Today’s publication of an amended version of the Macur Report, which investigated the deeply flawed Waterhouse inquiry into Child Abuse in North Wales Children Homes, and which was first published in a heavily redacted form during March 2016; has revealed that ex-North Wales police chief Gordon Anglesea, was in fact being investigated by the force with a view to his being prosecuted for child abuse, but the Crown Prosecution Service decided against it.

This latest version of the report also adds weight to the persistent claims from witnesses, that incriminating images that showed Anglesea being involved in illegal sexual activity had actually existed, and had been subsequently destroyed.

North Wales child abuse review now names Gordon Anglesea

A former senior police officer jailed for indecently assaulting boys has been named in a revised version of a judge’s review of an inquiry into abuse of children in North Wales.

Gordon Anglesea’s name had originally been redacted from Lady Justice Macur’s report published in March 2016.

Welsh secretary Alan Cairns said his conviction and death meant there was “no reason” to keep his name secret.

Exceptions have been made to prevent identification of victims or witnesses.

Lady Justic Macur had reviewed the £13m Waterhouse inquiry into child abuse amid concerns that although it found “appalling mistreatment” of children over 20 years its remit was too limited.

Her review found no evidence of alleged historical abuse by prominent figures.

Anglesea, a former North Wales Police superintendent from Old Colwyn, was convicted in October 2016 of indecently assaulting two boys.

Ex-North Wales Police Chief Gordon Anglesea pictured outside his home in Old Colwyn, North Wales. Pic courtesy of the NorthWales Daily Post

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison, dying in jail in December 2016 at the age of 79.

Welsh Secretary Alan Cairns told MPs on Tuesday in a written statement:

“In light of Gordon Anglesea’s death there is no reason for his name to be redacted, except where there is any risk that victims, witnesses or other individuals might be identified. I have therefore laid a revised version of the Macur Review Report with references to Gordon Anglesea reinstated except where an ongoing risk has been identified. The other redactions in the report remain.”

Prosecution dismissed

The newly-published, partially unredacted version of the report shows thar North Wales Police had wanted to prosecute Anglesea some years previously, but the Crown Prosecution Service decided against it.

Lady Justic Macur said that the decision not to prosecute may have deterred witnesses from coming forward to give evidence to the Waterhouse inquiry.

The report also reveals that one witness believed pictures depicting Anglesea involved in illegal sexual activity had been destroyed.

Lady Justice Macur also investigated his links to Freemasonry and whether that had led to a cover-up.

However, she concluded that “considerable efforts were made in pursuit of evidence against Gordon Anglesea” by the Waterhouse inquiry and that she found the investigations into Freemasonry were in accordance with the weight of evidence before the tribunal.

A UK Government spokesman said:

“The Secretary of State for Wales is committed to ensuring that there is as much transparency as possible around the incidents that took place in North Wales since the 1970s. The redactions in the initial Macur report were made in line with advice received from Lady Justice Macur to protect victims, witnesses and ongoing criminal proceedings. The amended report published today removes redactions relating to Gordon Anglesea, except where there is a risk that victims, witnesses or other individuals might be identified.”


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  1. So, basically, just more flannel about the earlier flannel…
    Good to see the CPS (Cops Protection Service) did another fine job though.

    1. I think the alleged choice for the current child abuse inquiry panel would appear to back that up Phil.

      Imagine if a defender/associate/fellow child abuser of Paedophile FREEMASON ex NW Police Chief were to be put on such a panel.

      That’d never happen would it?

  2. This may turn out awkward for the people who have been defending Anglesea on Twitter and elsewhere but at least the truth is slowly coming out now and people will get a clearer picture of what was really going on

  3. Why aren’t any of the self-styled ‘Big Hitters’ in the Alternative Media supporting Brian Harvey and his evidence Jimmy? Because they are all as fake as fuck and are all in it together with the media and the establishment thats why!


    1. Michael
      Cracking vid from Brian Harvey explaining just how his current troubles came about – a real eye-opener. He has a near photographic memory, backed by solid evidence.
      It’s hard to see how those named can explain their actions in any other way than he does.


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  5. Reality check!

    “… we will not be cowed by the terrorists that, we will carry on with our lives as usual,” (Theresa May, 22nd December 2016)

    “We know the threat from Islamist terrorism is very real. But while the public should remain utterly vigilant, they should not – and will not – be cowed by this threat,” the Prime Minister told MPs. (Theresa May, 23rd May 2017)

    “He also echoed similar sentiments to the Prime Minister, arguing that the UK must not allow “fear or the voices of hatred to divide or cower us”.” (Jeremy Corbyn, 23rd May 2017)

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    Meanwhile, in a parallel universe…


  6. Heads up Jimmy mate. from what I can see on Fakebook Fakebooka le Rat and Toxic Melanie have had a huge fallout. He is blaming you as usual talking his usual bollocks about you working for the police 🙂 I have no idea what’s occurred but it ain’t pretty as that lot will turn each other over in a second PMSL. I have mailed you the whole convo ……… enjoy!

    1. I did wonder when that would happen. I knew it would at some point, but like I say I don’t keep tabs on them and could not care less about what they say or do – unless they pose an immediate threat to my family or friends.

      1. He is having a pop at Doggieman and some other guy I think may be Spivey. Have a look


        1. He is still stalking the comments on this site it took him two minutes to respond to my comment he is still adamant that this is a police site too HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

          Poor bastard needs serious help

  7. Most of the lads at BE knew what Anglesea was like we used to laugh about it. Everybody in Wrexham knew

  8. IMO, If you have been abused, don’t waste your time with legal madness and disappointment. Instead get yourself a weapon and sort it out yourself, because plainly the law isn’t working. The legal profession and the police will not help you once chiefs of police and high ranking politicians are involved. Those in the force who do want to pursue these abusers, their hands are tied. We have seen this time and again.

    Passing laws to prevent children speaking out about those who are abusing them? Those who passed this law need gaoling or worse.

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