The world’s media are desperately trying to whip up support for an all-out military assault on Bashar Al-Assad and Syria, based on what now appears to be yet another falsehood, and one which has followed a long line of other falsehoods up until this point.

The alleged ‘Sarin attack’ on Syrian civilians on April 4th 2017 for instance – which we were told [by the mass media] to believe without question came from the Assad regime, was followed by a statement from the White House which stated that they had ‘concrete evidence’ that the source of this atrocity was the Assad government.

Following that statement, a leading weapons expert has since claimed that the attack was in fact, ‘staged’ which of course raised a number of questions as to who was actually responsible.

Theodore Postol, a professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), issued a series of three reports in response to the White House’s finding that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad perpetrated the attack on 4 April.

As any student of history will be acutely aware of, almost every major conflict that has occurred during the last couple of hundred years, were also based on falsehoods, and accompanied by propaganda campaigns run by the mass media, who are nothing more than agents of the state.

You don’t even have to be a student of history, nor need to possess a particularly long memory to be able to find examples of this practice, it is not at all difficult to cast one’s mind back to the 2003 invasion of Iraq which, without Tony Blair’s insistence that WMD’s [falsely] existed, and Labour MP Anne Clwyd’s entirely false claims in Parliament, about Saddam Husseins’ regime utilising a ‘People Shredder’ to silence his political opponents – may never have happened.

Assad is also only too aware, (as is most of the world who still have the ability to think independently that is) of what has now happened in the countries that the United States and it’s allies ‘liberated’ previously …. and by forcibly removing the leaders of a historically volatile middle eastern region; leaders who, despite everything written in the media, kept the entire region relatively stable and prosperous, and whose removal led to the entire region descending into complete chaos, and where slave markets (and other niceties such as torture and mass murder) are now freely operating in the open.

The total destruction of Syria has been the ultimate aim of the political elite for a few years now, and the main stumbling block to that plan, was Bashir Al-Assad himself, and his desire to defend both his country and it’s people, and his total refusal to capitulate, despite every dirty trick that has been played.

Assad’s dogged and ultimately righteous defence of Syria, has now reached the point where every ‘rebel’ enclave has either been completely decimated or driven from the country altogether, which was something also acknowledged by the American’s who were, until the recent ‘Chemical Attack’, poised to withdraw their ground forces.

Bashir Al-Assad, with the help of his allies had triumphed, and every attempt to elicit a forced regime change in his country had been thwarted, a six-year proxy war waged by US-backed insurgents was an abject failure – in reality, he had won.

Bashir Al-Assad is also a well-educated and highly intelligent man. But one does not even have to be particularly bright to know that in 2017, the US Military, without even waiting for  confirmation as to the real perpetrators, had launched Tomahawk Missiles into Syria following the alleged ‘Sarin’ attack.

So why would an intelligent man, knowing that he has all but won a war, and when the western superpower that backed your enemies is about to leave your country, then launch a chemical attack against what has turned out to be his own citizenry, and who were mainly women and children?

Especially when the repercussions following the first act [of alleged terror] consisted of American Tomahawk missiles indiscriminately raining down on your country.

It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

It’s not only irrational, it is the act of a complete lunatic – neither of which applies to Bashir Al-Assad.

The only people who can possibly benefit from Assad’s removal and the ultimate dismantling of Syria, are those who are also hell bent on enabling the unchecked territorial expansion of another country in that region.

The video below is something I put together a little over two years ago, in an attempt to highlight what I believed was Syria’s immediate future, and some of the propaganda methods that were used to bring about it’s ultimate destruction.

We are I believe, at this moment in time as a species, closer to extinction than at any other time in our history, and until people wake up, stop paying attention to the complete garbage that is spewing from every mass media outlet, start thinking for ourselves, and stop supporting the complete lunatics who are in charge – we are all but finished.




  1. From RT Earlier today.

    ‘Eurocontrol, an EU body responsible for handling air traffic over the continent, has issued a Rapid Alert Notification to flight operators in the eastern Mediterranean, warning them to be ready for NATO rocket launches into Syria.

