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  1. i was it ty mawer in the early eightys and come in contact with holden it was a breading ground for violence abuse any thing you can think of what was wrong with these kids went on evan worse there why no one spoted any thing was beyond me looking back now when i got sent to dc i felt safer there and youth custerdy evan prison was a safer place i thought my life was bad be fore but it got worse the day i arrived got smashed up by one of the older lads cause i was sobbing in bed and i wanted to go home to my dad the hiding was nothing new i was used to that cause of my step dad but that was only a taster of things to come and one of holdens special boys mad i still dont under stand it to this day why i dont no why im writeing this but you cant let the likes of holden and others distroy your life for ever i had to face up to it and deal with all that stuff in side me cause of ty mawer lifes not a bed of roses but uts better and imm getting there slowly so dont give in or give up because you are a long time dead and therers no comeing back from that

    1. Thanks for your comment, if you ever need to unload in complete confidence you can get in touch with me at any time via the email address on the Outlaw.

      1. hello to all on here my name is shaun sheehan but you know me as kevin sheehan d/of/b 1954 ..i was in ty mawt school in some time but im sures of the date’s i know it was in the 60S(( 1966 to 1970 ???)))i was there when the swimming pool was i was not in the H block i was in the block by the pool …i work on the farm 4 days a week one day in classrooms…I KNOW the head master (ralph taylor )and MR knocks MR lazarenco MR WOOD’S …I WORK IN THE KITCHEN with GUY name (( lyndon dixon yes we add some fun to ..the head master had a nick name (SPUD ).the matron we nick named her two tablets i work in the paint shop thegardens and in the kitchen i was there when swimming pool got flnished as that was behind the kitchen some times we all walked over the hills and camped out …one of the teachers used to make us run around the field ten times if we didnot donas we were told in the dining room i do not know the teachers name but he was a big guy ..i know we all had to go over to the white house once a month and we all had to strip off down to our under wear to see the doctor and the nurse

          1. I have Been in hell All my life I have not moved on with ty mar school I just can’t let go of my past life of Hell I have Lost my Wife and kids i can not Let i cannot open up to anyone

    2. I was there 80 to 83 -4 can’t remember but fuck that place got a lot to answer to heroin addict now head fucked on pills to keep me calm didn’t think anything at the time thought that was my punishment for my shoplifting I was 12 when I was sent there .

  2. thankyou i just seem to have to find some where i can write memmorys down and how the have impackted on my life some days when im feeling low and need to channel the thoughts and feelings some where i find writeing them some where helps so much more than talking on times iv been throug the councoling and it has worktd for a short time but the thing that helped me most was the cognative thinking councilor that i had and i owe so much to him and the cpn that put me back together bit by bit and gave mt control of my life not perfect but so much better than it has been

  3. I was in Ty-Mawr approve school I carn’t remember the years I was their.But I do remember the head master it was Mr Ralph Taylor and a Mr Knocks his wife was the matron their.The Electrician was a Mr Lazarenco don’t think I spelt that right.I can remember Mr Taylor canning me without any pants on while the Deputy head held me over the chair so I could not move I was in pain for weeks after

    1. Yer really painful especialy when he ran from the other end of the office then struck u also when caned across the tips of u r fingers bruised very quickly still nothing as being bent over that chair and no boxers on and taking six whithout trying to cry because it would lead to another after taking the punisment i went into the games room next door to the office i had to sit on the window sill with my hands holding my arse up of the sill because the pain was really bad .and brusies just lines across the arse but they classed this as exepable wot can u do when u got animals like this looking after u call this being cared for by the system it was their way or their way and thats just a little anyway i could go on more it wasnt all the staff some where sound but some inmates probally got diffrent experiences with diffrent staff or should i say heavy handed monsters that where put in control of us anyway said just a little but i feel a tiny bit better now ive offloaded a bit call u r self carers when the goverment took u on as headmasters school teachers and so on u all know u staff who done wrong yo

      1. I was there and everything you said happened to me especially the bit about the games room next door brought it all back sometimes even the jam sandwiches we sometimes made ourselves before we went across to those strange out door dorms we had to sleep in that where never locked with hindsight perfect place foe kidnapping children….best time I had there was being aloud to go out for the day on a barge helping o a p get on off and make tea….a lot….best wishes to david fry and mr lips……also remember the farm wery well…..lots of dusty chickens and bacon that got pulled off a lot by the older boys well to all that lived and moved on….I hope you life as been just a memory

