An Open Letter to my stalker

“Dydd Sant Hapus Ddewi”

Dear Stalker,

I know that you will read this.

I know that you will because you watch everything I do, you have done so for more than a year now.

I have seen your latest attempt to silence me, trying yet again to intimidate me into keeping quiet, this time by targeting my wife and five year old child.

You have used their photographs, and even gone to the trouble of using editing software to disfigure the eyes (Enucleating) of your latest targets.

*Enucleators: Removing or ‘gouging out’ the eyes of their victims, is a rare trait (thankfully) of serial killers… and jilted teenage girls…. in case you are interested *

You delete your threats as soon as you post them, don’t you?

I guess you had not realised that there are many eyes on you now, you are the one being watched, every time you log on to Twitter, or troll the darker corners of the internet.

There are Journalists watching, some big hitters in both the mainstream and the alternative media.

Lawyers have taken an interest too, as have many ordinary, decent people who are appalled and sickened by your obsessive and disturbing behaviour.

They have seen your threatening Tweets and even read some of your blog, they have watched the series of creepy YouTube video logs you published, expressing a wish that I should be ‘Put Down’ too.

They are also very aware of your latest attempt to gain support and sympathy, by claiming ‘Alarm & Distress’ against somebody who stood up to you.


All are of the same opinion; that you are a sociopathic, obsessive and dangerous individual, and you have something you are desperately trying to hide.

So, why did you choose to target me?

Why do you continually harass my family and friends?

Were you worried that the truth was finally going to emerge at last?

The real story of Bryn Estyn, one which is a world away from what was written by the media and what the public think they know.

A lot of things have changed in 22 years, including many of the original accusations haven’t they?

You gave so many interviews to the media it must be difficult to remember what you said I would imagine, considering the things you have backtracked on and now say you were ‘misquoted’ in nearly every interview you gave.

So what was the truth?

Why didn’t you sue them, as you normally would?

After all, there were some damning revelations that were printed.

It would be hypocrital of you to continue bleating and complaining about things that are already in the public domain, like photographs you uploaded yourself for example;

Or media articles you willingly contributed to.

You really did not expect people to come forward after all this time did you?

It must have really angered you when they started speaking out I would imagine.

No longer children who were scared of you, but adults with clear memories, who still remember everything.

Voices that you had not heard before, who were not at Ewloe, who had not given testimony to Waterhouse, and more importantly, who were not part of the deception that you had helped put in place.

People who you had not been able to ‘persuade’ to reinforce the story you had constructed in order to prevent certain facts coming to light.

You thought you had ‘dealt with’ them all didn’t you?

Hadn’t you noticed that things have moved on now?

Information is so much easier to source these days, and although you have been very busy trying to delete all traces of your involvement, you obviously underestimated the tenacity of some good people, who flatly refused to be intimidated by you.


Decent people that you have gone to great lengths to silence, including getting them suspended from social networks, by enlisting the help of some equally nasty characters who, you were yourself publicly threatening only a few months previously.

You still like to issue threats don’t you?

It has also been noted how certain people you were especially vile towards, are now at your beck and call, hanging on your every Tweet and blog post.

A more suspicious person would think from their actions that they were party to your actions all along.

It’s a game to you isn’t it?

One, that by your own admission you have been ‘playing for twenty five years,’ and think of yourself as being quite the expert.

Did you play similar games with others, such as the boy you cruelly tormented at Bryn Estyn for many months, the one you proudly related to author Richard Webster, in August 2004, as being “Your Play Station”?

What an awful thing to say about a man who ended up taking his own life, allegedly due to what you and others, coupled with subsequent events, had done to him.

Do you need a reminder of what you did?

You must remember making him lick dirty ashtrays, eat earthworms, perform oral sex on a dog and forced him to sit on an upturned chair, the leg of which, entered his backside in what must have been a singularly painful and humiliating manner.

