In order to fully understand what is happening in the world today, I firmly believe it is vitally important to have an insight into at least some of the major events of the past.

For example, those of a certain age will, I’m sure, have indelible memories of the tensions created by the ‘fact’ that a single misunderstanding between the protagonists of the ‘Cold War’ could have led to the extinction of all life on this planet.

That is only one of many accepted historical ‘events’ that was entirely manufactured, and further reinforced by the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961 and the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, which achieved it’s aim of helping to reinforce the illusion and place the whole world into a perpetual state of fear.


Do you remember that?

So what if I was to suggest that the ‘Cold War’ never actually existed, and was carefully constructed to act as a distraction from what was really happening?

It is quite simply beyond the realms of most people’s thought processes to accept it as being anything other than it was designed to be.

How could something of that sheer magnitude, possibly be seen as anything else than what it was historically written and therefore universally accepted to be?

Quite easily, when you begin to realise that it now appears that there is, and always was a different scenario written for each segment of the population, with only a select few ever granted access to the original ‘script.’

This can be simplified by comparing that situation to one that exists within any global multinational corporation, which has numerous subsidiaries and many thousands of employees.

Would the lowly employees at the bottom of the food chain know the senior executives at Head Office for instance?

Would they know what the CEO did on a daily basis, or would they only be familiar with their own roles, within their own departments, within the structure of the outlying subsidiary where they dutifully toiled day after day?

My guess is that it would be the latter.

That is how it works.

Once the basic principles of ‘need to know’ are understood, taken together with the manipulation of all information that is made available to the citizenry, it becomes a fairly simple and straightforward exercise to make the population of any given country believe almost anything.

However ‘impossible’ an event actually would be to implement, would become much clearer if people just took the time to look beyond what they are just expected to believe without question.


It is relatively easy to observe this process in action today, by observing millions of people being led by the nose, daily, via the media and the established order, along carefully selected paths without them even questioning why.

Advertising, Television News, The Schools System, The Mainstream Press and Celebrity led health ‘Campaigns’ are the usual methods.

The majority of people are more than willing to do this, even to the point of becoming angry if they are denied the opportunity, simply because they have been ‘trained’ since birth to unquestionly and willingly do so.

It is entirely possible that many historic events have utilised a similar template, including the establishment of Communism only in specific areas of the world.

There is also very sound reasoning behind the widely held belief that the old Soviet Unions’ retreat behind the ‘Iron Curtain,’ was simply a dramatic puppet show ran by those who manipulated their childlike audience (us) with nothing more than a simple pull on the right strings.

People just accept what they are conditioned to believe.


It has become abundantly clear, that the United States and the Soviet Union shared a close working relationship during this time in history, while covertly working towards a common goal.

Was this goal an combined attempt to ‘Weaponise’ the skies above us?

People’s opinions are more often than not, based purely on information that is made available to them.

That is a fact, and one that is known to work as it has done ever since the printing press made the written word available to all.

It is the way that those words are presented which forms the basis of what becomes generally held opinion, so if you can control what is written and presented, it naturally follows that public opinion can be manipulated to suit.

If this manipulation is continued from the top down through the schools and higher education systems, through the medical, legal and political arenas, all mainstream media outlets and all available printed materials, it becomes extremely difficult to find alternatives.

Unless you are prepared to look beyond what you have always been conditioned to believe …. that is.