        1. Hiya I was there early 80s and hated it. I remember working on the canal which was great I worked on the farm to schooling was a joke I remember Mr Richards who would treat us like dogs would love to bump into him any way ta for sharing your story

    2. Yes the caning very painful across the tips of the fingers also across the arse bent over the chair with no pants on bad bruises never forget being looked after by monsters not all staff but the majoraty of u bastards u know who u are call your self carers more like bullies abusers and u paki alden nothing but a pedo

    3. DEAR MARC

      1. i was in school unit then parker unit then rowley unit also put in icu for absconding a few times for punishment the worse one was having to spend christmas in icu i think christopher darvell and another two boys made to watch scum on christmas day with paki alden and the other boys i was only 12 at the time right up paki aldans street sick bastard

      2. Hello Ritchie I remember you my name is Steven Davies dunno if you will remember me but we all went through a lot back in the day but at least that get Aldenham is dead

    1. paki alden, ralph taylor, byron llewellyn, glyn richards, chris phelan geraint grithish, frank cook, gerry stevens they played a big part of fucking my life up and this is 35 years later still live with the trauma the bastards put me through i do not have to say anymore bud

        Mr Denton Martin

          1. Hi Alan can u contact me please I need to know more about this my dad was there Timothy luke field he was there in the 70s please contact me my number is +447517941930 my email is krisfield1997@gmail.com

  4. I’m glad that you have found this place – even if it was through memories of a hell hole.

    1. u get treated better for murder in prison than u would in ty mawr i was put in there for some family probs not for stealing or robbing cars but the place has left a big scar on my life i done 4 years in that hell hole 35 years down the line taken 3 od that didnt work sufferd with PTSD had counselling seen cpn now my life is medication I don’t trust anyone anymore

      1. That as maybe, but you are still here, which makes you pretty strong despite everything doesn’t it?

        Sometimes you have to make leaps of faith, bit like J did with me. No one’s going to push you for your story or treat you like a 2nd class citizen around here, that I can promise.

        Amongst this circus, there are people who are only interested in the truth & seeing that Justice be done properly & for the proper horrors that were inflicted on people by real monsters is acknowledged & the state be held accountable for what they knew was going on, but ignored.

        The transference of shame back to where it belongs – NOT with survivors.

        People think this has been going on for 30, 40, 50 years, not so, I know it was going on 100 years ago in the 1st childrens homes & no doubt since time began – but the shame always lies with the people who have suffered the abuse.

        Time to change all that I think. 🙂

  5. These where people put in charge of looking after us let me tell you now u staff that have messed with a lot of peoples lives and u should not work with kids again we know who u are and u know who u are and the goverment paid u i will never forget ever the worst thing most of you live in a comunity that you haue convinced that we are in it for companstion not true you bullies and its all coming back to u so called staff or should i say monsters perveted bastards

  6. I was there from 1974 till about 1977 and I don’t know why but I just put its name in Google. I hated the place and most of my memory s have gone, or should I say had until I read the other comments. Before Ty mawr I was 13 weeks in crick house secure unit so ty mawr didn’t seem to bad, did it help me in a way it must have
    because I went on to Usk DC

    1. For six months and that place put me right so in the long run it made me who I am today A bitter person who hates authority. But not wanting for anything

      1. I was in ty mawr from 73-76 I first went to crick asesment centre in 72 for 6 weeks but ended up staying there for 11 months for absconding, then I was sent to ty mawr to Parker house where the housemaster was a bastard called mr Hewitt , he was a bully, then I was moved over to dorm 4 after about a year that’s when my problems of violent abuse from spud Taylor the headmaster started. I was in assembly one morning with a denim jacket on with three stripes on the sleeve as we did in them days, he lunged towards me screaming so you think you are a seargent do you trying to rip my jacket off me, then he dragged me out hitting my head against the door frame with dai Rees the deputy head following behind, no other house master or teacher said a word cos they all enjoyed the violence towards us vunrable kids , I was them dragged down the conference room for a good caning which was on my bare arse dai Rees held me down over a chair while Taylor the animal ran around the big table 6 times for a better shot, I left that place in 76 and went straight to eastwood park for 6 weeks then Portland then just kept on getting in trouble and visited loads of different institutions in England and Wales. I’m 55 now but still remember that fucking animal TAYLOR, and have been told he was doing his job. And I blame social services for not caring.

