The Lily (Genus:Lilium)

‘Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.’
Luke 12:27 KJV

In Greek legend, lilies were formed from the spilt breast milk of the goddess Hera when she was tricked into nursing the infant, Heracles.

The child was pulled from her breast and some of the milk stained the heavens as the Milky Way, whilst part fell to earth as the Lily.

The flower was seen as a symbol of purity and in ancient cultures brides wore a crown of lilies woven with wheat, to bring the blessing of fertility to the marriage.

The Lily also has a number of associations in Christian legend.

The first was that Lilies came about from Eve’s tears in the Garden of Eden.

Later on the flower had other associations, such as representing the Virgin Mary’s tears or to have arisen from Jesus’ sweat the night before his the crucifixion, and are therefore a symbol of resurrection.

It may be the reason that many churches are decorated with Lilies at Easter.

In the 18th century having Lilies indoors was said to ‘procure wakefulness’.

Lilies were thought to cure sorrow by causing loss of memory.

Chinese herbalists thought Lilies had to power to cause the birth of a son if the flower was worn in the woman’s girdle during pregnancy.

It is deemed unlucky to have an even number of flowers in a bouquet, this is associated with wreathes and death.

In Victorian flower language, a white Lily meant purity and gave the message “It’s heavenly to be with you”, whilst an orange Lily represented hatred.

Along with the Owl, the Lily also has a strong association with the goddess Lileth, who gave the Lily flower it’s name.

The Lily flower is also a widely used symbol of the Illuminati bloodlines, where it is represented by the Fleur De Lis.

This symbol of course, is found on flags and heraldic crests all over Europe, also adorning the gates of the American White House.

For those who follow and/or practice the ‘Black Arts,’ Lilith is also one of most significant deities.

She has been known throughout history as being the first wife of Adam and also associated with Anu, the Annunaki and the mother of Samael.

Samael is one of the demon angels praised today in ‘satanic’ rituals.

According to ancient Jewish lore, Samael was the serpent who tempted Eve and the father of Cain.

*Cain himself was said to have looked nothing like those on earth, but ‘a heavenly being,’ and a child of the Gods… the Nephilim.*

One translation of her name is ‘Female Night Demon.’

Some traditions believed she forced herself on Adam, bearing him many demon’s and spirits that became the eternal plagues of mankind.

To the Babylonians Lilith gave birth to the first vampire, and she has also been described as a consort to Lucifer.

Lilith represents the dark side of the Goddess, as with the Masonic tradition good/evil, black/white.

Lilith is also associated with the deity known as Molech, to which a 40 foot stone monument stands at Bohemian Grove, where the worlds elite, allegedly take part in rituals which include, ‘human sacrifice.’

She is also known as the ‘Scarlet Woman,’ and so the colour red is normally associated with her.

The robes associated with alleged ‘Satanic’ practice and Ritual are usually depicted as being red.

Her other names are ‘Great Whore of Babylon,’ the ‘Great Mother’ and the ‘Mother of Abominations’ – a creature associated with the underworld.

But perhaps the most significant thing she has been associated with in many cultures, is the stealing (abduction) and the killing of, children.

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  1. Ah yes. From the Lonnie Donegan recording of “My Old Man’s A Dustman”.

    ‘I say,I say, my dustbin’s full of lilys”.
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