“Beware The False Allegation”

This is a response to all those who all those, on social media and elsewhere, who are calling for yet another Inquiry into Historical Child Abuse.

An open invitation if you will, which invites you to discover for yourselves, some of the background which led to one of the previous, and indeed the biggest inquiries, that this country has witnessed thus far.

If anyone still has the slightest interest in the North Wales abuse story for example – I would not bother holding another Inquiry – I urge them to read instead, the minutely detailed and forensically researched book ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’ by Richard Webster.


Be warned though, it’s a behemoth of a book, containing 722 fact-filled pages and will tell you everything you need to know – and a lot more besides – and filled with forensically researched evidence and plain facts.

Richard Webster is now dead, sadly, but his meticulously detailed research lives on – outlining indisputable proof and evidence, every date, day and time, statements from people both alive and dead – and by the time you are only a few chapters in, you will know the truth about what really happened.

One thing is for certain – if there is going to a fresh investigation in regard to this particular historical inquiry – or any other, this book will be an invaluable resource, providing facts and information which can be easily confirmed by the records which still remain.

Plus, as it proves that so many ex-Bryn Estyn resident’s ‘accounts’ are undoubtably false and malicious, it clearly illustrates what can, and did actually happen when stories of alleged abuse become a “big media story” – as this was – albeit many years ago.

‘Pestered By The Press’ Chapter 41, Page 273

“When Steward’s (not his real name) refusal to release the newspaper documents is viewed in relation to the manifold inconsistencies these would have revealed, the case for doubting his claims seems almost complete. It is made almost unassailable when seen alongside his own declaration to the police on 24 August, that ‘at no time did Gordon Anglesea ever sexually abuse me’ and his suggestion that Dean Nelson ‘wanted me to say things which were not the truth’.

However, there was another important feature of the evidence which concerned the question of dates. Lee Steward had been at Bryn Estyn from 27 September 1977 until 22 May 1979. In his interview with Journalist Dean Nelson, he specifically said that Anglesea had abused him in ‘1977-8′; he told the police that the first incident had taken place in ‘late 1977′ and that the second incident was ‘a few months later’.

Yet the first connection Gordon Anglesea had with Bryn Estyn was when he was asked to set up the Home Office-run Wrexham attendance centre in September 1979. This was a centre to which delinquent young boys were sent for two hours at a time, for a maximum of 24 hours. Some of these boys were from Bryn Estyn. It was not until mid-November 1979 that Anglesea had first gone to Bryn Estyn itself, and it was not until September 1980 that Bryn Estyn became part of his ‘section’ within his duties as the operational inspector at Wrexham.

In short, Anglesea did not have any connection with Bryn Estyn until four months after Steward had left, and did not visit it until some two years after the date Steward gave for the first alleged incident.

“As in the case of Mark Humphreys, the allegations which Lee Stewart made against Gordon Anglesea could not possibly be true.”

As I clearly stated HERE on this site, in June 2013 – “What I will say however, is that my initial instincts were right and I still do not believe that the focus of any investigation into ‘Establishment Paedophile Rings’ and highly-placed Political figures should be directed at Bryn Estyn.”

I still stand by that, and will always maintain that the real story about systematic Child Abuse in North Wales is to be found elsewhere in the county of Wrexham.

Surely, simply reading a book which will furnish you with almost everything required – is preferable to wasting another £17.5 Million of public money on another Waterhouse-like inquiry isn’t it?



10 thoughts on “WHERE THERE IS DOUBT

  1. Thank you for passing the information on the book The Secret of Bryn Estyn I just bought it from ebay

    1. Well done mate. If more people did that we would lay this thing to rest a lot sooner… 🙂

      If only one person, after reading anything published on the Outlaw, looks beyond the media spin and lies and begins to ask questions I am more than content.

  2. And when the lying greed and self obsessed con men are outed, they spin around like a whirling dervish, spitting venom at anything within pelting radius & dragging other totally unrelated innocent people in. All because of their own sad sick little game THEY devised and lost.

    Yet still it continues it’s psychotic, narcissistic, off it’s rocker campaign & will do until it bursts a blood vessel and rants & rages no more.

    Good to see people on Twitter are looking out for any other ‘victim’ it has in it’s sights.

    At least it’s found it’s kindred spirits, every one of them the kind no one decent wants a bar of & steers well clear of.

  3. Thank you for the link Outlaw I have just ordered a copy from Amazon I did not know a book about BE even existed

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    “Some of you out there may not know about this, but the Brits certainly will. In a small town in the north of England it’s come to light that, over a period of about fifteen years, around 1400 children (in this case between 11 and 16 and mainly girls) have been systematically sexually abused. In many cases the abuse took the form of ‘grooming’ often involving drugs and alcohol and in some cases was accompanied by physical coercion and torture.”


  5. I was there 1976 to 1979. Would love to talk about the issues I experienced

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