The human race has now reached a point in which the most basic instincts may not be enough to save us.

We must now take time out and take a long and critical look at the mess in which we find ourselves.

Although this situation is not entirely of our own making, there are many things which we can do in order to restore the natural balance.

It should not be a case of just giving up and heading for the hills to save ourselves.

We must become truly aware of our connection to everything around us, while learning to think for ourselves again, and waking up to who we really are.

Regardless of what struggles lay ahead, I feel that there are certain human values that must survive, if indeed humanity is to survive.

The human spark of love and consciousness has to survive the wars and catastrophes of the future and be enough to inspire a new generation.

Waking up to the truth can result in overwhelming feelings of negativity and despair at first, but is only the first step along the path of enlightenment and optimism.

Depression only too often comes from a feeling of helplessness and the powerlessness that one feels, when we have no control over our own future.

Waking up to the Truth will restore that sense of control.

By facing the worst of times with wide open eyes, we will learn how we can create a better world.

But there are people who will not like any questioning of themselves or the world they have created for themselves.

So they will attack you.

Simply because truth, optimism and a real sense of purpose threatens them.

You must be resolute, while at the same time, be tolerant of other’s viewpoints and circumstances.

By trying to change things, we do not fail.

It is by not even trying is the path of failure.

If that seems unattainable to you, or if you don’t see the point in trying, you have lost sight of the possibilities.

If you refuse to try and discourage others who do, you have lost.

Those who have woken up to the truth – still have a chance.

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