Smart Water, Smart TV’s, Smart Cars and now Smart ‘Dust.’

Fitted with tiny CPUs that run programs on a skeleton operating system and able to access equally minuscule banks of RAM and flash memory.

The plan is for such sensor-packed machines to be embedded in buildings and objects in their hundreds or even thousands, providing constant updates on the world around us.

The prototypes, built by Hitachi, only measured .15mm x .15mm and were even fitted with a GPS.

A fully functioning computer, with tracking capabilities, able to be sprayed on us, ingested in food and drinks or even injected?

There is no cause for concern however, as the manufacturers stress they are to be used to monitor every tiny movement of large structures like bridges or skyscrapers.

In a suitably equipped ‘Smart’ house the nano computers could report back on lighting, temperature, carbon monoxide levels and occupancy.

When embedded in all of your belongings it may even become commonplace to run a Google search for your misplaced keys or wallets etc.

The manufacturers have also outlined the planned use in ‘medical implants’ too.




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  1. O Oh – I sense a nasty downward slope towards full ‘chipping’ ! Watch out for the next ‘mass vaccination’ programmes coming soon to an area near you 🙁

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