        1. Hi David I’m Mark Carter I don’t know if you remember me but I was in same institutions as you around similar times I have lot memory loss back then but if you reiceve this please get back to me I would like to catch up and talk to you about our past bad experiences

  7. I was in ty mawr for 3 years in late 70’s. I left on my 16th birthday november 1978.

    I was in Rheanfa remand centre near swansea for 6 weeks before going to ty mawr.

    I wasn’t abused while at ty mawr, not that I remember. I was in the main section, school we called it with dorms next to the main house.

    Come to think of it, Barrie Alden always watched us in the common shower block, the filthy bastard.

    I was treated fairly by the teacher we called budgie as his lips looked like one.

    Class was remedial and unlike most of the other lads the school couldnt teach me anything as I had more education than they could teach. As a result, just after 9am when the cook phoned over for 2 boys to work in the kitchen I was always sent.
    Peeling spuds, buttering loaves of bread and mopping the bloody canteen floors after lunch.

    I did extra for us starving lads too, Id steal more margarine to make the mashed spuds taste better and when Id bring the urn of hot chocolate to all the boys at morning break, it always had extra milk, chocolate unlike what I was given which had no fucking milk at all, just hot water.

    Ralph taylor had it good though I tell ya. Every week his wife would phone the kitchen with a food order for her and ralph which Id have to deliver to their house in a big basket. No friggen stewed tomatoes for their brekkie like we had, they had the best bacon, sausages etc.

    All came from the money alloted to feed us.

    There was a bloke there Jones I think. he had an ear ring and taylor saw it when we had assembly one day, went of his head and in front of us all ordered him to get rid of it or go home.
    Same bloke found some real old worn out boxing gloves one time and organised a couple of 3 round fights. I had a scrap with one lad who had been giving grief. I beat the crap out of him lol. he didnt bother me after that.

    The white haired preacher came every day for assembly and bought empty pipe tobbacco tins for us to put our tobbacco in.

    A couple of lads broke into the tuc shop that alden used to run.
    Bastard cancelled our weekend home. Missed my sisters wedding because of that.

    I know that for many boys that went to ty mawr, the experience was awful. I was sexually abused in rheanfa, not ty mawr. For every person, it’s a different story. Mine is that maybe ty mawr wasn’t the place I should have been in however, it was better than the life I was having at home with my mother and step father, beaten on a regular basis.

    Our memories can be painful, distressing ones that if you allow them to, they will consume every part of your life. If you can understand enough to know that it was in the past perhaps you can move forward.

    I did, I went to canada for 19 years, then Australia for 13 and just back in the Uk since March 2015 as I have a 13 yr old son that needs a decent education that Australia cant give him.

    A bit like me I suppose, 13 years old 40 years ago, no one was there to help me but 40 years on, I CAN help a 13 year old that needs help.

    Please, no matter your circumstance be there for your kids with an understanding heart, encourage them & be there for them.

    1. done the kitchen bit like u neil and like u i have never put a hand on any of my three daughters and never will now my youngest is 18 27 and 30 and couldnt do to them wot they done to me whilst in that hell hole

      1. me too through the fucking ceiling above only to realise when we dropped in we couldn’t get out because the celling to high for us to clime out…had it bad when Holden came he had mr curry come diciplin me and because I wouldn’t cry when he slapped me in pool room mad im mad and he belted the fuck out of me and called me a cold ginger basterd and that stuck all my life

        1. Was you one of the boys caned in the main gym in front of all the boys to make a example for robbing the tuck shop

  8. Dear lads, I need your help in solving my abuse at the hands of my father Bryan pritchard at Pen-y-Wern farm in Gilwern. Im sure my father was a TyMawr abuser . If any of you boys came to stay and ‘work’ at our farm. I was his eldest girl and i saw many of you pass through our farm for a week and dissapear. I know some of you came through TyMawr. I over a year ago was investigated by social services. my one child removed; on the testament of an ss worker who is friends with my father ?!! i havent spoken to my father for years. He died a few days ago. So we can all feel grateful theres another paedo rmoved from society. please get in touch if you can help me piece together what went on at our farm. please share this message , i ask because i cannot be the way to stay silent. i read all your comments. this fucks us up and robs us of who we truly are. are we really going to stay silent ? with you all in spirit , brave brothers xxx

    1. Hi Anni, I have your email address and will pass on any messages directly to you. For obvious reasons, many people do not want their personal details published publicaly.