That is only some of what has been written about what happened to him, how much more did you put him and other vulnerable kids in the big house through?

He was petrified of you and your little gang wasn’t he?


The constant verbal goading and physical assaults, which ultimately made him ‘lose it’ on a regular basis, which you and your small group of cronies enjoyed immensely.

Most of the younger and weaker boys that entered Bryn Estyn, especially during your time as chief bully and Peter Howarth’s ‘Hired’ Muscle, lived in constant fear of what may happen to them.

(I did say ‘Hired’ muscle as even back then, everything you did would have cost somebody.)

Was that what you were worried about people finding out?

You must have known that there were books written which graphically illustrated your role.

Did you know that Bryn Estyn was known throughout the Welsh care system as a place ‘filled with perverts?’

That was long before the accusations were made public.

Lads that came back to south Wales shared their experiences of how the bullies ran the place.

Lads that witnessed the activities and know what happened.

Keeping the younger boys in line with beatings, fear and intimidation, making them do the most unspeakable things for the bullies pleasure.

Do you remember?

Because they certainly do.

You really tried hard to dissuade people from asking questions, didn’t you?

What were you so afraid of?

You were more than happy to spill your guts to the media, looking dutifully sad, you gave more than 200 Interviews in all didn’t you?

You must remember that?

You were worried enough to write to Paul Foot, at Private Eye Magazine, to whom you expressed great personal concern about ‘charges being pressed’ against you.

What was the reason you were so concerned about being prosecuted?

Hadn’t you been telling anyone who would listen, that you were an abused child, a poor, defenceless victim of the north Wales care homes?


What specific incident in particular, out of the numerous acts of cruelty, abuse and beatings you personally inflicted on smaller, weaker and vulnerable children, caused you to fear the possible consequences?

Could it have been that there were lads in Bryn Estyn who ‘softened up’ some of the weaker boys who were then selected for something even worse?

Were you worried about people finding out about that?

You were not worried about killing that lad’s pet Budgerigar though, were you?

The one that the staff purchased for him to compensate for the awful home life and social isolation he had endured, before his arrival at the big house.

Because they felt sorry for him.

You didn’t though did you?

The same bird you conveniently forgot about when being interviewed by the author Richard Webster, but somebody remembered didn’t they?

How else could he have been able to include the incident in his book?

Because you certainly did not tell him.

So what was it that you were so concerned about?

You remember what happened to that boy you humiliated and brutalised at Bryn Estyn though, I am certain of that.

Did he grow up into the man who attempted to kill you in the latter part of 1989?

You must rememebr with clarity the day he came to your squalid flat in Napier Square, Wrexham, armed with a large knife, with the intention of exacting revenge on the person he knew played a large part in destroying his childhood.

You barricaded yourself inside then didn’t you, getting inside the wardrobe cowering in fear?

You still bear the scars across your face as a lasting reminder.

Did you experience the same feeling of terror and helplessness that you had inflicted on others, right there in your own home?

And true to form, you then called the police to protect you from a man half your size, armed with a large blade and years of pent up hatred of you and what you did to him.

You even made a claim for compensation against him, didn’t you?

Even after your testimony sent him to prison.

You must remember that.

It’s always about your need for revenge and cold hard cash isn’t it?

You always needed to blame somebody or something for what you did.

Cowardly and disgusting behaviour given the circumstances that led up to those facial injuries being inflicted on you.

A better man would have accepted it as being long overdue, a decent man with a conscience and sense of decency would have at least.

Not you though.

As immoral and utterly devoid of common decency as you clearly are.

You can make up any story you want to justify your actions, continue to play your ‘victim card’ for as long as you like, but it does not absolve you, neither does it make what you say the truth –  or make it right.

It never did.

And it never will.

It’s not just me you have stalked either is it?

You have a long history of creepy behaviour, harassment, bullying and attempting to intimidate people you see as a threat.

People who see exactly what you are.

People who know the truth about you.

