There will be very few words to accompany this post for obvious reasons, but regular readers of the Outlaw will be only too aware of the significance of the following Tweets ….

They relate to breaking news about an issue which maybe, just maybe, also finally mark the beginning of the end of a recurring nightmare; not just for me and my family – but also for the large number of people that have been adversely affected.

Twitter 1


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24 thoughts on “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN

  1. Oh dear! Mr. Daring Lavatory has a legal problem – involving a WOMAN!! This will be fun. (He’s a great friend of the Spiv, you know).

  2. may i just say DOGMAN is a liar. he has accused me of making 18 attempts to post over on SPIVEY.. AN ABSOLUTE 100% untruth. i stopped posting over there once they started abusing their position and posting comments in my name which they had made up.that alone says a lot about them.. i keep visting for amusement value.

    1. I could have told you that a few years ago Richard. It has been about that long since I saw a factual comment posted over there.

    1. The Outlaw will be hanging back on this latest ‘Worldwide Citizen Investigation’ OG. After the Hollie Grieg and the Hampstead Hoaxes, it may prove a wise move to not attach ones horse to that particular wagon just yet.

      1. A hoax started by a member of PIE which is why Pizza (PIE) is the key word bandied about.

        Kinda like KITTY stood for Keep It To Yourself, but evolved with time.

        1. JenJen. Trust me. I’ve been following “Pizzagate” since day one. It ain’t a hoax, & P.I.E. in Britain has absolutely NOTHING to do with it.


    Can somebody please explain why finding that porno interview video with this woman repulsive is somehow seen as stalking/harassment and even illegal (lol!) as she keeps claiming…

    That video of her boasting about Ian Watkins, incest and taking drugs is HER WORDS!

    Yet every time that video appears online she actually called 999 to report it!

    What actual crime is being committed?

    Any why the hell are so many in the truth movement supporting her?

    1. The only people in the AM who are openly supporting her are also the ones who are lobbying on a number of platforms to not only get Paedophilia recognised as a ‘Sexual Orientation‘, but are working very hard to even make it legal and therefore ‘Acceptable‘.

      80% of the so-called ‘Truth Movement‘ are as part of the establishment as the politicians and the Civil Servants are.

      They have agenda’s, but none that will benefit those they claim to speak for.

      That is now beyond question.

      Beware of wolves who come as lambs

      1. No, this is not the case. Im talking about for a start the fools on the David Icke Forum, Chris Spivey and everyone who posts on his site, Danielle La Verite, Kim Hollingsworth and countless others who have jumped up over the past few years to defend this vile women.

        Not only did the press openly write about a video recording of her and Watkins having sex and engaging in talk about kidnapping children (and killing them) also about them planning a baby together and abusing it.

        She of course later dismissed all this as just fantasy talk in order to “gather evidence against him” and for some bizarre reason the jury swallowed this!

        Now the very important part.

        YES it is correct she was found NOT GUILTY.

        But that was only on charges of possessing child pornography.

        She was not charged with.

        1.Making a video boasting about child incest, taking drugs,Flying to Los Angeles to meet a paedophile (Ian Watkins), filming him with a transexual, drinking his urine etc.

        2. Making a “paedo talk” video with Ian Watkins and in amongsts the conversations to turn each other on spoke about

        1. kidnapping children
        2.murdering children
        3.having sex with horses
        4.having sex with dogs
        5.having a baby together and then molesting it.

        the list goes on……. and is all out there in the public domain since it was reported in every national newspaper.

        However….. for some strange reason, planning to kidnap, molest, abuse and then MURDER children is somehow not seen as a crime?

        Yet. I put it to you……

        If this had been a muslim couple boasting about wanting to blow up a school or whatever while having sex they would BOTH be in jail right now and both keys thrown away….

        Or am I somehow missing the big point here?

        Just what exactly is acceptable in her behaviour?

        What is it that makes her “a hero” and “a saviour of innocent children” ?

        Calling the police when your cocaine has worn off and the sheer guilt has kicked in is not an excuse for such vile beahviour.