      1. Andrew, I think I may have known you. I too worked on the potato harvest on some farm. I remember taking corn cobs from the next field and eating them raw. If I think about it I’d bet that either Taylor or other staff probably got kick-backs from the farm owner for the free labour they got.
        I was in dorm 2 then moved to dorm 1. I can recall so much about Ty Mawr, right down to the daily routines and even describe in detail the beds in the dorms. Dorm 2 had old steel hospital beds that were quite high off the floor while dorm 1 had lower steel beds that had the headboards and footboards enclosed with thin plywood, most likely installed by the woodwork shop (Mr Woods, a good man).
        Somewhere on the net another boy was mentioned that I also remember. His last name was Heffron and he was a bit challenged and had fits.
        I remember getting kitted out with new civvie clothes for weekends home. pair navy spanner pants, striped cheese cloth shirt and pair imitation leather platforms. Best gear I ever had to be honest even though it was shite.
        I remember xmas special meal for the local elderly. Only time the canteen was dressed up with table cloths. I was a server as I always worked in the kitchen.
        I recall the night watchmen. One was ok soft spoken and easy going, the other was a miserable bloke that had heavy breathing and didnt let us stay up watching tv.
        I was the only kid from Barry, maybe someone else remembers me. I actually went back the year after leaving for a night or two as I was one of only a few kids that sat GCSE english exam in ’79. Prior to that, Ty Mawr had no GCSE at all.
        Come to think of it, I had no preparation for the exam whatsoever but managed a grade 2 english cse !

    2. I am the eldest daughter of Denton Martin, he says he remembers how strict your father was and how well you and I got on. Please make contact, it would be nice to have a reunion soon.

  9. Barnyboy
    Reading this as brought back memories of my childhood.

    In 1969/70 When I was 12 went to crick house portskewett. Then to an assessment centre in Bristol then to Ty-mawr.

    At that time it was a boot camp, I soon settled in, the part I originally went to Dave Rees was the princible. I remember him having a black jaguar soon after being at Ty-Mawr i went to work with a Mr Bert Davies buildings department.

    I remember having an award off Sir Douglas bardda for being the most pollite pupil and having a duke of Edinburgh award also going away to north Wales to receive the DOE award. 2of us went and 2staff.

    After having these awards the abuse started. I recall the weekend away in north Wales cannot recall names but can remember one of the staff buying drinks and trying It on with me I remember threatening him with a glass I was only 12/13 at the time.

    On arriving back at Ty-Mawr I was given the finest hammering going always remember it (spud taylor & Reynolds deputy head I think fat chap) .

    Remember telling my social worker ( Jenny) she must have approached Spud Taylor I had another hammering.

    The physical abuse was now constant I started obsconding ending up in Eastwood Park.

    That place well and truly made me grow up. I’m now 59 but will always have those memories with me.

    Ty-Mawr at that time was run by thugs and paedophiles, they were a law amongst themselves.

    The ones who have gone to prison Will never have the sentence we had as kids, only kids we where.

    On spuds Taylor grave stone it says ( no more worries )
    Hope your in hell and your bully paedophile friends.

    Looking back why wasn’t anyone listening I told my social worker, i would very often obsconded i told people the reasons why but we where class as delinquents.

  10. Hi all , well I was at ty mawr from 83 to 87 today I have finally got everything out of my system thanks to a visit from South Wales police and a very hard video interview .. I was assaulted sexually by bastard paki Alden twice I was also physically abused by numerous people including that pock marked c..t Doggett.. as I say I finally got it all out today and hopefully now I can make progress with forgetting everything and moving on …. anybody else there from 83 onwards in rowley that would remember me or wanna talk my name was Tim Felton and I was the tallest lad there

  11. I was there between 63 till 66 when my best mate David burgess got raped by the headmaster and chinny wright fucking dirty bastards

