Regular readers of this site, should already be aware that I have many questions regarding the validity of mainstream religion.

So when a religion that already promotes virgin pregnancy and birth, the alleged father of said pregnancy being their God, who then allowed this immaculate conception to die on a cross, before rising from the dead to absolve mankind of their sins…. is attempting to promote yet another hoax, it only serves to raise yet more questions.

Was Padré Pio, a bona fide Saint, worshipped by Catholics for displaying the stigmata of Jesus Christ, nothing more than a fraud who used a simple trick to hoodwink millions of people?

According to a book written by Professor Sergio Luzzatto, he was.

Padre Pio’s hands allegedly bled constantly for 50 years, he even wore gloves to cover them.The former monk, who died in 1968 aged 81, had claimed the circular wounds on his palms, were replicas of the wounds that Christ suffered at his crucifixion.

Pio, whose real name was Francesco Forgione, was believed to possess incredible healing powers and was venerated by millions.

He was popular throughout the world and was canonised by Pope John Paul II in 2002.

But recently unearthed documents reveal he was a nothing more than a conman, who had used corrosive carbolic acid to inflict the hand injuries on himself.The papers include a letter from an Italian pharmacist who had arranged to deliver the acid.The documents, allegedly stored in libraries at the Vatican, were unearthed by Professor Luzzatto, an eminent Italian historian.

In his book “Padre Pio: Miracle and Politics in a Secular Age”, he claimed many Popes had questioned Pio’s claims.

He also claimed the Vatican only declared Pio a saint, because of pressure from the public to do so.

“Human beings — and particularly the most fragile among them — will still need to look at figures such as Padre Pio to get, if not miracles, then at least consolation and hope”.


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  1. I’m half-willing to believe Padre Pio was a fake. But regarding the stuff you said earlier about Catholicism being hoaxes—virgin birth, a dead man dying for sins and then resurrecting–maybe your god can’t do that, but my God is quite capable of the impossible, thank you very much.

    1. I always thought that ‘Impossible’ meant just that..

      It cannot be done/achieved etc.

      So that should mean in reality, that a God able to perform ‘impossible’ tasks goes against physics, nature and the universal laws of the universe, which apparently your ‘God’ also created, another ‘impossible’ task.

      Why then, have so many people over thousands of years been put to death simply because of their belief in something that professes to perform ‘impossible’ feats, but still can’t be bothered to raise a finger to help those who blindly believe in his/her/it’s existance.

      1. It is so funny when people say my god does this my does it anther way,poor misguided fools, i require proof of this god, none has been forthcoming to date, faith is a word invented for a book that was written by humans as a means to control the masses, then take a look at the masters of said religions and most times than not they are child killing/blood sacrificing/ devil worshipping/ mind controlling monsters, not to mention all the wars that are fought in the name of a god that no one can prove exists or ever has, surely at this point the word faith needs to be replaced with blind stupidity.

      2. Your real issue is with the problem of suffering and evil then. Understandable. I’ve been through some shit myself and have asked the same questions.

        As for martyrs, I would ask what is truly the more extraordinary task: saving someone from death or giving them the courage to remain true to their beliefs, even if that means death? Maximilian Kolbe asked Nazis to take his life instead of the life of a Jewish man they had planned to kill. He was in a concentration camp because of his Catholic beliefs. Thomas More could have easily avoided his beheading if he only agreed to change his beliefs about God’s design for marriage. But he didn’t.The deaths of these men have gone on to inspire countless other people to accept inconvenient consequences in order to remain committed to Christian love. (That’s not to mention the Catholic belief that they are in Heaven and at peace now). Mother Teresa suffered intensely in trying to help the poor in India, but she believed what she was doing was worth the suffering. Because of her order, poor people all over the world are receiving help.

        Without suffering, real love can’t exist. It’s nice to have warm fuzzy feelings for my child, but the real love happens when I’m exhausted trying to get her back to sleep. Those instances are what really make me a better and more complete human being. When my brother died, I was incredibly angry with God for all the suffering I went through, but at some point I realized that suffering was drawing me closer to God and making me a much, much better human being. I was shallow and spoiled before, and had no idea the miracles that God could work in healing someone’s wounds.

        There’s a lot more than can be said about suffering. I’d recommend C.S. Lewis’ A Grief Observed, which are his personal journals after his wife died. They’re not happy, “Oh God is my hope, la-dee-da” bullshit. He’s very honest about his anger with God as well as his healing.

