How do you wish to function as a society?

Would you like to get so out of your head you never have to deal with personal things that are seen as being too difficult, too negative or too scary?

I thought not, but what if you discovered that you do not really have a choice?

The decision makers that govern almost every aspect of our lives thus far, have now decided that there are not enough chemicals already added to our drinking water, as there is now a call by ‘experts’ to further poison us with Lithium.

The reason being put forward is ‘concern for the increasing suicide and violent crime rates among the general population.’

So, what is Lithium usually prescribed for?

  • Bipolar disorder.
  • Agitation not associated with bipolar disorder.
  • Depression and to boost the effect of antidepressants.
  • As a mood stabiliser.
  • Severe Migraine Headaches.

“Much like fluoride, lithium alters the brain’s normal production of serotonin and norepinephrine, which in turn artificially alters the way an individual thinks and how he or she feels about a given situation. Lithium is literally a mind-altering, antidepressant chemical substance that those promoting it openly admit modifies brain function. And yet they purport that forcibly inducing these chemical changes on the unwitting populations of the world is a good and acceptable idea.”


So what are these ‘experts’ really saying?

“Lithium has been heralded by some experts as the next potential flouride, after scientists found suicide rates were lower in areas where the drinking water had higher concentrations of the element”. Daily Mail”


“Time to supplement? Some scientists believe lithium could reduce suicide rates if traces were added to drinking water. The study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, analysed a sample of 6,460 lithium measurements and then compared suicide rates across 99 districts.” – Daily Telegraph.


Ireland also.


Some of the milder side effects of Lithium include:

  • Mild tremors of the hands.
  • Weakness and lack of coordination.
  • Mild nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, stomach pain or upset.
  • Thinning or drying of the hair, or itching skin.

But any of those symptoms could be a result of any number of illnesses or conditions right?

So what about some of the more serious symptoms of the presence of Lithium in the body?

  • Extreme thirst, urinating more or less than usual.
  • Weakness, fever, feeling restless or confused, eye pain and vision problems.
  • Restless muscle movements in your eyes, tongue, jaw, or neck.
  • Pain, coldness, or discolouration in your fingers or toes.
  • Feeling light-headed, fainting, slow heart rate.
  • Hallucinations, seizures (blackout or convulsions).
  • Fever with muscle stiffness, sweating, fast or uneven heartbeats.

Early signs of lithium toxicity, such as ‘nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, drowsiness, muscle weakness, tremor, lack of coordination, blurred vision, or ringing in your ears’ are equally unpleasant.

It’s long been known that countries who possess large veins of this valuable resource have been invaded by the world’s most powerful nations… Afghanistan is only one of such countries.

So why would governments want to turn our drinking water into a chemical cocktail loaded with toxins like Fluoride & Lithium among others?

Is adding Lithium increasingly being used without consultation to be yet another way that our population is being ‘dumbed down’?

Is this just another way that society will be made more malleable and less concerned about what is really going on in this world?

And for how long has this toxic heavy metal already been added to our water supply?


  1. highlander69

    Medicalising everything. Are they talking about the Pharma form of Lithium? Lithium Carbonate. As I understand it the natural form of Lithium is Lithium Orotate which reputedly has worked wonders for War Vets in America and no side effects.

    As an aside I remember the first reports about the Amy Winehouse death saying she hadn’t been drinking but was on Librium. Well, Librium is the Pharma version of Lithium and has to be carefully administered. Maybe Amy O.D. d on Librium. Yeah, the story changed later that she was on a bender but those were definitely not the initial reports.

    • Now not sure what to think, without researching, and i will when i,ve time, but if you,ve time to answer, what did the War Vets report that it worked wonders for, i,m guessing PTSD, was it perscribed in natural form, or an alternative product ? When i,ve time, i,ll explore more, cos waters’ a bit important 🙂

  2. I,m old enough to remember when lead pipes, paint and toothpaste tubes were the norm, asbestos, has there been a time, when we have not been exposed, i wonder, to all kinds of suppression, of our innate abilities, and power. Abuse serves to provoke, then suppression follows of natural responses, either by societal, religious controls, or through chemicals, just now we are informed, i can only attempt to remain as wild as possible, untamed, uncontrollable, and as free as i dare 🙂 detox , detox, detox, cleanse, on all levels, lighten within and spread it……..

  3. Cross, I’ve only just seen your post – apologies for not coming back to you sooner.

    A specialist in this field is Dr Mark Millar – he has two websites –




    You can hear an interview with him here:


    Also John Gray (Men are from Mars) really endorses it and he’s got videos on youtube also.

    Basically they are saying that Lithium Orotate is a natural salt that is way more absorbable than the Pharma version which has side effects.

    Very interesting stuff.

    Hope this helps.

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