What if human DNA has been somehow ‘tampered’ with, at a genetic level for instance?

And if so, why?

The term ‘Junk DNA’ has been talked about by scientists, who still argue among themselves as to what purpose that 98% of this ‘useless’ DNA served, if any.

I find it difficult to believe that only 2% of a design as complex as human DNA is able to be accessed.

Why would so much of something so essential to the very fabric of what makes one human, be set aside in such a wasteful manner?

For what purpose would disabling the ability to ‘feel’ or even to fully comprehend the injustice, cruelty and needless destruction, that is being visited on this planet, and its native species every single day, serve?

Could it be, that if humankind, for even an instant, were able to ‘sense’ the sheer scale of the savagery, inhumanity, pain and fear that millions of people suffer every second of every day, that a type of madness would break out all over this planet?

After all, to beings of a higher energy field, these soulless and barbaric acts of brutality to the earth’s human, animal and native floral species, is simply, incomprehensible.

What if there were even astral ‘warning’ signs put in place to deter any interference from outside?

‘Approach at your own peril’.

It is only those who have ‘worked’ in the lower energy fields, who know the truth of the all invading darkness and horror that has surrounded this, the third planet.

The entities known as the ‘light workers,’ via their higher vibrational fields, have been trying to raise the vibrational level of this planet to what it used to be.

Even before the interference of ‘those who from the heavens came’.

Could discovering the true enormity of what has been done to the creatures of this planet, and to this planet, very quickly burn out the emotional and electrical circuitry of the average human brain, causing it to short out like a high voltage current going through heavily corroded wiring.

Is that the reason why 98% of human DNA was purposely switched off?



I read this online yesterday. I think it may answer some questions that are being asked.

“Our dormant DNA has recently been activated via mass amounts of nuclear exposure.

Many humans will experience some physical, emotional and spiritual mutation….. not ALL humans however.

Only the ones that have copper running through their veins….”


  1. Anonymous

    Just keeping humanity suppressed. I must have copper running through my veins, as it has been a hell of a ride.

  2. DNA is an interesting and complicated area and the human body never ceases to amaze. It’s interesting that many people think that being bad can be in a person’s make-up as can being gay some say.
    So why do some people try to suppress their homosexuality or other ways of life which feel normal to them? I have known of men who have had a wife and children and have built a ‘front’ for their lives whilst secretly meeting up with other males for sex but would never entertain the label of being gay and would be mortified should they be ‘outed’ from their safety closets.
    There are some who even want their wife to mimic another man in order to avoid their inner feellngs of homosexuality and they indulge in cross-gender activities which they then try to pass off as a normal thing which everyone does.
    I expect nurture may play a large part of this behaviour, the rewards for being bad even led some of these confused individuals to be placed in children’s homes since they either had no personal filter of right or wrong or their parents just didn’t instill any sense of orderly conduct in their child. Maybe feeling different from an early age could have been the root cause as the minor struggles to come to terms with their attraction to other males. Obviously once in their approved school this inner struggle intensifies as the child reaches teenage years and the struggle turns into sexual deviance and the cover-up of being attracted to other boys manifests itself by having under-age sex with under-developed females – looking much like boys – if not with other boys at the school but the guilt still haunts them and it is not the guilt of being gay, because there is nothing wrong with that, but the guilt of knowing you are gay but living as a heterosexual. Does this stem from ‘junk DNA’?
    It would be interesting to know how many males and females who ended up in care were there because either they or their families could not handle the idea of their child being gay.

    • An interesting analogy and one which no doubt will raise many questions. The main focus of late, seems to one of ‘Nurture’ over ‘Nature,’ a view I do not subscribe to as I believe that even ‘latent’ traits, or feelings are there regardless of upbringing, and deliberate suppression will, as you say, manifest itself in some other way. You can certainly, be ‘born’ a certain way, I do not believe that homosexuality, for example is in any way a ‘learned behaviour.’ People are people, and will continue to be that way. Being Gay or straight should never be an issue to colour opinions, but it’s unfortunately not that simple for many people. Being honest with yourself, and about yourself, although initially difficult or uncomfortable, is usually the best option. All we need is an ideal society, free of prejudice, ignorance and bigotry in order to achieve this. That’s my view anyway 🙂

  3. mildredpilchard

    Yes being true to yourself is the best policy, sorry I probably overdid the ‘gay’ thing a bit probably because it’s been in the news recently, this could apply to plenty of other behaviours like is it in some people’s DNA just not to want to be sociable aka grumpy old git syndrome lol

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