Contrary to popular belief, government lies, misleading advertising and medical propaganda, milk has a darker side.

One that the dairy industry really does not want you finding out about.

Even though milk has been a part of the human diet for thousands of years, it has never been particularly good for you.

Even when research has proved time after time that milk consumption is detrimental to both human health, the welfare and even the lives of the cows, the message is still not getting through.

Whatever your parents, your teachers or even your doctor tells you, milk is not the best source of calcium.

The truth is, that calcium contained in cow’s milk cannot easily be absorbed by the human body.

The most calcium-rich food sources are found in plants, namely leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and broccoli.

Generations of people have been sold yet another lie, in that cow’s milk is somehow responsible for building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

This is almost too ridiculous for words.

In fact it would not be going too far to accuse the advertising industry of criminal negligence for promoting this blatant deception.

Drinking milk actually depletes the calcium from our bones, therefore increasing the risk of porosity and fracture.

Don’t take my word for it, do your own research and read for yourself how the countries that consume the most milk, also have the highest rates of osteoporosis.

No amount of slick advertising can disguise the ugly side of the dairy industry.

Calves are taken away from their mothers within hours of being born, where they are fed milk substitutes and often sold as veal calves after spending months chained at the neck unable to walk, stretch their legs, or even turn around.

The adults are also forced to endure months, even years of needless suffering and cruelty.

The stress caused by poor conditions on factory farms leads to lameness, disease, and reproductive problems, rendering them virtually useless (to the Dairy Industry) at just 4-5 years old (their natural lifespan is 25 years) at which time they are sent to slaughter.

It is another lie that cows ‘need to be milked’ in order to endure optimum health.

Cows only produce milk to feed their young.

If they do not give birth, they do not make milk.

It’s as simple as that.

To keep cows lactating, farmers impregnate them through artificial insemination.

This traumatic process is carried out by restraining cows in what is known by the industry as a “rape rack.”

There is no argument that cow’s milk is an excellent food source however…

For calves.

This incredible substance is essential to calves in their first few months of life, but once weaned they will never drink milk again, it’s a similar story for every other mammal on the planet.

Which is why it seems senseless for humans to be drinking it.

Cow’s milk contains an average of three times the amount of protein than human milk, contributing to a variety of illness and disease in people.

Maybe it’s time to explore the alternatives and ‘Ditch the Dairy’ for good.

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1 thought on “DITCH THE DAIRY

  1. What causes dairy intollerances is the homogenising of the milk i.e. stopping the cream from separating from the milk as it used to do when we bought milk in glass bottles with silver tops (least cream) red top (more cream) and gold top (full cream) and all delivered to our front doors.

    The high pressure homogenising process is known to create a certain enzyme in the milk that our bodies cannot digest. Over a period of time this causes all manner of intollerances and allergies, some quite serious and life threatening.

    As youngsters we grew up on milk – no problems at all.

    Thatcher ended free school milk so that should tell you something.

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