Sometimes when a story has been told time and again, each version becoming increasingly more graphic and horrific in it’s telling, it becomes difficult to know where the real story lies.

When this particular story has also, over many years, been promoted as an indisputable ‘fact’ throughout countless history books, is included on the curriculum of every educational establishment and repeatedly quoted in the media as ‘the definitive record’ of events, it becomes a very difficult subject to question.

Even when later evidence emerges to show the story to not only be fatally flawed, but is almost certainly based on an event that just did not happen, the original version still defies all logic and continues to be told.

Many over the last half a century have attempted to set the story straight, using documented evidence and reasoned argument to establish the truth, but they have made little impact on the opinions of the majority of the population.

I am referring of course to the Nazi Holocaust that was historically said to have been visited upon the Jewish populations of Europe during the second world war.

So breaking through the official story will prove extremely difficult.

I shall approach this in what I believe to be a unique manner, by establishing some fairly obvious difficulties of such a venture succeeding, without the full cooperation of the alleged victims.

The above paragraph alone is almost certainly going to cause not only extreme anger, but utter disbelief among a number of readers, but I ask only that you at least consider the possibilities of what I am about to narrate..

It is then entirely your decision as to whether it is worthy of consideration as a valid argument.

On June the 15th, 1994, in one of the last modern executions by means of gas, one condemned prisoner in Raleigh, North Carolina, had refused to co-operative with his executioners.

David Lawson repeatedly held his breath for as long as he could, taking only shallow, short breaths in between.

From some witness accounts, the prisoner was also “feebleminded.”

Perhaps for that reason, he did something unusual; he appealed to both his executioners and the gathered witnesses, crying out again and again, “I am human!”

At first his voice was clearly audible, but as the minutes passed, he became less and less coherent, until finally, more than ten minutes into the execution, his voice was barely a whisper.

He was only pronounced dead after eighteen minutes.

Understandably, the witnesses were visibly horrified and the warden of the prison was so shaken he resigned his position soon afterwards.

Due in no small part to this fiasco, executions using poison gas have been generally abandoned in the United States, being replaced instead with lethal injections.

It became strikingly clear to people, especially those still languishing on death rows, that a quick and painless execution by gas requires the full cooperation of the intended victim.

Prisoners about to be gassed were usually encouraged to inhale deeply as soon as the cyanide was released in order to make their deaths occur swiftly.

However, if an intended victim was uncooperative, the execution could easily become an even more barbaric and distressing event than it already was.

By simply refusing to breathe deeply enough to absorb a lethal dose of cyanide, the agony, even under ideal conditions, could last almost twenty minutes.

A procedure using the most modern execution chamber technology, with a lethal gas combination that should have killed in a few seconds, had been thwarted by at least one person simply holding his breath.

A means of execution which should have been relatively painless and quick had proven to be so impractical that it has now been generally abandoned.

Eighteen long, excruciating minutes to execute a single, feebleminded victim.

So how would that compare with gassing methods using Zyclon B and diesel fumes, that were inhumanly primitive at best?

Methods that have been proven without any doubt, would have only dispersed marginally lethal concentrations of gas after many, torturous, panic stricken minutes.

Many of the Holocaust executions, more than three million according to some figures, were allegedly carried out using diesel exhaust fumes, according to historians and commentators of the period.

If the diesel engines had been running at idle, even fast idle, the fumes would not have been fatal regardless of how long the exposure.

The exhaust would have contained less than 0.1% CO and about 1% Oxygen.

With the engines operating under heavy loads, which incidentally is only possible with the attachment of cumbersome equipment to the engines, it would still have proved extremely difficult.

The fumes produced would still only have been marginally lethal, as the fumes would have contained less than 0.4% CO and upwards of 6% oxygen.

For the alleged gassings using cyanide at Auschwitz and possibly Maidanek, the granules of Zyklon B were alleged to have been dumped either on the victim’s heads, scattered at their feet or released into perforated containers within an enclosed space.

Using any of those methods, the cyanide would have been released from the granules very slowly, as the intended purpose of Zyclon B, was to release a measured quantity of cynanide to kill infestations of body and head lice.

Under near perfect conditions, a layer of Zyclon B, one half to one centimetre deep would have required at least thirty minutes to release just half of it’s amount of cyanide.

A tightly packed crowd of intended victims would have slowed the process even more.

Without a doubt, the claimed execution times would have proved sufficient to kill many inside the selected rooms, but some would have also survived.

What would the guards have done with the survivors, would they return them to their barracks where they certainly would have told others, or just waited until everyone had died?

That would have caused an immediate panic as many would have fought for their lives against the guards instead of meekly walking to their place of execution.

Is it still within the realms of possibility that so many people would remain so compliant even with the full knowledge of what lay ahead of them?

Terror and desperation alone would have made people behave very erratically, as has been shown throughout history.

The survival instinct in humans is very strong, even when the situation appears entirely without hope.

Was the adrenaline fuelled and entirely natural ‘Fight or Flight’ response somehow absent from the inmates?

After separating the survivors from the dead, how then would those who were merely groggy, unconscious or feigning death be identified and disposed of?

The ruthlessly efficient Germans would have devised a far more realistic method of mass execution that would have left no room for such obvious error.

Otherwise, the same emotional strain on the executioners that supposedly led to the gassings, as opposed to shootings in the first place would remain, so would have defeated it’s own purpose.

And also would have been abandoned very soon.

America’s own experience with far simpler methods of gas executions, even conducted under ideal conditions, should prove even to the most rabid supporters of the official narrative, would have only been possible if the victims had assisted in their own demise.

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  1. One thing that seems to be overlooked is that the official Holocaust story is an allegation of murder.
    When a murder is committed,you expect a thorough police/forensic investigation before charges are pressed against the accused.Then you expect a conviction to be upon this evidence,not based upon”we say it happened,so it happened”.The whole Holohoax story constitutes a blood libel against the White race.By the same people who destroyed the Black race with their slave trading.

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