Weren’t you the first person in the UK to be charged under newly introduced Stalking laws?

The story made it into the Independent newspaper, on the 14th of May 1998 I believe.

It’s in the public domain, just an online search away.

You were ‘charged’ with printing and distributing 400 leaflets to inform people there was a ‘Paedophile’ living in their village.

You were quoted as saying that it was ‘your duty to inform people,’ but again we only have your word for that, as it’s not the only time you have accused an innocent person of being a sex offender is it?

You recently posted online that I too was not only a paedophile, but also a ‘Convicted’ wife beater, my children were ‘in physical danger from me and should be taken into care’ and that my wife ‘enjoyed threesomes with our five year-old son!’

You were too much of a coward to use your own name though weren’t you?

So you will have to forgive me if I would rather believe any one of those people who have been unfortunate enough to meet you, and also found you to be an arrogant, bullying and compulsive liar with zero credibility.

Here is a very recent media article for you to think about, from the Daily Mail. LINK

NOTE:**Richard Webster did not believe your stories either did he? He was at a loss to understand why, the bully boy of Bryn Estyn had later teamed up with someone who was known to have hated him, despised him enough in fact, to try and kill him, only a few years after leaving care. He also found it unbelievable, that the previously bullied man had made a statement to the police on the 6th of January 1992, which directly contradicted an account he made a year previously. One which now alleged a harrowing story of abuse by a certain staff member, as opposed to the earlier account he narrated that Bryn Estyn was, ‘the best place he had ever been in’.**

36 thoughts on “TO MY STALKER

  1. Another good piece there Outlaw.
    It has to make you wonder what sort of woman would want to be with this idiot, is she some kind of simpy wimpy under control female or is she the one encouraging and telling idiot boy what to do? Personally I think it’s the latter and the old saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’ are apt in this case.
    I expect idiot boy will give a reply on his little ‘ramblings of an idiot boy’ blog, nobody will read it though because nobody gives a shit really, I imagine that’s the story of his whole fabricated and pathetic existence and therefore his ever ‘neediness’ to be in the limelight – but then that’s Leos for you and we all know about the cowardly lion on the Wizard of Oz don’t we? Knowing this freak of nature, he’d probably prefer to dress up as Dorothy though. Gotta love a bit of Judy Garland to bring out that inner feminine side eh?

    1. Aye. I am fully expecting a response of some type.

      The ‘Cowardly Lion’ description is very fitting in this instance.

  2. Having read this I am convinced that this “individual” should be in Broadmoor or Rampton for the rest of his life.And the part where he appears to have “turned” a victim into a supporter indicates an extremely cunning & manipulative sociopath.If I were one of his neighbours I would DEFINITELY want to know all about him,especially if I had kids, & I’d want to be well-armed & constantly on my guard as well,because there’s no knowing where his obvious insanity will be directed next.

    1. There is nothing in that comment I would disagree with..

      The sooner people come to terms that there are indeed individuals like this masquerading as ‘victims’ the easier it will be to get to the truth.

  3. I wonder that a lot too Mildred, along with how did such a pair get to work with kids? especially after 1 of them had a job offer rescinded because THANKFULLY the authorities don’t always get it wrong & after checks were made they quite rightly ran a mile from employing the gutless BEBBA – phew! A VERY wise decision that they should actually be commended for. I didn’t understand why an innocent person would be turned down for a job at the last minute because of the Ian Huntley case, that really didn’t make any sense. Hmmm I do now.

    I also wonder how the Solicitors managed to so blatantly defraud the Mirror for £10k at the bequest of the BEBBA when his testimony in the Waterhouse doesn’t match his bleating about the Mirror lying. They surely must have known all about him? Old adversary of Private Eye, bet they’d have a view on how that may have happened. Re-enforces my view on British Justice – it doesn’t actually exist. A perfect example of why.