        (And the cocaine taking has also been in all national press)

        But anyway. Somehow pointing all this out… and not to mention that vile video interview that has again been online in recent weeks… is somehow seen as STALKING, HARRASSEMENT, ILLEGAL, etc?


        Help me to understand the logic behind such thinking.


        1. Personally, I cannot understand the logic behind such thinking as my brain is simply not wired up that way.

          I cannot process it, and I certainly do not want to understand it.

          I view that type of talk and behaviour as deeply degenerate, completely abhorrent and very dangerous.

          The people (and you left a few out) which I referred to, are I agree, regular commentators on the sites/forums you mentioned, as well as being elsewhere online, promoting this kind of behaviour using any number of different names.

          What agenda they serve, is a matter open to debate.

          Perhaps you should read Spivey’s early profile on BEBO if it’s still online, which will tell you a lot, and of course it’s laid out on a number of his own articles on his site …. where he graphically illustrates his own sexual ‘tastes’ – which I am not going to advertise here for obvious reasons.

          That will at least answer your question as to the ‘type’ of people who would applaud and promote such abhorrent, and deeply disturbing behaviour as Ian Watkins and Co have exhibited.

          Some people live a sick existence unfortunately, and the internet has given these people the perfect platform to find each together in numbers and ways that would have been previously impossible.

          1. Spivey had a BEBO page? LOL!
            Bebo was a social network site for youngsters only.

            Certainly not for 50 + year old blokes.

            A quick Google search “Chris Spivey” + BEBO just led me to one of his daft articles where he claims that Lily Allen and Adele are the same person and that some teen suicides were faked etc…

            The usual rubbish.

            But the serious side to this whole Ian Watkins saga has absolutely nothing to do with the music industry, subliminal messages, satanic rock music or the fact there is some freemasons living in Wales or whatever.

            That case was very real.

            It involved a circle of girls/women who were willing to do anything at all just for a bit of attention from a z-list singer.

            Certain “troooferz!!” are flocking to this woman because they are under a huge illusion that somehow the Doncaster police were protecting this vile emo singer because he was part of some sort of celebrity peado-ring…

            This is absolutely NOT the case and anyone who thinks such a thing is a first class moron.

            Why does 99% of this so-called “truth movement” close to ignore that video?

            How much clearer does it have to be?

            Im suprised Spivey has not claimed it is all CGI and that its over-dubbed by some crisis actress and that the guy who got blown after her disgusting words is infact a 33 degree satanic freemason (and the real killer of Jo-Cox, Kidnapper of Maddie McCann etc etc)


            Has none of these people stopped to think just what would have happened had Ian Watkins got Joanne Mjadzelics pregnant?

        2. I think to partly understand how this woman has got off when it seems that no one in their right mind would find her not guilty, you also have to understand the type of QC who represented her.

          The same one who represented Ian Puddick.

          Wolkinds website has changed, completely in fact, the old one has been replaced.

          It was previously full of gushes about how he appears to be beside himself with glee at taking on cases that are deemed unwinnable.

          Seems he was also in hot water for it last year.


          The law and ‘Justice’ is not about the truth, it just all depends on the fancy footwork of the QC involved & whether they can manipulate loop holes of a Jurys mind in favour of the accused.

          And as said before, that woman has links that would be most embarrassing to the Tory party, particularly if a big fuss had been made about their Mr & Mrs links to paedophiles. She’d have been hard to shut up if she was found guilty. Much better for some if that all gets nicely brushed under the rug.

          Priority = cover up 1st, worry about the detail later. If you can wing it until the people involved, even better.

          As for the question why so many flock around that grotesque woman – especially women? The amount of women who are involved in paedophilia is pretty shocking isn’t it?.

          As for Spiv, yes he was most definitely on BEBO – along with photos of his illegal tattooing ‘studio’ and him in the midst of doing a tattoo.

          The account was in the name of Spiv& Nat (his ex girlfriend) – who coincidentally shares the same name as the woman in the photo he was busted for, who was doing grim things to a dog of the same breed he has 2 of.

          There was also another site where his account was in his and her name – a site that allegedly is a draw for paedophiles according to other users, and is another site renowned for being a kids site.

          And you only need look at who some of his very good friends are.

          The hag being just one.