    1. hi carl I was there 63 to 66 don’t remember eny boby getting abust by staf can’t remember u but was in dorm 4 remember staf by the namr withers if that’s to spell nhis name would all way make u to pull u’r short down to surch for tobacco never touch me me but don’t know wes he a pervert b hope u doing well mike welsh boy

    2. hi carl I was there 63 66 can’t remember u im now gowing on 69 still remember that shit hole the only one living between 3 and 4 dome was waiwrighth and think he was sond as a pond the only one I had to look out forv was withers he msde meb and oththers drop ower short troseses to look for tobacco. never toucht me me but all way looked had what we gat between the lages (meetand to veg )

        1. I was there early 80s peako was there I’m from port Talbot too he was in dorm 2 if I’m right he used to bother with a guy named ken remember the place well bast@rd hell hole full of bullies and perverted staff

  12. I was at ty Mawr 1968-72 I was 12 after I got there from Kingwood assesment centre I was so scared I was beat up on the first day by the older boys I was in dormatry 2 I was stabbed in my arm within the first week the staff just didn’t seem to care I was so afraid I started to wet the bed I was ridiculed in front of all the other boys by paki Alden he would stand watching me in the showering was never abused only verbally I was on edge when he was around most of the staff were ok except chinny and Randall they were nasty things got a bit better after I made some friends I still bare the scars of how I was treated 45years later but I don’t bedwet anymore we were all vunerable Yong boys and and we were let down by the system that should have protected us hey do you remember that ghost face on the garden wall black monk used to scare the crap out of me.


    2. Hi, Dewi I was in ty Mawr 1967-69 don’t know if you remember me. I was in dorm 1 yes I remember that fat bastard, Randall.made me and my mate Tony Murray do gym till we dropped and then made use have a cold shower and then back for more gym.and yes I do remember the black monk used to scare the crap out of me too. I think the best staff there were mister Gates and mister knock.

      1. hi i was in ty mawr too in i’m not sure of the date ???i was in some time form 1967 to 1970 my name is kevin . i know some of the teadchers name …the head master name was mr ralph taylor is nickname was spud i work on the farm and in the paint shop and in the kitchen and in the gardens too …the matron we nick named her two tablets lol i know we allhad to go over to the white house once amonth and we all had to strip off down to our under wear to see the doctor and the nurse

  13. i was at tymawr school from 1970 till 1972 and worked on the farm
    i think i was lucky i had no problems there paki alden was the only one with no respect for any one but himself

  14. I still can’t get my head around the fact that the headmaster Ralph (spud) Taylor has not been arrested for the abuse he inflicted on us young children . I got in touch with solicitors a couple of years ago and my reply was it was too long ago. So to ease my pain I’ve got to express my feelings by getting it off my chest this way, but it will never ever leave me.

    1. If you need to get in touch at any time, David, my email is on the site.

      I will gladly publish your story to the readers here, and to the wider world if you want it told.

    2. It’s not to long go and make a statement because I done 1abut my step dad moving me over 40yeats ago and the copper delt with him

    3. Just sitting here thinking about my youth, then suddenly Ty Mawr, popped into my head. Been long time since I thought of this place.

      last time was when, I had a knock at the door and it was Police, doing a investigation about the school, I told then what I knew.

      What can I say about my time that I spent at this School.
      To be honest this was a place that contained boys from all walks, from all over the country and different mix of social problems,

      Myself I had my own social problems.
      I was sent there when I was 13 years old 1975 – 1979

      I can remember on the drive to there with my social worker, Queen playing on the radio, Bohemian Rhapsody, I do remember when pulling up the drive seeing that big house. To be honest, I was worried and frightened, what was going to happen to me, once my social worker has gone.

      I was put into school unit, Dome 1 with 10 boys, my house Master was a big guy and a cider drinker and he had Alsatians his name passes.

      I can remember in the first couple of days being tied up strong up in the toilets this was part of Induction by the boys, depending how this went, this would leave you open to be bullied by others.

      I was there three-and-a-half years and in that time took some heavy beating from boys and staff.

      I think I gave a few back myself.

      Remember on a number occasion thinking back how you’ll be sitting quiet and waiting for spud, (headmaster) to make it entrance morning assembly, would come in, his fingers would be clicking then suddenly, you’ll be grabbed by the ear and flowed from one end of the hall to the other, then sent to his office where you get the cricket bat.