    “Due to the possible launch of air strikes into Syria with air-to-ground and / or cruise missiles within the next 72 hours, and the possibility of intermittent disruption of radio navigation equipment, due consideration needs to be taken when planning flight operations in the Eastern Mediterranean / Nicosia FIR area,” the alert said.’

  2. We are notorious for having the worst media in the World, which really should come with a B/S warning because it’s mostly Jewish owned, which seems to be the major problem with it and it’s obsession with warmongering, lying & amping up the fake terror.

    By hook or by crook it’s obvious they want to obliterate Syria.

    1. Jane, would have to disagree with this analysis.

      In my view, Jewish people are being made scapegoats.

      1. The ‘everyday’ ones maybe, but have you not noticed the Royal family is distinctly Jewish, the tory party is largely made up of Jews or that the media who pumps out endless fake news and propaganda to con the public are Jewish owned?

        I’d say that was quite a big problem for British people. It clearly is, as the Kalergi plan seems to be behind the mass saturation of immigrants, funded by Rothschild Jew.

        And if ‘everyday’ Jews don’t like the way these monsters are grinding their names into the dirt in this country, perhaps they should have the bottle to speak up against it too? But most don’t seem to.

  3. The alleged ‘Sarin attack’ on Syrian civilians on April 4th 2017

    Another White Helmets production?

    Was this the rehearsal?


    I found it here


    Who benefits from the fall of Assad?

    It’s not Europe or Russia. Not even the US, well on it’s way to oil self-sufficiency.

    Hmm, who could it be?

  4. Good old May. She just couldn’t help herself, could she? There’s no money to put our own house in order but there’s always enough to wreck someone else’s.

    Still, just as we are supposed to believe the gassing story, we are now supposed to believe that dropping many tons of explosives from a great distance caused only a few minor injuries, so that’s alright then.

    Yeah, right!

    1. Yeah, especially when you consider this possibility
      Russia’s foreign minister has claimed Sergei and Yulia Skripal were not poisoned by nerve agent novichok, but a separate chemical possessed by the UK and US.

      Sergei Lavrov said Moscow had received information from a laboratory in Spiez, Switzerland suggesting the Russian double agent and his daughter were exposed to a non-lethal substance known as BZ.

      He claimed the laboratory had passed Russia confidential information after analysing samples of the agent used in the attack on the Skripals in Salisbury last month.


      It doesn’t seem to have made the MSM quite as quickly as the chomping at the bit for war propaganda.

      If true, looks even more suspicious.

      1. Jane.
        This is a comment I sent to an earlier item regarding the Skripals.
        “Nerve agents are a battlefield weapon, designed to kill within minutes.

        That’s why drills to ‘suit-up’ quickly are practiced regularly. I was taught that a pinhead-sized droplet on skin or inhaled would have you starting to twitch in seconds.

        From there on, it gets very unpleasant (understatement!) very quickly, ending with death.

        The ONLY chance you get is to stab an ampule of Atropine (part of the NBC kit) into your leg at the ‘twitching’ stage. You do this each time the twitching starts again, until you get atropine poisoning, which is also unpleasant but which you will recover from.”
        Without Atropine, you WILL die. The story that the Skripals were exposed to a nerve agent some three to four hours prior to their collapse is complete and utter bullshit. What you are saying re the toxin is much more likely. I don’t know what BZ is but I’d guess it’s an organo-phosphate from the effects.

  5. Video from RT on March 17th this year telling us that US/UK are going to set up chemical outrage as grounds to attack Syria. Lo and behold, come April…


    So, was it as RT said? Or was it a double bluff by Russia, to draw-in the West, as some of the YouTube comments are suggesting? If so, why?

    1. The BZ does sound more likely Phil, being a hallucinogenic, which is pretty much what the Skripal (actors) described.

      This documentary shows that they all the ‘great leaders’ are all flailing around like overpaid cretins and no one knows what to do next or how to solve it, so they just play mind games and lead us all up the garden path instead.