        I won’t pretend to have all the answers about God, because if I or anyone did, he would cease to actually be God. But I do know my life is infinitely better now than it is without Catholicism.

        1. Just waiting for the excuses the Vatican will come out with after it has been shown how depraved, cruel and perverted their agents were/are..

          The Magdeline Laundries and the rampant Paedophilia that existed/exists among the Clergy for instance….

          God’s will perhaps?

          Even your Christ turned over the tables of the moneylenders, he abhored the love and accumulation of money and saw it as a sin….

          Remind me who is the wealthiest religion again, who’s Pope sits on a golden throne in a palace surrounded by a disgusting amount of stolen riches…

          You carry on praying to a God, who’s agents are responsible for incalculable misery and death…

          I shall keep my beliefs to myself. 🙂

          1. Actually, Pope Francis lives in a small apartment and the Vatican is filled with beautiful things in order for them to be shared with the public–the same reason many churches are filled with beautiful things.
            Pope Francis and others have condemned greed and pedophilia over and over and over again. The Catholic church teaches against such things, despite a few leaders who have succumbed to the temptation. I guess you didn’t read about Pope Francis suspending that wealthy bishop in Germany, eh?

            ABC NEWS

            Have some leaders in the Church done things against the Church’s teachings, such as pedophilia? Yes. But if you were to invalidate Catholicism simply because there are Catholics who don’t follow it’s principals and who do bad things, you’d have to condemn and disregard almost every organization and community in the world: public schools, Western medicine, football, the armed forces, to name a small percentage. I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to throw out all of those just because a few teachers or football players made really dumb choices.

            I can see your atheistic philosophy is dedicated to hating religion and religious people. Catholicism’s true teachings–those of Jesus Christ–are dedicated to and rooted in love, and that’s fact whether or not you choose to work past your emotional issues enough to see it as such. Call me crazy, but I’m going to choose love.

            Peace be with you.

          2. The Vatican shares things with the public?


            Next time you pop in, ask the his Papal highness if he will loan you a few tonnes of ‘liberated’ WWII bullion, or perhaps donate the Spear of Destiny to your nearest museum….

          3. Oh, and without Catholicism’s “wealth”, you’d have virtually no hospitals. Very few universities. Billions starving. Remind me again what Stalinism’s wealth did for people?

          4. Odd that such devout people only comment or speak out when their chosen religion is questioned. They seem to conveniently ignore almost everything else that goes on in the world.. love everyone eh? If and when it fits into the propaganda that the church teaches is whst you really mean..

          5. I am neither religious nor communist. And where I was brought up, it was the Miners that paid for the Hospitals and the Libraries.. all the churches ever did was preach everlasting damnation and passed the collection plate round…. Kerching.

  2. PS–you can bemoan all the poor religious leaders, Andy, but your hospitals wouldn’t exist without Catholicism, and atheist Communism has done just as much damage as any “religious” group.

  3. I’m really sorry that was your experience, but your singular experience in one town does not necessarily dictate the way the rest of the world is.

    That link wasn’t sufficient for you?




    Shall I leave more?

    Oh, and Vatican stuff may have already been at your museum:


    I’m done until you have something to ask that isn’t easily Googled.

    1. The MSM is as unreliable a source of truth as is most (per) versions of the Bible.

      Each faction has their own version… Each designed to fit with what their particular leaders teach… my faith does not need defending as it has, and will endure long after Christianity has merged into any number of the other ‘religions’ touting for business.

      It needs no promoting either..

        1. Of any god for that matter, Bill Hicks put it best, “this is it this is your only experience, ever!”

  4. Religion & money are the root of so much evil & the proof is glaring people in the face, yet still they refuse to see it, or that the God thing is the biggest confidence racket of all time.

  5. The ‘bleeding hands’ will be a ‘lying wonder’ (magic) and the Roman Cult is expert at those. Stone or wooden idols with tears is a favourite etc. etc.
    Once you label The Roman Cult accurately as a money making corporation founded by Simon Magus, not Simon Peter, everything else falls into place.

  6. My brother had a stigmata once, but just because he looks like Jesus, strangely enough it still didn’t make me believe in the existence of the biggest con trick on earth of all time – the God fraud
    His stigmata was probably just a burst blood vessel under the skin. 1 minute I was talking to him, the next a stream of blood was pouring out of his forehead – there was not even so much as a spot there before. The only thing I could think of saying was ‘stigmata’ – but he didn’t turn water into wine or make a couple of loaves & fishes into a mega feast – so we got a takeaway instead

    1. I would suggest that the ‘bleeding hands’ was a regular trick. Magicians or sorcerers and their magic are like that – they’re usually very good at it.
      How do you know what Jesus looked like, or are you confusing Him with that long haired geek Michael Angelo?
      Your brother’s stigmata sounds like a one off.

