I would hazard a guess, that there are a lot of people out there, who, will not have heard about a court case which, is currently taking place at the Crown Court in Mold, North Wales, where a group of who are said to be ‘Travellers,’ stand accused of the rape, and trafficking of a number of underage girls from a care home in Wrexham.

‘The girls who were living in a home in the Wrexham area were sexually trafficked and passed around a group of men from the travelling community and sexually exploited in hotel rooms and in secluded public areas like car parks, prosecuting barrister John Philpotts told a jury at Mold Crown Court.’

For obvious reasons, I cannot comment on details in regard to the case other what is already in the public domain, but what I will ask, is where is the public outcry about this?

‘Vehicles began to appear at the home and on one occasion, a van drove up the drive and her name was called out using a loud-hailer, the jury heard. She began to abscond frequently, often in the company of other girls in care.’

Where are the ‘Truthers’ ?

Where are the mainstream media, who enjoy nothing more than reporting on cases of this type in other parts of the UK?

And where is Tommy Robinson?

But we should already know the answer to that shouldn’t we?



13 thoughts on “WHERE’S TOMMY?

  1. Tommy is sitting in his 900+k house with his Rebel Media mates which was paid for by the mugs who donated to his ‘legal fund’ laughing his ass off

    1. Ssshhh! Don’t say any more. I really do not need hordes of irate Tommy Robinson fanboys and girls baying for my blood too. 😉

  2. He is after £22 Million to start a new political party I read somewhere. God help us!!

    1. The Tories are in the shit and in freefall, Labour are a complete shower of shit so don’t be surprised if something totally unexpected emerges from the chaos

    1. Apart from discovering that he was shown as being in a different country at the time his alleged abuse took place, then I haven’t really given him much thought to be honest.

  3. £22 million is an oddly specific amount to request for the inception of a new ‘political party’. How is that figure arrived at? Does it consist of property multiples? Tanning shops and manicure salons to run for the benefit of long term party maintenance? I’m curious.

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