Was the man, commonly known to billions of Christians around the world, as Jesus Christ, part of an extended family?

The Bible itself says he had brothers and sisters.

“Where did this man get this wisdom and these mighty works? Is not this the carpenter’s son? Is not his mother called Mary? And are not his brothers James and Joseph and Simon and Judas? And are not all his sisters with us?” (Matthew 13.54-56).

Some doctrines, try to disguise this knowledge by preaching that these people were only cousins, or Joseph’s from a previous marriage, but Mary, Jesus’ mother, was not an only child.

At the very least, Jesus had cousins, Aunts, and Uncles.

John the Baptist was Jesus’ second cousin according to Luke 1:5-38.

That is also written in your Bible.

You do not even have to question that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had a family, as has often been suggested.

The simple fact is, that Jesus Christ the man, had blood relations, at least on his mother’s side (although the Bible does provide a paternal genealogy for Jesus Christ back to the House of David).

Those people had children.

Their children had children.

Their children’s, children had children.

And it continues to this day.

Modern genetics testing has now also demonstrated that modern-day Palestinians have a direct genetic trail back to those Israelites who’s genealogies fill the pages of the Bible.


So, I would like you to consider this as the situation.

Many of the people living on, and walking around Palestine, Gaza, and the West Bank are the direct blood relatives of Jesus Christ.

Distant relatives I grant you, but still blood relatives.

Over the subsequent 2000 years, it is entirely possible that the vast majority of present day Palestinians are distant relatives of Jesus.

And Israel is killing them.

In their thousands.

And you, as a taxpaying citizen are paying to support a country that is doing this, which should mean you equally share the responsibility wouldn’t it?

As a part of that nation, you are contributing towards the purchase of the very weapons being used to kill the modern descendents of Jesus.

Voting for and electing any Government, in the UK or The United States, whatever colours they may nail to their masts, makes you a countersignatory, therefore also admitting to the world that you are an accessory to murder.

Yet you still believe you are going to get into your heaven?





  1. Jane

    Think it’s high time the spotlight was swung around on the Jews and the actual reality of this far from peaceful people were put under the spotlight.
    The propaganda that has been fed to the people for decades is far from the reality.

  2. Jane, you are correct when saying ‘The propaganda fed to the people for decades is far from the reality’ however until those who try to tell, expose and ‘feed’ the people the truth are finally stopped being called anti-Semites and afforded the respect that telling the truth deserves then the propaganda fed masses will still believe what they are told by the baby killing Israelis. The Israeli agenda of finally clearing Palestine of all Palestinian’s and non-Jews is clear for all to see, however the lies told, plus the decades of land clearance, atrocities and murders committed by the Israeli’s in the process of achieving this goal are nothing short of war crimes. They, the Israeli’s, have created the worlds largest outdoor ‘open’ prison in Gaza, forcing starvation, deprivation and disease upon the population of the area, they have attacked numerous towns and cities of Palestine and Lebanon with armaments outlawed by the United Nations, killing tens of thousands of innocent, non-combatant men, women, children and babies in the process, they have diverted river water from Palestinian land so the Palestinian’s starve in a drought ridden wilderness and the Israelis can live in (p)lush green land with plenty to eat and much more to export, they have built illegal settlement upon illegal settlement on land stolen from Palestine, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon and displaced millions of people whilst doing so and finally (though of course they are guilty of much more than just said here!) they have placed very high ranking Jews, whose first allegiance will always be Israel, into very influential and significant positions of power and persuasion throughout the Western Worlds Governments and officialdom with the sole aims of spreading their propaganda and achieving everything and anything Israel wants, despite the cost to human life and / or the planet oh and of course the ‘Truth’. However, while most of the appalling acts carried out by the Israeli’s over the last fifty years are not just criminal but also war crimes whereby if they were committed by the leaders of most other country’s they would spend the rest of their miserable lives in ten by six, cold, dark, damp cells with nothing to accompany them save their arrogance and ridiculous beliefs, instead they appear to be accepted by those who should know better, who then pass on the lies of the Israeli’s to the rest of the world. We could all, well those of us awake enough to recognise the apartheid and genocide that is taking place in Palestine, make a start by boycotting everything and anything from Israel, check the barcode on all goods you intend buying, it’s quick and easy to do as everything starting with the numbers 729 is produced in Israel and thus I would suggest we buy an alternative or shop elsewhere! Boycotting Israeli goods may not work in the end as it eventually did in the case of South Africa but remember each and every time you eat or use something produced in Israel you are, as the Outlaw says, contributing towards buying the weapons and donating towards the War Criminals who are ordering these atrocities.
    One final point, I am not religious, however does it not say in the bible that we are ALL God’s children and therefore are we not ALL related to Jesus-if so then are not the innocent Palestinian men, women, children and babies being starved, humiliated, displaced and murdered every day by the Israeli’s our brothers and sisters? If so then ask yourselves this, if you knew of somebody who was starving, humiliating, displacing and even murdering somebody in your family would you just sit back and let the perpetrators of these crimes get away with it? I think not!

  3. OldGit

    The man we know as Jesus (& whom the Jews call Yeshua) would have been in his late 30′s when
    he was crucified.

    An Israelite (NOT JEW) of that age would have been married.

    Indeed,if he
    wasn’t he’d have been an object of great suspicion among his fellow Israelites,which
    certainly implies that he would have been married with children.If he had still been
    unmarried at late 30′s he would not have got a following.

    Orthodox Jews today,in particular,
    place such a strong emphasis on marriage that an unmarried Orthodox Jew of that age is
    unthinkable unless he was widowed or divorced.

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