Rumours have been circulating online, about a select few military units, that have recently taken delivery of updated bulletproof armour that includes a ballistic face mask.

The pictures have appeared on a Japanese website showing the Taiwanese version, which is allegedly already in use.

Designed specifically to protect the wearers from head shots and to demoralise and substantially reduce the fighting will of opposing forces, including incidents of civil unrest.

That’s you and me!

It has been suggested that the United States Military have also used the ballistic mask for small covert assault teams in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as during the drug wars of the 1980s.

Each ballistic mask is allegedly rated to block close-range shots from a .44 magnum – which is one hell of a weapon by all accounts.

Is this just Propaganda, or the face of the new method of crowd control, waiting in the wings ready to neutralise any future civil unrest?

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  1. They have the cheek to call us sheep, how stupid do they look? How armed do they think we are? Time our police and army personnel downed tools and changed sides and realised they are just being used to protect the elite.

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