The term ‘Climate Change’ seems to be everywhere at the moment, politicians are especially fond of it as you may have already noticed.

Promoting the fear of the Arctic ice caps melting has taken the place of the alleged hole in the Ozone Layer, which was a favourite until recently.

We do not hear much about that now funnily enough.

Politicians seem to love smugly promoting facts and figures, based on ‘Scientific Evidence’ from any number of tame scientists on the establishment payroll.

Are they not aware that these so-called ‘Scientists,’ have been since 1877, toying with the idea of purposely melting the Arctic ice cap, citing the reasons outlined here?

It also clearly illustrates the way that scientists and politicians have been meddling with the balance of nature for decades, without giving a thought to the possible future consequences.

I very much doubt that the various government agencies involved were unaware of this either.

3 thoughts on “CLIMATE SCIENCE

  1. From this (hilarious comments):-
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    And now meet your REAL government-“Secret EU lawmaking: the triumph of the trialogue”:-

    And about that Mozilla CEO resignation.I said some time ago that the “gay rights” thing was now a
    cult.Read this & get the measure of the full-on fanatical hatred it contains:-

  2. I was thinking about the ozone layer issue yesterday funnily enough and how it seems to have disappeared off the agenda, when not so long ago we were being saturated with how we were all about to fry to death because of the big gaping hole in it that would take many decades for it to repair itself.

    I was also thinking how easy it would be to create an artificial smog, especially with the amping up of chemtrails lately. They are desperate to pimp more nuclear power on us and what better way of pushing the issue than to fool the public into thinking there’s no other option?

    Ironic that after the Fukushima Nuclear disaster of 2011 they have chosen the Japs to build more nuclear power stations in the UK. Gawd help us all! They are saying that the Fukushima area is safe to return to. Would you trust their word? I know I wouldn’t.

    I guess the ahem ‘queen’ is just not happy enough with her massive wealth and wants more, more more. After all, if it all goes boobies up, she has transport in place to fly her on out of here.

    I was also wondering whether her little meeting with the pope was anything to do with the warrant issued to her. Cameron and the Vatican (& others) for their obvious part in the International paedo ring.

    Mostly I have been thinking about how much better this world would be if all these elite corrupt con merchants would vanish off the face of the earth and whether one day the people would rise up against them and make them disappear or at least pay for their many evil crimes.

    I hope so!

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