    And the BEBBA is another con man that a certain failed councilor and re-blogger has touted as the real deal to anyone who is daft enough to listen. Partner in slime. Up to his neck in it, with all his little bit part players.

    It is a great relief to know that this little team of shysters will never be able to con the public ever again. Really is a great feeling!. I think some people have ridden off the backs of genuine abuse survivors for way too long & I am only amazed that they actually managed to get away with it all, which throws up even more questions.

    P.S. No dogs were set alight in the making of this comment. Some people should be banned from having animals for life and kids for that matter.

    1. Actually,Jane, there is info on the net that strongly suggests that
      Huntley was “fitted up”,& that the real killer was a US serviceman who was
      stationed at the base near which the bodies were found.But at the
      time,Blair wanted to drag us into the Iraq war,so the “inconvenience” of
      charging a US serviceman for such a high-profile double murder had to be
      quashed.Try googling”was ian huntley innocent of murder” & see what comes
      up.& many years later a Rampton spokesman claimed/boasted to one of the
      broadsheets that they had techniques which could plant false ideas into
      someones mind.& Huntley was kept at Rampton for quite a while which is virtually unknown for someone with no prior history of mantal illness.Things that make you go hmmmm………….

      1. I used the Huntley case as that is the reason the victim jockey actually gave in a newspaper interview in which he stated the reason why the job offer was rescinded – he was turned down because of the Soham murders. It didn’t make any sense then, but it surely does now!
        I know about the doubt about Huntleys guilt and the suspicions of who really did it and absolutely nothing would surprise me. Nothing is ever as it seems. However, there is absolutely no doubting this particular con artists guilt, much of it ‘in his own words’. Never the same story twice, but in his own words.

        1. Sorry,I didn’t know that you knew about the Huntley fit-up.I would further say that there was a financial journalist named Christopher Storey,who,until his suspiciously convenient death a couple of years back,wrote regular pieces on his “”.In one of these he stated that sources told him that for dragging Britain into the Iraq war,Bush gave Blair a pay-out of 100 million dollars into a bank in Belize in former British Honduras.
          Probably been “laundered” to appear hidden but legit by now.
          So,fit-up Huntley for 100 million?.You can just hear the chink of the cash register,can’t you?.

  4. Shocking. But not surprising. He can neither run nor hide now. Your courage is immense Outlaw.
    There is a positive in this – you are (or will be seen as) one of the few who have cut through the bullshit. And continue to do so at personal risk.
    You will win. So much respect from me and the many people I’ve told about you.

    1. Well said CG! I suspect our friend will play it down because that is the sort of bloke he is. Forever underestimating his bravery, courage and worth (but not getting away with it The irony is, if a certain big mouthed, greed driven liar had kept his trap shut and remained in the shadows & not decided to brush the cobwebs off his victim jockey saddle & try to destroy the wrong man this time, no one would have been any the wiser, there’d have been no reason to find out just who he was.
      Cocky & arrogant, but none too clever.

  5. Some bully’s need either victims or followers to remain a bully and sometimes bully’s run out of both and that time for this bully it appears is now. Stay strong Outlaw and if you and your family want and/ or need support then you know how to get in touch.
    Big GC

  6. In the last 10 minutes I’ve had messages two from Outlaw supporters.
    Don’t see that from Prickblog’s rather pathetic 743 followers on twitter.
    People aren’t vocal about it because they’ve seen what happens when Outlaw gets public support. But the message is clear – Prick & Psycho are just that. Sad sack of shit screwing a burst balloon.
    It’d be nice if we (me included – sincere apologies, but I have reasons, sorry) could show as much fearlessness as Outlaw has done – but it’s difficult for many. But never forget, Jimmy, you are a serious hero.
    You’ve said many times before that you won’t give up. Can’t really put into words how much that means to the many survivors and truth seekers.

    1. Thanks for that, but I am no hero, I just need to truth to be known.

      There are too many people who have waited far too long to be heard/listened to and taken seriously.