      I was in that line outside his office a number of times.

      They put me on the Farm work experience, which at the time I did not like. up early in the morning milking the cows feeding and cleaning out the chickens, work in the field, only time I did enjoy the farm was when we went picking potatoes and bringing in the Hayes got a bit of cash for that.

      What can I say did Ty Mawr play a big part in my life, yes it did,
      have I suffered yes, have I benefited no. Education. I went there I could not read or write and I left not reading and writing.

      I went there with anger issues left with more anger issues. within 6 months of leaving,I was in Usk DC, 6-months sentence for GBH, year and a half later I went to prison, and did four years of 6 years sentence,

      The prison sentence was the last time, I’ve never been back. In the end I found out, maybe the hard way, the only person that can help you is yourself.

      Since 86 I’ve gone on to achieve some wonderful an amazing stuff in my life, not saying it’s been all good but it hasn’t been all bad.

      The good, Natural qualification in youth mentoring, and community work,
      Diploma in social science, level 3 in teaching training, security and public licence holder

      The Bad
      People bringing up the past use against you, I’m not good on names memory not that good , I can remember what I liked and also didn’t not like, I remember how i enjoyed playing rugby and help setting up the team, did not like getting beaten up by most of the the staff in the gym after a game with Brynmawr.

      did enjoy being part of the army cadet and enjoying the Old Army Camp next door to Ty Mawr. enjoy going home on a Friday afternoon, but not coming back on the Sunday.

      Anyway thank you,
      For taking time to read this, and a place for me to to unload thank you wish you all the best and take care are especially in the times we are in stay safe.
      I’m not sorry about my spelling and grammar is it what it is.
      Stay strong

      1. And thank you for taking the time to post about your experiences and memories of your time at Ty Mawr, Stephen. It is so good to read that you turned your life around for the better, and are doing really well. Good luck. Jimmy

  15. Not being funny but I personally, had a great time at ty mawr from 1974-1976. sport, fishing even went shooting with Mr Digget. It helped me turn my life around, some of the house masters were a little over the top. But for fuck sake we were all naughty boys. I remember the police knocking on my door twenty plus years ago, nothing to tell them then and nothing now. Oh one thing there was one built , can’t remember his Christian name Vaughan From Pontypool.

    1. Hi Ray, thanks for your comment and I don’t think you are being funny as many lads had a great time in care, while some others had a really tough time. Bullies (Enforcers) were one of the biggest problems in care homes and every home/school/assessment centre had one.

      Welcome to the site by the way.

  16. I was at that shit hole my housemaster was jerry Steven’s. I got shit off the staff for being English. Byron llewelin. Ginger cunt always had it in for me.

  17. Hi I was at ty-mawr in 1960 I was there for 3 years I was never a bully but stood up for my self, My best friend chubby is nickname was from Birmingham, He absconded and went to Barry island where he went swimming and had a epileptic and died. I had my arse wacked a few times by spud Taylor It didn’t half hurt The Bastard. Taylor treated some kids abominably I was lucky I was never abused.
    I had a visit from the police some years ago to question me about Ty-Mawr.
    There was one teacher there called Garside He was a hateful bastard, He used to get hold of your sideburns and twist them laughing all the time Hope the bastard is in hell now.

  18. hello all. I was placed in ty mawr back in January 1990 and placed in Rowley parker. headmaster at time was mr c phelan. anyone else remember him? . I have recently made a subject access request with the council and today received a folder back off them but they have only provided information to which they say I am entitled to and I am already suspicious and i’m left wondering what is being kept from myself.

  19. Well, one thing that this place certainly failed to do was teach anyone here to spell, or use grammar correctly, just a thought, but that shows very poor teaching at a fundamental level, and that no one seems to care shows an even deeper level of failure.

    All the best guys, you can still go and get help with your spelling and grammar, it’s never too late to learn.