  7. It certainly freaked me out for a few minutes, then I remembered that too many years landing on his face from motorbike & mountain bike stunts was probably something to do with it
    I thought if he could have a stigmata, anyone could – I’m sure it probably happens a lot but is nothing to do with any God, just the foibles of the human body – DEFINITELY not anything to do with any make believe God.

  8. I am saying that I don’t believe their is one super being who we should all bow down to – it’s rot.
    spirituality to me is nothing to do with Gods or any such thing. Spirituality is a connection with elements around us, nature etc. but it’s definitely nothing to do with a bearded nonce in a dress – like the thousands in ‘Gods’ churches that he has watched raping kids for example.

    1. How can you prove there isn’t a super being or, better, Super Beings? Are you not just expressing YOUR BELIEFS? What makes your beliefs valid and anyone elses beliefs invalid?

      And why do you default into erroneous religious images e.g. “a bearded nonce in a dress”, in order to explain God? What makes you think these images have anything to do with God?

      By giving these images credence, are you not equally brainwashed and conditioned into these things as are those who do believe in them?

  9. *there* even. The God thing was just an invention to scare people into behaving themselves or to explain things people didn’t understand. A load of old charity scamming tosh merchants.

  10. Why are you asking me stupid questions may I ask? If I didn’t believe that people should behave, then why do you think I have put my own neck on the block to stand up for a decent bloke for this whole year?
    I don’t think people should be petrified into behaving themselves by a fictitious being that seems to have evolved into a greed machine that has protected thousands of paedophiles over the centuries & still does. Take Edward Heath for example – he was honoured by the Church of England in 2012 – despite everyone knowing he was a paedophile and child murderer – the Queen is head of the C of E – do you call that behaving?
    The church that lavishes itself in riches whilst poor people starve. I don’t think the Mafia should be involved either – someone once told me the catholic church has shares in Beretta – have no idea whether that is true, but if it is, guns and God – really? I grew up around Catholic Freemason mafia wannabe’s so I know full well what lying, cheating evil beings they are. Do evil things for 6 days a week then rock up to church on a Sunday, stick a bread disc in their mouths and a slug of wine and all was forgiven in their minds – not in mine – pillars of the community to all people who didn’t truly know them, absolute scum bags to those of us who did..
    People should have their own inner limits that stop them from being out and out villains – obviously they don’t – this year has brought me into contact with the absolute scum of the earth con artist victim jockeys – fraudsters, compo thieving liars, fake CSA campaigners who have tried to destroy the owner of this blog.
    Has your God stopped them, has your god stopped thousands of vicars, priests and God botherers rape children? – no, the all seeing, all powerful one has just watched and probably got a sick kick out of it, maybe he is even a nonce – because only a nonce would stand by and do nothing. I wouldn’t and I won’t. God is pure cobblers, nothing more nothing less. Makes a lot of dough though – just like any other con man.

    1. Yours is the stupidity, not mine. E.g Why do you continue to associate God with religion?
      Why should God come and help people who don’t want Him interfering in their lives?
      How do you work out in your mind that He is obligated to help people that have chosen their own ways of doing things?

  11. Oh dear J another turd in the hole perchance? Certainly as thick as it gets & sounds familiar. You’ll have to let me know where this ones IP originates from later.
    God has got nothing to do with religion? Right oh ??? I think your brain needs a little holiday – or perhaps it’s been on one way too long & has in fact retired.
    Why should God come and help people who don’t want him interfering in their lives?
    So what you are basically saying in response to my comment about God turning a blind eye to HIS disciples (vicars/priest/god botherers) raping kids, is that kids want to be raped by filthy evil nonce God worshipers. I can see what you are already.
    Make sure you record this one’s details J – another possible to be sent on to the Police I think.
    & if you wouldn’t mind doing me a big favour ( a big ask I know & it’s your blog obviously, so I won’t be offended if you don’t honour my request) if the weirdo replies to ME any more, will you just screen shot it’s drivel for me, but don’t let it’s comments through please? It can then go off for the Police to look at with all the rest already sent & about to be sent.
    Thank you kindly
    My senses are telling me it has something to do with needledick & co

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