There is no satisfactory explanation that I have found for how humans came to be on this planet.

‘Evolution, Creation or something else?’

Discounting Darwin’s Theory and God, only one plausible option remains that makes any sense to me, a ‘third option’ if you like.

To me, if Darwin was right, why are there still great apes if, as he concluded that all humankind evolved from them?

If God was the ‘Creator’ and the world’s population stemmed from just one man and one woman, what is the explanation for the diversity between the races of the populated parts of the world?

I am confident that these questions can and will be enthusiastically answered by any number of knowledgeable people.

Based on their personal religious beliefs, scientific ‘research’ or even their documented historical ‘evidence’ that can, I am certain be produced to reinforce any claims and back up their pet theories.

But it does not answer my basic question why humankind is so ill-equipped to survive on what is to all intents and purposes, an ‘alien’ environment to them as a species.

Humans are born helpless, naked and extremely vulnerable to almost every other lifeform on the planet.

They simply cannot easily survive even the mildest weather conditions, without external protection which has proved insufficient when compared to animals who naturally acclimatise.

No other creature has the need for clothing, or needs to build machinery to travel any distance or to fly, or to cross large water courses and oceans.

Humans cannot naturally fly or dive to the depths of the oceans, they cannot function well on top of the highest mountains, nor survive for long periods deep underground.

The sun burns their skin, even too much oxygen can prove fatal to them and their science cannot definitively explain why this appears to be the case.

Everything naturally occurring has to be adapted to suit them, even most of their food has to be cooked, as their basic physiology does not lend itself to easily digest food in it’s natural form.

A cursory glance at human teeth, coupled with a basic knowledge of how the intestinal tract was designed to function should tell you everything you could need to know about that.

Only the ancient, indigenous people’s seem to be the ones equipped to exist in complete harmony with this planet, striking the perfect balance with all that this planet provides.

Through teachings handed down through the generations, they know the answers as they are a direct link, an unbroken chain stretching right back to where it all began.

Thousands of years before the madness, before the greed and the lust for power and land ownership, before the wars and genocide and the perversion of mankind’s history through corrupt historians.

As for everybody else?

You will have to wait and see how that turns out eh?