      Long, but worth watching. Assad is the master of his countries own doom in a way, not quite the meek and mild man he seems on camera.


      1. Thanks Jane, I’ll have a look at the weekend.

        Assad is a lot like Gaddafi and Saddam were, as he has to be.

        Western leaders know full well that you can’t impose democracy on a country that needs a ‘hard man’ leader to control all the different factions – it’s just an excuse to wreck functioning countries.

        Peter Sellers was spot on!

    1. “War stories, however, have a habit of growing darker. For the same 58-year old senior Syrian doctor then adds something profoundly uncomfortable: the patients, he says, were overcome not by gas but by oxygen starvation in the rubbish-filled tunnels and basements in which they lived, on a night of wind and heavy shelling that stirred up a dust storm.”



      £6.3m worth of BAE missiles were fired in Syria. British PM Theresa May’s husband’s company, Capital Group is the largest shareholder in BAE


      Profiting from war? Isn’t that “Terrorism” of sorts?

  6. Anybody know what has happened to The is-a- cunt website,?. I always thought they were sailing very close to the wind, maybe they have finally gone too far and been busted?

    1. I really have no idea. It could be as you say, they have gone too far and been closed down, (possibly removed from Google searches) – or it could be, (more likely) that they have simply let the domain expire and not paid the fees for it to be reinstated.

      Or…. It could have been here all the time.

      And the comments on this post are something of an eye-opener too Richard.

  7. Heads up Jimmy, the Poo Sucking Hamster Stranglers from Essex have published another excruciatingly funny YouTube rant lol. Have a look mate it’s hard to imagine how they can get so many things wrong in a single video. The numpties are claiming (among some other crap) that you are linked to Chris Bloody Fay of all people and you work for the mainstream media for David Rose and Aaranovich. Seriously bud, you really couldn’t make this kind of shit up. It’s a classic!!!! Have a squint before they take it down as it makes them look like proper knobheads!!!! SunBOx PMSL more like shitbox HAHA!! ……..

    1. They really are desperate to continue to target poor Jimmy and there must be a reason why (5times).

      The fact that are having to resort to ever more ludicrous lies show them up for what they are.
      Baloney and Fays old fan club.

      I’d say stick to making music but they aren’t even any good at that. Can’t be much to do in Essex. Or else it earns it’s bad reputation for being full of idiots a reason.

      Apologies to the non idiots of Essex, they don’t deserve to be tarred with the same brush.

    2. Awwwww Bless them, they really are a special kind of simple aren’t they?

      It would be churlish of me to tear them to shreds here as they have such obvious issues that it just would not be fair – but what I will do is give them some pointers to help them research properly.

      Their investigative skills are truly appalling, cringeworthy in fact.

      Point One: Mary Moss admitted publicly, on more than one occasion that the Elm Guest House ‘list’ she released onto the internet, was a complete crock of shit. Using that falsehood to still try and draw people into believing in ghosts and hobgoblins, is now so dated and laughable, it’s embarrassing.

      Point Two: As I was among the first to ask questions about Chris Fay’s credibility, back in 2013, I would hardly be part of any team (And Co) that he or Bill Baloney would also be involved with would I?

      Point Three: I donated a fiver to Chris Spivey a few years ago when I believed that he was putting out some useful information, and thought he was on the level. We live and learn, I learned quickly and I cut off all ties with him as soon as his true colours came to the fore.

      Hardly the crime of the century is it?

      Point Four: Using Sharon Kilby/Zaki as a source of information?

      Do I really have to explain, yet again, that that is possibly the dumbest thing that anyone who is interested in the truth can ever do?

      Ms Kilby/Zaki believes that everybody (except herself of course) is a ‘Cointelpro’, a Russian Agent, A Paedophile Protector, A Freemason or a Freemason’s agent. The woman is certifiable and one only has to look at her claim that I wrote the official report on the now thoroughly discredited Hampstead ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’ case that was presented by Justice Pauffley in the High Court, to know that Ms Kilby/Zaki is not the full shilling.