      Also, there are indeed “Too many people with too much to hide,” and that is now beginning to change.

  7. What did I say? hahaha. Time to accept the well earned respect my friend.
    It’s all a bit of a mess isn’t it? Even the Needlepricks pretend Psychologist friend has been suspended from Twitter. Dark forces working against it or just peoples disdain at being duped by an alleged mental health supremo who advertises it’s services with well out of date photos of it slithering around the carpet in it’s undercrackers? Hmmm very professional. What would St Mary say? You’re fired? Should have stuck to the circus act, think it suited better – roll up roll up see the bearded lady.
    As for it’s little Needleprick friend, his Mrs must be well used to failure by now.

  8. Your stalker = my rapist Jimmy. Not many seemed to believe me when I said this at the time on Twitter 2012. Stalker said he outed himself on Twitter, he didnt, I did. I wonder if anyone has seen the police documentation on stalkers blog via him being involved with child gang rapists and he was the child on top of the little girl when caught? He himself put that documentation on there for all to see. Does anyone remember me mentioning the Bulger killers and how certain evil children can do incredible harm to other children? Do any of you even remember me on twitter?
    I never lied about this evil man, I was always telling the truth. My life is now in tatters. Stalker never gives up until he has ground you to a pulp. I’m all puled out but found the strength to comment, I’m glad I did, please don’t forget the stalker started his evil reign when he was a child and he is still free, still walking the streets, I spend my days cowering inside my home in tears, too scared to go out because I know they are out there and they want me silenced. Please keep fighting Jimmy, please. He recently uploaded a YouTube video of a quiet deserted dock, there are people he wants to drown there if he hasn’t already. Am I next? Are my children next. That video is another of his cryptic threats, please go and watch it. Can you blame me for not going out? One day you will all see I was always telling the truth. Why on earth would the Needleblog support this evil man, I told him years ago what stalker was & now he appears to be supporting him, along with other Twitter CSA campaigners that I once trusted. There is no one left to trust, not a single soul.

    1. Yes I remember you SP.
      Others do too.
      Great post from Jimmy. Harrowing content and yet still not the full story, as there is so much evil to tell of this sickening individual. I look forward to the day when this story can be told in full and hopefully it will be soon.
      Keep going Jimmy, we are behind you.

      1. I think we all do. We all remember his response too.

        He has admitted being a ‘Bully’ he just stopped short of elaborating on what that ‘bullying’ entailed.

        Only a matter of waiting to see if his latest allies still defend him, which will show exactly what they really are too.

  9. SP, you cannot and must not live your life in fear of this piece of crap, that’s what he wants, nay he expects. I have seen the documents you refer to, it doesn’t matter because for all anyone knows he’s got an old typewriter somewhere which enables him to fabricate documents to support his fairy tales. That’s all he is, some pimped down pantomime villain. An actor, a blaggard and all round scoundrel.
    It’s a pity he’s such a knobhead really because had he chosen a better path in life he might well have made a career from his talents, I imagine running away to join a circus would have been right up his street.
    Instead what does he have? He’s the woman of the relationship and in order to keep in touch with his male hormones he relies upon being a bully because let’s face it, nothing else about his life speaks ‘I’m a man’ does it?
    He’s all about psycho-trickery. Like the *cough* criminology degree, I think the only thing he learnt on that course is the word ‘evidence’ I’m surprised he didn’t buy a fake degree in psychology, he could then flounce around pretending to be something else he’s not, “Look into my eyes, not around my eyes, but look into my eyes, one, two, three and you’re back in the room”

