the Corona and SARS viruses) that were being ENGINEERED in labs, to bypass their normal hosts and directly infect humans.

This was apparently, carried out with the full knowledge of the US government, who, to their credit, withdrew funding the experiments in 2014.

However, the experiments were continued by the Chinese scientists, which understandably, were not supported by much of the scientific community.

The report is in Italian, and the video has English subtitles.

I have transcribed the report, in full.

“Chinese scientists create a super pulmonary virus from bats and mice. It was only for the purpose of study, but there are so many protests, is it worth the risk?

It is an experiment, of course, but worries many scientists.

A group of Chinese researchers grafted a protein taken from bats onto the SARS virus, the acute pneumonia transmitted from mice, and out comes a super virus that could infect humans. It stayed closed inside a lab of course.

It is used only for study purposes, but it is worth the risk of creating a threat so great, just to be able to examine it?

Maurizio Menicucci: ” The debate about the risks of research is as old as science itself.  At the heart is the myth of Icarus, who fell to earth after flying too close to the sun with wax wings made by his father, Daedalus. That brings up an experiment conducted in China, where a group of researchers succeeded in developing a Chimera, an organism modified by grafting the superficial protein of a Corona virus found in bats, the rather common Horseshoe species, onto the virus that causes SARS, the acute pneumonia, albeit in a non-fatal form in mice. It was suspected that the protein could render the hybrid capable of infecting humans, and the experiment confirmed it. It is precisely this molecule SHC  0 14, which permits the Corona virus to attach itself to our respiratory cells, unleashing the syndrome, according to the researchers, moreover, the organism from the original, and even more so, the ENGINEERED one, could contaminate humans directly via bats, without passing through an intermediate species such as a mouse. And indeed this has raised a lot of controversy. Just one year ago, the US government suspended funding of research focusing on the most contagious viruses. But the moratorium didn’t stop the work of the Chinese on SARS, which was already at an advanced phase, and not considered that dangerous, according to a part of the scientific world. In fact, it is not. The probability that the virus would pass to our species would be irrelevant in comparison with the benefits, a thinking that many other experts reject. First because the relationship between risk and benefit is difficult to evaluate. And then due to the present-day species, it is more prudent not to put into circulation, organisms that could escape, or be removed from the control of the labs.”