      Only a complete loonball would use any of her online ravings to draw from, and then present as a credible resource in a video.

      Unless they too were complete loonballs that is.

      Point Five: Their claim that I am somehow working with David Rose and David Aaranovich and am part of the mainstream media, is simply too ludicrous to comprehend.

      It did, however, give me a good old belly laugh though, so kudos for that one.

      Point Six: If TTSMM have no desire to be thought of as being ‘Shilby Shill’, then I can only suggest that they stop using the exact same video software program and desist from using identical phrase patterns to produce their videos.

      That would help enormously.

      Seventh and Final Point: Stop ripping off Morrissey when you upload your caterwauling to Youtube, as you are doing a pretty awful job of that too.

      1. I had to watch it twice as I could not believe what I was reading the first time. But it was true. They actually claimed that if more than one person online was ripping the piss out of Spivey then they had to be the same person and of course, that person must be you.

        So according to the TTSMM brainiacs on YouTube, you are also running Quatloos, the Hoaxtead blog, is-a-cunt dot com and dozens of other websites and forums that have also ripped the living piss out of him.

        Do you think they really meant to say that?

        1. To be honest I thought it was an error on their part, like a typo – as nobody, but nobody could be that dumb!!! …. Could they?

          Don’t answer that

        2. Yep! I think they did.

          Scary innit?

          And Sharon Kilburn/Zaki already believes I am involved with running the Hoaxtead blog (among other things). What most of these idiots don’t know, they simply make up as they go along.

          And when they get busted they just add more lies to try and cover up their earlier lies – and so it will continue.

      2. So they are Billy Baloney fans and now Spivey cheerleaders ?? They also think the EGH ‘list’ is genuine too ?? Truth Seeking Music Makers my arse they should be prosecuted under the Trades Description Act. Just another Bunch of Essex conspiraloons Jimmy who get all their info from the likes of UK Column, the David Icke Forums or Spivey 🙂 🙂

      3. I have just watched that video and I must say JJ, they have made one good point. I have always seen you as a straight down the line guy who is basically honest, but come on bud how can a text message be ‘anonymous?’

        I really hope that you have an answer to that. Sorry JJ but I had to ask

        1. That’s easy.

          Just imagine if you received a text from an unrecognised mobile number and when you try to call that number back, the number is ‘not recognised’.

          That is one way that the text would be from an ‘anonymous’ source.

          However, in this case, the sender asked to remain anonymous as they did not want their name and number posted all over Twitter and Youtube.

          Which is exactly what would have happened if I had not protected the source.

          They have very good reasons (like their own safety) to want to remain anonymous, and I have to respect that.

          Plus, unlike others online (like the TTSMM for example), I ALWAYS protect my sources.

          It is one of the reasons why I am trusted with sensitive information and many others are not.

          Does that answer your question?

          1. No! How can you always assure confidentiality when Jane was mouthing off who it was meant to be? …Nobody trusts you. You are blagging again, and can’t pull it off.

          2. Yes thanks JJ. That sounds plausible. My comment has dragged the creepy Fabooka out from under his stone again so sorry about that.

          3. He’s always lurking hereabouts DIFR, it’s an obsession with him. But don’t worry he’s perfectly harmless as he hardly leaves his house apparently. Very shouty from behind a keyboard of course, as they all are.

          4. Actually ‘Bob’, hiding behind fake profiles as always, they had plenty of warning and they carried on & on and on. Brian Harvey appeared to be in a state of acute distress, actually putting out vids that he thought he was going to be suicided. Seemed at the end of his rope with fear.

            You have a choice – you can’t think “not my problem”, or you can can stop a bloke being wound up by the gang of those linked to the bloke trying to destroy him, who has done exactly the same thing in the same way to others,(he should have evidence of that too) but his accusers ‘connections’ appear to make him above any law.

            Having watched the same gang doing this to several other people over 5 years, do I really want to see it happening to anyone else.