  10. SP I think it was more of a case of no one trusting someone who was hand in glove with Janet & co at the time. She/they never rang true from the start, so anyone who was in cahoots with them was naturally suspicious and have since been proven to be fakes and frauds.
    We all saw you call that person a rapist several times on Twitter but he did not call the Police several times a day/week/month to have you arrested, but opted to set an innocent man up for the same – but then it was obvious he was bricking it that his career at being a BE victim jockey con artist was on the rocks, so maybe that was more of a threat to him? The big meal ticket up in flames?
    I believe his little partner in slime knows exactly what he is, as he did with Chris Fay & his little friend the pretend psychologist (who appears to insist on reminding everyone she’s a MILF, although people may not agree if she actually put up a recent pic instead of a decade plus out of date one?) and any other con merchants he’s enlisted on his team. Wonder what his next heavy investment will be? A hair net for when he ends up shoveling chips in Maccy D’s perhaps? Which I suspect is far more akin to his ‘talents’ and ability.
    If you are living in fear of certain people SP, you should perhaps contact NW Police and tell them about it? They are already aware of threats made to others by the same person.

  11. SP, Why is it you were never arrested after calling a certain person a rapist on Twitter?, Yet My Husband has ended up on bail until May.

    You say “Please keep fighting Jimmy”, or do you just want him to do your dirty work for you??

    If you are living in fear, then report it to NWPolice.

  12. Dear oh dear. Comes to some desperate measures to save that heavy investment when a certain failure has to leave comments on it’s own blog about sordid Savile revelations to keep that heavy investment going.
    No one other than a con artist would trust that particular toad with their private info – think that’s pretty obvious by now. Keep dreaming conman jam!

    johndavie (@johndavie4)
    March 1, 2014 at 10:22 pm
    Do you want to know about Savile paying a cop off after he caught Savile and I in a car having oral sex. Do you want to know about Savile being involved in the murder of a young boy. Do you want to know where Savile kept something that belonged to me and a film he made of me and a down syndrome girl (5 years old) an older girl 2 other men and a woman, and much much more
    March 2, 2014 at 2:25 pm
    Have you talked to the police ?
    You are making very serious allegations that should be investigated
    Contact me direct at and we can discuss this in complete confidence and I might be able to help move this forward in an appropriate way.

    1. I do not believe a word of it OG.

      It is a police matter so should not have been published publicaly. The commenter should have been contacted privately in my opinion.

      My guess is that it is just another attempt at an ‘exclusive’ (bigger than Waterhouse perhaps) to generate some much needed hits for the blog and gain some credibility.

      Time will tell I guess, but I would be surprised if anything came of it.

      As evidence, it is now almost useless as it’s been made public as the blog admin is well aware of.

  14. Hmmm maybe I’m not as subtle as a house brick after all? (Shhh don’t you dare Mr Jones!)
    Someone far more ‘cleverer’ than I pointed out an anomaly on the original version of that message you pasted GC. Wonder if you will see it too?

  15. I wouldn’t have noticed any difference/anomaly since I’m not as clued-up as you about this character.
    or his agenda.Or at least I wasn’t until I came across this site.
    I DID visit his blog quite regularly until recently.Since CSA is something I’ve thankfully never suffered,it’s a thing I’ve really only come to know about since reading about it on the net,& of course the dump-truck of worms that opened up after the Savile death did lead me to his blog,among others.If I go to his site now,I’m forwarned about what he is,so I read it differently.Over the years of surfing,you get to learn of sites that have an “agenda” or a “third rail” that isn’t too obvious at first.Then,as you learn more you see that there are certain topics & links that they steer clear of.Often another blogger will point them out.e.g.Henry Makow has a huge amount of valuable info from obscure sources about the Illuminati & NWO,but never questions the official holocaust story.Free Republic rages against the decline of America,but never allows any criticism of the massively distorting Jewish influence in America or US support for Israel.Jeff Rense won’t publish anything that suggests that Fukushima was anything but a tragic set of coincidental occurrences.Just a few examples.

    1. This site tends not to focus on nor concentrate exclusively on CSA issues OG.

      I have found such such sites border on the obsessional and I find that both unhealthy and self – defeating.

      The websites you have mentioned above are well known within the AM and enjoy large readership, even though, as you have pointed out, they have an clear agenda.

