“Physical evidence currently exists (discovered in 1981) that proves man inhabited the earth while coal was being formed, shaking the very foundations of who we really are and how we really got here.”

An assortment of human bones and soft organs, transformed to rock-like hardness, has been discovered between anthracite veins in Pennsylvania.

Since one of the golden rules of geology is that coal was formed during the Carboniferous Period, a minimum of 280 million years ago, it means that man has existed many millions of years before the insectivore from whom the evolutionists claim we eventually evolved.

However, the scientific establishment has wielded its powerful disdainful influence, deceit, dishonesty, collusion and conspiracy to prevent evidence of the most important discovery of the 20th century to be documented as fact and, therefore, keep us from learning a monumental truth about ourselves.”


10 thoughts on “OLDER THAN GOD?

  1. Surely one of the first things to do upon discovering this skull-rock would be to examine natural quartz to see if the microscopic “bone features” are actually anomalous. This seems to be a trick Conrad has missed, and if you do examine quartz under a microscope you find it naturally possesses features very similar to the ones claimed as being biological in nature.

    Or maybe quartz is in on the conspiracy too!

    1. I would not put anything past those pesky establishment scientists. 🙂

      If they announced tomorrow that the Moon really was made of green cheese, there would be people who would call those who questioned it ‘Conspiracy’ nuts….

      As I understood it, Conrad had independent geologists looking at the sample after the Smithsonian dismissed it entirely..

      You simply cannot have these independent ‘upstarts’ rocking the boat can you?

      1. Apparently Conrad has contacted 3 geologists over his findings. He sent samples to two of them, the third invited him to use their high powered microscope so Conrad could examine the finds himself.

        The first two said the samples he’d sent were simply of quartz and Conrad accused them of lying. Conrad’s own research however, couldn’t identify the biological features in the bone either. He claimed that this made his investigation “inconclusive” (he couldn’t very well accuse himself of lying)!

        In fact, of all the experts Conrad has contacted, only one has ever agreed with his interpretation, a forensic anthropologist by the name of Wilton Krogman. However whilst Conrad has published full copies of his correspondence with the disagreeing experts, he hasn’t done so for Krogman’s letters.

        If you’re looking for a conspiracy, that might be a better place to look

        1. Ah!

          So Adam you are an undergraduate studying ‘Biological Anthropology’…

          No disrespect to you my friend, but when I did my history degree, I was told to ‘toe the line’ too, so I kept my head down, nodded along with the rest of the sheep and gained my degree with minimal fuss.

          I wanted to explore the real history of our planet, but too many dusty old academics objected so strongly it became evident even to a mere freshman, that something was ‘not quite right’.

          The more nervous people appear to become when you ask questions of them, the nearer the truth you are, or so I have found..

          Look beyond the obvious my friend, there is a big world out there yet to be discovered, not retraced in somebody else’s footprints..

          Read your blog BTW, some interesting trains of thought there 🙂

          1. I’ve not ever been told to toe the line. In fact, I’ve been encouraged to leap as far over it as I can. My dissertation was a serious challenge to one of the most commonly accepted explanations of our big brains, yet received the second highest grade in my year.

            Personally, I’ve always found vague talk of conspiracy and bias to be the last refuge of someone who can’t stand up to rigorous scrutiny.

          2. ‘A serious challenge’… In your words.

            A pity that the examiner did not think so eh?

            Mainstream Academia is as blinkered as the Sciences and the Theologians, all suppressed from the top down.

            You say Conspiracist, I say open-minded and free-thinking Adam.

          3. Ah the call to be open-minded. For when vague claims of conspiracy just don’t cut it!

            I’ve enjoyed this conversation. I hadn’t heard of Conrad before and it was rather fun examining his claims, but I don’t see this conversation going anywhere. Until next time Outlaw

  2. Scientists discover things like atoms, planets, galaxies, fundamental properties of reality. Creationists discover rocks that are in the shape of other things.

  3. Archeologists Michael Cremo and Robert Thompson talk about this in their book “Forbidden Archeology”. I’ve only got the abridged version, but that’s 300 pages! Endless examples of human antiquity. It’s also worth checking out Cremo’s “Human Devolution” theory – it’s a tiny bit “Hare Krishna” but compelling reading.
    Darwin was an old racist and his books (really, they were his grandfather Erasmus’ ideas) served the British Empire rather nicely – “we’re not stealing their resources and enslavimg them, we’re civilising them”!
    I’ve got all this in my own book actually – must send you a copy!

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