            I saw your new weapon collection you posted on FB by the way, didn’t the Manchester Police confiscate your knife and gun collection for doing the exactly the same thing and sending threatening messages to a certain person?

            Just behave yourself, stop being used by this gang of fruit cakes and give up, because nothing you do to the main target of this government linked mob of mentals, will get the result HQ want.

            Unfortunately with a Government that has screwed MH services into the ground, expect it to get much, much worse.

            Expect confiscating weapons of the ‘Bobs’ of this country, to be a pointless waste of time.

            I can’t help feeling sorry for Bob a little, only because who’d want to live with whatever it is that goes on inside his head? Not me!

        2. DIFR
          Easy peasy! Take your pick;
          Prefix the call with 141.
          Set your phone to private.
          Get an app for ‘one-shot’ sender number.
          For a REALLY serious situation – Buy a ‘burner’ (get someone else to make the purchase – paying with cash!), don’t turn it on, leave your own locale – go out of your usual area. Make sure you have left your usual phone at home or it will track you. Send the message, take the battery out of the phone then sling both in a river on the way home!
          I think this one is more for the likes of Jason Bourne!

          1. Thanks for that Phil.

            So it’s relatively simple to send what appears to be a ‘Anonymous’ text message to anyone anyway.

            And a ‘Burner’ of course is a cheap disposable mobile phone, with a pay-as-you-go SIM card (99p) inserted, which are available everywhere.

            Which does not reinforce TTSMM’s claim at all.

            Oh Dear, they really must try harder.

    3. I notice they did not deny being that SunB0x lot. And from some earlier comments on this site, at least now their identity can be established. I ask this because I am watching closely Sir Cliff Richard who is appearing at the High Court at the moment, and as that Truth Seekers mob have made a number of completely false and hurtful claims about him, I have taken the liberty of sending a few of their YouTube videos to Sir Cliff’s agent. Depending on how the High Court thing turns out, and it looking highly likely that Richard will win and be awarded huge damages; if I had been uploading such nasty and career damaging lies to YouTube I would be very worried about now. Very worried indeed

      1. Can’t really add anything much to that.

        The outrageousness of the claims, especially when Chris Fays old mate and co blog writer, FAILED Lib Dem Gojam was seemingly a very big fan of David Aaranovich.

  8. Face it JJ, you are full of shit and are a Satanic Police informant, and you keep getting caught out sending yourself comments because you are a weirdo abuser freak. We all know what you are. Ask BH, as he is not your pal anymore is he..He knows you be a lying snakey grass who works for the filth.

    1. HaHa. ‘Satanic police informant?’ – not a normal run of the mill police informant but a ‘Satanic’ one!! is there a difference then? You really are obsessed with that shit aren’t you all? Try stepping back into reality again, you may enjoy being free from the delusions you appear to be suffering from.

    1. You gave yourself away with that comment Matheson. As you have already admitted (while in your ‘Fabooka Da Stait’ sock/alter ego) you are a ‘Professional Troll’. So it’s hardly worth wasting any more of my time on you or your infantile games. Go play somewhere else eh, you’ll not get an audience here.

      1. ‘Professional’ means being paid for s service doesn’t it? So admitting to being a ‘Professional Troll’ means that they are being paid to troll. Who is paying for him to troll this site and people on Facebook, and for what reason? That is where the answers will be found in my opinion.

  9. Ahhh bless, having a little ‘moment’ for his shill friends and the Fresh Fart Floundation – shills docking station?

    Never mind.

    And about the Shillby Shill thing.

    The TSMM and their Baloney cronies set up lots of mirror accounts pretending to be the real Shillby, so some of the stuff will have been from them.

    And if anyone wants drum lessons – don’t go to Essex. Although if you are Cliff Richards Lawyer, the dumb drummers address will be most handy, I should imagine.

    Wonder if the Police have investigated certain links to that Jewish Aussie paedo and paedo ring yet? IF NOT WHY NOT?

    The HM Plumbers Bung Freemasons Protection unit maybe?