      I tend to concentrate on what so-called ‘truther’ sites ‘Do Not’ write about, as that is usually the giveaway as to where their loyalties lie.

      I must admit I am curious about your opinions in regard to this site 🙂

  16. O.K.Your site is very wide-ranging in the topics it covers.It’s your personal site.It contains “stuff” that you deem worthy of mention,often utterly obscure bits of history,
    I know from what you have written that you started this site as a form of what I think is called “catharsis”,to try to make sense of your particular situation.,about which I know nothing.However you must also understand that as soon as you start up a site,you became international,whether you wanted to or not.The “Daily Mail ” is a good example.Why do they run so many US & Chinese & other foreign stories?.Because they’re in the top 100 of the most visited sites.So.back to your site;
    Often,I encounter a link which doesn’t “jibe” with any of your current or recent postings.Do you mind if I post it?.E.G.your post about your stalker.I have a link about peanut oil in vaccines & the suspected “peanut allergy”.You’ve done vaccine posts in the past,but this link is not compatible with your current posting.My attitude is that it’s your blog so you decide.If you want,I’ll do it,if not,I won’t.I’m not waiting breathlessly for a reply.In fact in 7+years on the net,I’ve never sent an e-mail.Nor have I ever bothered with Facebook,Twitter,MySpace or any of the other “social networks”.I’ve just been seeking information which will help me understand why the world is in the state it’s in.
    Sort of like yourself but not so personal.If you want your site to be a little more wide ranging,I am happy to post stuff & links,but I notice that at the very least you do not jump down the throat of someone who posts something that suggests that you might be in error,or attack the “little guys”,unlike another truther poster,who shall remain unnamed.Not that I in any way dispute the honesty or integrity of that truther.It’s just that,to me,if you’re a truther,you attack the rich,powerful & perverted.You do not EVER attack the utterly obscure &,above all,poor “little guys”,unless you can show that they have been willing & knowing servants of the aforementioned.And you do not attack someone who has to deal with a system & a country that you don’t really know about.So,thats how I see your site.I’m currently in the midst of sorting out my 7 years of downloads & it looks as though I’ve amassed over 30 gigabytes of data,which I hope to make quickly searchable.Meanwhile,the only sites I comment on are yours & “thetapblogspot”,Both allow wide-ranging comments.”Tap” recently got a massive apology from a poster who checked & found that “Tap” was right & the poster was wrong.”Tap” said,in effect,Yup,we can all make errors,or words to that effect.No angry slagging off,no sneering,etc.That’s my kind of site.Just like yours.& now,I’ve rambled enough.Time to bring this to an end!.

  17. Big respect to you for not backing down and showing this cowardly freak that he is the one with the real problems

  18. Much respect to you Outlaw for dealing with your stalker in the way you have. I am a survivor of gang stalking so I have some experience of how devastating the effects can be.

  19. Is this guy the same creep that has just been charged by the Met with stalking a woman JJ?

  20. I fully commend your bravery mate a a tough read that, the truth always is. Thanks for sharing this and thank you for all that you do and for your ongoing genuine Support for others. Truly a man who will not be beaten in to submission. This explains a lot as to why people have unfollowed me since I’ve known you. Shit bags of the highest order. Peace x

    1. Thank you Danny, I sincerely mean that, and if you hadn’t already guessed by now, I only back winners and those with the truth on their side. That is why you have, and will continue to have my support, admiration and respect, not only for what you do, but for you as a person. Bless you my friend.

  21. Dam! Thats a tragic story, Hats off to you for not giving up on truly awful battle. And as you said yesterday hopefully it will remain in the past and that you can keep moving forwards. We don`t choose these fights but we can accept them and continue to fight them until all can see them!

    1. Hi Wayne, thanks for your comment, and you are right in what you say that we don’t choose these fights, but neither can we allow those who make people’s lives hell win.

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