I cannot be the only one that has noticed that nearly everything that has gone wrong, or has caused inconvenience and many other issues for people during the last two years …. has been blamed on ‘Covid’.

Poor customer service, rudeness, cancelled medical procedures, apathy, late postal deliveries, fuel distribution problems, empty shelves in shops and supermarkets etc., etc., the list is seemingly endless.

In the UK the leftist media focus has switched from blaming Brexit, to blaming Covid, and in the United States, a similar situation exists, but they are no longer blaming Trump for everything, as its almost always a ‘Covid related’ problem which is now being rolled out as a cover-all excuse to explain what is, by any measure, blatant incompetence and an inability to perform anything more than the most basic of tasks.

The latest excuse, however, is, in my opinion, also the most bizarre, and totally unbelievable, inasmuch as the Biden administration, has now blamed the latest delay in releasing the John F. Kennedy assassination records, on, yes, you have already guessed bye now….. COVID.

C’Mon Man…. Are You Kidding Me!!


2 thoughts on “JFK & COVID

  1. Ole Dupers Delight Biden’s a good egg really. He has the right idea about apropriate work -v- fun at work balance, that we can all aim for. It’s a shame he can’t un-inapropriately touch up all of those women and girls, but I think that on the proponderance of evidence they’re actually amazing actors who were in on it and fooled me, as it was sickening.

  2. Sleepy Joe is going to destroy America one way or another, that appears to be the only thing he may actually achieve. We need Trump back in 2024 or even sooner, before we lose this country altogether. C’mon man its no joke, this shit is real.

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