          1. She was found NOT guilty and she has not shut her foul mouth ever since.

            She is forever ranting all over the net. She posts loads on Youtube and of course her Twitter.

            She uses the name MISS.M when posting on the Icke forum as well as the comments on Spivey’s site.
            I do not know of any links this woman has to any Tory party members.

            The most this vile creature does is Tweet people and hashtag them.

            Also she has sent numerous emails to MP’s etc but no doubt got the standard auto-reply.

            This does not count as being in any way connected to anything scandalous nor does she have a single thing she could expose if she was found guilty.

            Everyone…..and I do mean everyone (sorry but …) is not looking at this correctly.

            This is not some big COVER-UP or other bullshit type of far fetched conspiracy.

            The simple fact is she was part of Ian Watkins perverted little inner circle and she escaped justice.

            Not only did she avoid jail but there is a damn video of her boasting about him that has been online for YEARS! …. Yet people are too pig ignorant and close minded to actually watch it,listen to it and see her for what she really is.

            No doubt she is also screengrabbing and printing all the posts on here as well and staggering into her local cop station coked out of her face in her hooker heels throwing print-outs everywhere and ranting over being stalked and trolled …

            Her being a celebrity an all……

          2. LOL!!
            What’s this about a dog?

            Please explain..

            I also wonder why none of his minions think it not absolutely repulsive that he did some photos of himself in one of his own daughters dresses while wearing a big dildo.

            Who’s was the dildo?

            Christ on a fuckin bike!!! and his daft flock wonder why the cops arrest him???

            *Comment edited by admin*

          3. Confused & Disgusted – not sure how the Tory links passed you by, but perhaps the fancy footwork to blot it out by the political spin muppets worked a treat on the public?

            His Manager was Peter Mensch – husband of Tory Louise Mensch who RESIGNED OUT OF THE BLUE FROM THE TORY PARTY AUGUST 2012 & promptly moved to America due to ‘her husbands job’.



            This is Louise Mensch whose old best friend and Business partner was cautioned for paedophila related activity.

            (His email was hacked and all his truly horrendous secrets were posted on the www, including pictures and conversations from him declaring his desire for under aged kids).

            Bozier who has links to both Labour & The Conservatives, was arrested DECEMBER 2012 & received a caution in 2013.
            His email had been hacked in the Spring of 2012 as I recall(?) & possibly more than once(?)


            Bozier & Mensch had joined forces in a business venture in June 2012 to start up, which was touted as ‘a rival to Twitter, but was a complete flop.

            And obviously you know how Watkins links to the woman you say is still ranting away all over the place.

            We are all aware she was found not guilty.

            That’s good old fashioned British ‘Justice’ for you.

            Sometimes it means you get to scratch your head in total bewilderment forever more, wondering how the hell that happened. Quite a lot of the time actually.

            People are obviously still keeping tabs on her.

            I haven’t, since her crazy random attack on behalf of her good mate Puddick (Bill Baloneys Henchman who doorsteps peoples parents to intimidate them & is ‘Senior Steward’ for a Livery company where Fiona Woolf is ‘A Court Assistant’ – she was removed as Chair of the CSA Inquiry after having been found to have been ‘economical with the truth’ regarding her previous contact with Leon Brittan & his wife). The Puddick/Woolf connection being revealed, being the reason she attacked.

            She is hand in glove with all the usual suspects in the attack gang we have all encountered, (some are still at it). That says everything & none of it good.

          4. Confused & Disgusted. 1 of the pics Spivey was busted for was “that he possessed extreme pornographic images which were grossly offensive, disgusting or otherwise of an obscene character and portrayed in an explicit and realistic way sexual activity between a female and a dog. Pic title ‘nat & dog png”

            Please never make me have to say that EVER again. :/

            His ex girlfriend was called Nat, his Bebo & Chat Hour accounts featured her name with his in their titles. Just sayin’.

            He appears to have been let off the charges. Like his mate Ian Watkins ex.

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    150 Terabytes! Norway Busts Largest Dark Web, Child Porn Networks in History — US, UK Media Ignore Story:-


    France: Decomposing in Front of Our Eyes:-


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