Wild speculation and rumours, in the absence of hard facts, are everywhere at the moment, especially in regard to the recent spate of ‘unusual’ weather patterns, we in the UK have been experiencing.

Everything from weather manipulation and witchcraft, through to the foretold arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, are among the stories being discussed in various corners of the internet.

Only one I feel, is worthy of further investigation however.

It has been an open secret among the local people, that a ‘secret’ facility, has long existed in west Wales that, on the surface, bears a startling resemblance to H.A.A.R.P. installations that have appeared in other parts of the world.

At the time of writing, this has NOT been 100% confirmed, but I am not dismissing it altogether either.

Wales can be a very weird place at times, mid and north Wales in particular have been host to all types of weird and not so wonderful events for centuries, so it would be foolish to rule anything out.

“The facility, just outside Aberystwyth in west Wales covering several acres with arrays that send up microwaves into the stratosphere and warm up the upper air to disturb our normal weather pattern.

Combined with the ‘Chemtrails’ that we have seen all over the UK for the last several years which contain metal particles that may produce a reaction to the magnetic waves produced by the HAARP facility to cause massive rainfall, high winds and even earthquakes.”

*ADDENDUM: The facility has been open since 1990. See Comment below.*

16 thoughts on “WELSH HAARP

  1. Has anyone any idea of the whereabouts is this facility is near Aberystwyth because I am going there next week for a week or so

  2. Strange coincidence Aberystwyth getting some very odd weather of late?, wasnt there also some earthquake or underground activity there too ?
    Also South Wales seems to be the place for weird happenings, from the suiciding of young men to dogs eating babies heads.
    I think a lot of experimental stuff is done in Wales, such is the hatred the shadow government have for the Celtic people.

    1. Indeed.. I am a south Walian by birth, not far from Bridgend actually… Wales is definately getting some strange events of late 🙁

      1. Bloody hell thinking about strange things happening in wales also take into consideration April Jones bizarre disappearance . Was this satatic or some paedophile group into satanic snuff movie . Just a thought.

  3. I wish you would stop freaking me out : ) The day before you put this up I pictured this place and I didn’t even know it existed – & I’m not even joking

  4. Wales is like some weird experiment lab – I think the debauched freaky rejects from the experiments get shoved on the other side of the Menai Bridge and become human toilet roll.

  5. Last I heard, the conspiracy theorists theorised that the conspiracy theory was itself a conspiracy. Ipso facto, the conspiracy conspiracy was created, and spontaneously annihilated to leave…reality. You wasters need to get a life, an education, and some good books to read once someone comes along and locks you up.

    1. For what exactly?

      Asking Questions?

      Not blindly believing everything that the Mainstream Media and the Government say?

      I could argue that the gullible and brainwashed are the real problem as they perpetuate the Status Quo with their blind, simpering acceptance.

      That’s the real problem Terry.

  6. Hello. I have actually visited the atmospheric research station near my home in Aberystwyth.
    Unlike many of the ill-informed contributors, I am a Qualified Amateur Radio Operator. Callsign GW7JSH. It is interesting to note that while on my visit I noted the power-line transformer supplying the site on a single pole from the national grid.

    Such a small “pole-pig” [q.v.] could never have been capable of heating more than a street of residential homes.

    I had full access to every aspect of the facility. If anybody doesn’t believe me let me know and I will arrange a visit.

    I also monitored the transmissions emanating from the facility and found their frequency and effective radiated power [erp] well within power to be expected for the range and purpose of the stated objective of the academic research going on there.

    Go-on… Challenge me!

    Jim GW7JSH

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