    All the usuals involved.

    FRESH START FOUNDATION set up march 2017.

    Who funded the start up I wonder?

    Poodick has been very good mates with them since at least 2015.

    All in with the ICKE’s etc as usual.




  10. Syrian ‘gas attack’ bullshit continues to unravel.


    I wonder if Mrs May is aware that the punitory barrage of missiles probably caused the only deaths in the episode…

  11. Off topic (again!)

    From this vid by Sargon of Akkad;

    A woman from Liverpool sentenced to an 8 week community order, 8 week curfew, tagged and fined £500 + £85 costs – for posting lyrics from a Snap Dogg track on Instagram!
    Full story here;

    How can this be right? Snap Dogg/I’m trippin’ video is freely available to anyone, here;

    Not exactly my kind of thing but that’s not the point. The point is that the lyrics were shown to a black police officer in a ‘hate’ unit. Her brother was murdered in a race hate crime some time ago. It was her that was ‘offended’ and on behalf whom the prosecution was brought. I’m not suggesting that as a police officer, she doesn’t have the right to be offended – she is, after all, a private citizen too. But should she have been allowed to handle this case with that tragedy in mind? (PC Walker also asked Carole Clarke, defending, not to use the word n**** in the court because she found it so offensive). Should this case even have been bought to court at all? The young woman involved has been given a ludicrously heavy-handed sentence and a criminal record because ONE PERSON said they were ‘offended’! What about the 60,000,000+ others in the UK that weren’t?

    Remember also the old saying, “you can’t give offence, you can only choose to take it”. Or not.

  12. ps I put the asterisks in because I wouldn’t want any thin skinned reader to be ‘offended’ – ha-bloody-ha!

    PC Dominique Walker’s stated ambition is ‘to be the first black female Chief Constable’.

    Good luck to anyone living on THAT ‘patch’…

    1. Aye! Thanks for that Phil. I have already been ‘questioned under caution’ by North Wales’ finest after a couple of snowflakes took offence at a number of comments that were posted here.

      There are those who obsessively monitor the Outlaw looking for any excuse to report both me and this site for ‘Hate Crime’ or ‘Malicious Communications’ or ‘Harrassment’ or simply a bad case of ‘Butthurt’

      1. The poor dears would be a lot less butthurt if they weren’t so far up their own arses…

  13. Since it appears that anyone can now ban the use of words they find ‘offensive’ – and remember, folks, context is irrelevant – I’d like to volunteer the word ‘antifa’.

    I find it ‘grossly offensive’ that hooded left-wing thugs can, without repercussion, disrupt peaceful meetings and violently assault people who don’t share their extremist policies. Their sole aim is to silence free speech.

    The organisation should be proscribed and it’s members arrested.

    From now on, I expect to see any reference to them as ‘a*****’.
    You have been warned.

  14. Oh dear. Looks like another of those bizarre episodes of mental illness (you know, the one that causes people to drive along pavements at high speed) has struck – in Toronto this time.
    Spivey will be declaring it a false-flag in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

    1. It’s been an exciting day with one thing and another Phil. The mass media have been spinning like whirling dervishes – it seems the perfect time to bury bad news.

  15. Deep joy. It seems there’s another royal something been born. Cue a week of sycophantic drivel across all branches of the MSM.

  16. Stop nicking my thoughts Phil. Where there’s false Blame there’s a compo scamming pain & don’t you forget it.

    And how can this not get a mention?

    The donations on this have risen £10k+ in 8 hours.

    I think it speaks volumes about how fed up people feel, with ever more oppressive & ridiculous stifling tactics to silence us all.

    Trying to stifle our zany British sense of humour, is a p’ take too far?

    Maybe there is some hope after all?


  17. ames
    Talking of “our zany British sense of humour”, the latest humorous item from darkest Essex mentions that WC Fields was one of the actors who played the entirely fake persona known as ‘Winston Churchill’.

    Fields was well-known for his brilliant one-liners including, coincidentally, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsh**.”

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