  20. I still have night terrors form to Mawr the ICU having special visits beat the fuck out when you kept running away if it wasn’t llueylen or curry or one of the day other basterd Charente it be one of the big lads thinking they were the days and there was a few of them coming was bad enough but when **** basterd slips you one after and still being held it adds to the shit I know it’s always going to be their and it will rear its ugly head I can only do my best

  21. What do you do when the night mares take over your life I thought when I gave evidence about the beast that would be closer for.me but it’s just a vicious circle gets worse as days go by I see them basterd in the street I hear them and that frightened little boy is back them can never pay the price for what they have done to me fucked my head up massive parts off my life and the fuckers are still in my head,

  22. I remember being here in the late 80s early 90s Karl Rushton if anyone remembers me I was in Rowley unit it was a bit rough around the edges there but I was a naughty boy the only thing I can say about the place the staff could handle things a lot better I remember refusing to play football I sent to the office I had my head banged against the wall apart from that never really so much but I knew it was there anyone remember ozzy he had atan tattooed on his forehead which was meant to be Satan

  23. I myself was not at Ty Mawr but a friend of mine was, his name was Norman Hobbs and I was wondering if anyone remembers him?, he would have been there in the 60s

  24. I was at Ty Mawr school in the early 80’s, my name is Terry Williams I have heard many stories of abuse towards the pupils of this sick school, however I can honestly say I never suffered at the hands of these horrible sick teachers, I am guessing they only singled out vulnerable children, I wasn’t vulnerable and my parents visited me every week so I figure they left me alone as I was a risk to their sick behaviour.

  25. Hello, my name is David sims and I was in ty-mawr in the early 1980s .Totally fucked me up, mentally, physically and emotionally, sexually abused, slave labour which was supposed to be work experience. I was twelve years old and worked for a plasterer and render mixing by hand with a plunging stick until my hands were bleeding with blisters. So many bad things happened to lots of people in this place. ALSO if you didn’t have a home to go to on the weekends you would have to go walking up the sugarloaf mountains, ffs .Chris Duval, Andrew croot ,Jimmy from parker unit .to name but a few. Paki Alden was a pedo and had a smelly bulldog and lived in the house at the entrance of the grounds. Mr Hewitt was in charge of parker unit at the time. Tried running away from there and always got caught and taken back to be dragged out of assembly by spud Taylor and caned slapped and punched in front of all of the other boys and teachers who were just as bad. I hope that everyone is ok and well that had to endure this hell hole .to be honest i am totally fucked up and have had to see a psychiatric doctor who is not much help to be honest.

    1. Hi David,

      My uncle, Barry John Dix was at Ty Mawr between 1980-1986, Do you remember him at all? He suffers with Dementia, So he can’t remember any names of anyone really but he has said he wants to get back into contact with some of the lads he was there with but because it was so long ago, Its hard to find contact

      if anyone else sees this comment and would like to contact me and Barry, My email is: brandonmaclennancv@gmail.com

      Hope everyone is okay

  26. That school messed up my life i have mental health issues because of that school i was the one that got that school closed down my mum passed away in 2013 she will be up there watching me

  27. Hi i was in Tymawr in 1960-63 I remember spud Taylor the evil bastard Hope he rots in hell He caned me once and missed he ruptured me i ended up in hospital for 2 weeks. Because i reported him while i was in hospitlal he beat the shit out of me when i returned.
    There was a few guys from Birmingham i remember Mickey Wilson, Tommy Douglas,,Peter Dyer And A guy who i got very friendly with called Podgy He did a runner and drowned at Barry Island.
    If anyone has been To Tymawr They know What hell is The was one member of staff called Garside He was a evil Bastard He would grab you by your sideburns and twist them as he lifted you up by them.
    while i was there i worked in the carpentry shop Withe a member of staff by the name Of Mr woods We worked on the building of the bungalow just outside the entrance. I am 74 now And still rmember that place like it was yesterday, Hope all you guys put it behind you as it will eat you up if you don’t

  28. I was there 1966 to 1968 ,all wot I have read I had it done to me and I will never forget it, remember the first time eyelets come in to my Dorm 3 told me to go with him to the old Farm ,that when it started. Martyn Bridges

  29. My name is Leon Brown
    Just came across this I was in Ty Mawr early 70’s think I left about 1972 (well I went home on home leave and never went back) I was contacted by by the police a few years back about this sexual abuse but as I never heard about it or saw it I thought I had no need to speak about it I was beat up a few times by the teachers but i just took it and carried on I remember running away one night and getting caught by the police we were took back and best up the Alden but when I look back to my time there I had many adventures luckily for me it didn’t Affect me like I read it did dome of you guys to be honest I enjoyed my time at Ty Mawr

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