When the Prussian government implemented the first truancy laws in the early 1800s, they had to march crying children away from their families at the point of a bayonet.

So why the application of such force?

Was it because the State needed its docile taxpayers and useful idiots?

With ruthless efficiency, the Prussian state decided to turn 94% of “its” citizen’s children into those who needed to simply ‘follow orders’.

Another 4.5% went into the “talented and gifted” programs, receiving an education designed for the professional servants of the State: The Accountants, Preachers, Lawyers, State Educators and Doctors etc

The children of the ruling elite however , the remaining 1.5%, received a traditional education designed to instil flexibility, creativity, and rigorous thinking skills.

To the rational thinker, the handing over of children to the paid agents of any government makes as much sense as hiring a public executioner as a babysitter.

Yet today otherwise sane people consider it normal to take a terrified five-year-old and place them into what is, in all but name, a penal system populated with monsters and manipulators.

“Look at me”, the parent says, “school never did me any harm!”

Apart from damaging your thought processes to the point where you are unable to perceive the harm done to yourself … That is..

There are many parents in despair over how their children have become lost to them somewhere along the way, who have become strangers to those who love them most.

Our children are like time machines, they extend the reach of and carry our values into the centuries we will not live to see.

Unless an outside force steps in to change the natural order of things, children normally carry forward the passions of their parents.

After all “Normal teenage rebellion” was such a terrifying phenomenon in the written history of mankind, that Old Testament law considered it to be a capital offence.

And the state has assumed control of our children ever since.