I get asked now and again, “why don’t you write more about child abuse?”

The answer is simple.

Almost everywhere you look these days, somebody, somewhere has got a story to tell, whether it be a personal account of their own, or stories they have heard from others, or gleaned from the mainstream media.

Social networks and weblogs bristle with #warriors or ‘victims’ or ‘survivors’ or ‘campaigners,’ and every cod psychologist who is desperate not to be left out, feel the need to add their own theories to the mix.

So you have a virtual banquet of abuse-related stories to choose from, each vying for the hoards of eager ears cocked in anticipation, and slavering at the prospect of hearing every grisly detail of another fractured childhood.

So why on earth would you want to hear more?

11 thoughts on “TALK IS CHEAP

  1. fair enough..but i thought you were goig to look into those youtube videos i posted to you about, especially the vid about clwd council woman with all her the lists with CHE and BLK MAGIC on it..also that thing about waterhouse and the ken dodd freemason stuff. (he was aquitted)

    1. I am working through them slowly and will be publishing my take on things when I look at everything….

      1. thank you outlaw..i think what was alarming was to see the words BLK MAGIC appear on a council document…also not sure if the ken dodd stuff is relevant only to suggest about waterhouse judgement (freemasonary) plus one of the waterhouse panel was a freemason.too..
        oh and the professions of abusers as well.

    1. James, what can I say? When I spoke to you, the things you told me, stayed with me. I did not divulge a word of what you said to me and the story you emailed to me, has not been copied, printed or posted anywhere by me.

      I have not changed, I have always stood by what I have said and done, I do not attack anyone, I merely defend myself.

      I have realised that when I do respond to people in the negative, I am accused of ‘bullying’ and ‘criticising’ abuse victims.

      If I decide not to support every #hashtag or ’cause’ it is my choice, but in doing so, I have been accused of ‘Enabling Paedophiles,’ ‘being’ a Paedophile and even running a secret Paedophile ring with another person who also refuses to attach themselves to every aspect of CSA.

      I do things my own way James, the majority is not online and is not obvious to most people because I do not feel the need to publicise my actions.

      Yourself, and a few others have lately been obsessed by attacking me and involved in whispering groups entirely instigated by someone who hides behind a closed Twitter account. This person is now reaching the end of their smear campaign against me as the police are now very aware of her games and the reasons behind them.

      You can speak to me at any time you wish James, I have not even blocked you on Twitter, that choice was yours and you chose to not accept it.

      I bear you no ill-will and if you remember, it was after all, you who issued the threats to me based on wholly fictitious stories that have been fed to you.

      You have been used James, and it does sadden me to watch, but as an adult, you really should be more aware of this without it being pointed out to you. I do not wish to become involved in public slanging matches with anyone, but even you can see that the same group of people who seem to be attacking me are the same people who are feeding you the ammunition to use against me.

      I am not running, nor hiding from anybody, my stance will not change, as I have done nothing wrong. I am attending a public meeting soon to address very important issues with regard to CSA, and do other things which you do not know about, so I resent the fact that you assume that I am doing nothing but attacking CSA victims.

      Just look around James, look at the people I speak too, big hitters, some of whom are in the public eye, if I was that much of a bully and a liar, surely they would be able to recognise this?

      It’s up to you James, but I have not changed, the fact is, you have been told I have changed by other people, if you choose to see it that is.

  2. im so confused angry ive always respected you feel if i fight for abused kids on my own until this is sorted out will make me feel im not taking sides have unblocked you i seem to be the only one now excluding you who give give my all to csa kids justice i feel been left alone in the wilderness…take care jimmy

    1. No confusion James, trust your gut and you will see the truth.

      That is what I have done and I know who the real villains are. I have no reason to lay into you as I know perfectly well that you have been played and so therefore are not my enemy.

      Take Care..

  3. @outlaw with regard to Elm guest house, and stuff gojam has recently got ie documents connected to spartacus club that were sent to Elm guest house..i came across this site which is to do with PAN magazine (paedo alert news) the docs are have digitised and converted to pdf..i dont know if any of this is helpful…the author of the site states they do not condone stuff in these publications or endorse any of it..maybe a few ‘names’..appear in this stuff ive not looked yet.


  4. @outlaw its a shame all this mudslinging is going on. oh well. ok ive posted the PAN magazine link to spotlight and gojam site mostly because he came across the spartacus club docs..hope this spat sorts itself out and one can get back to putting the world to rights (if poss) will be interested in your thoughts re yt videos..

  5. still feeding the fucking trolls JJ. If you can’t ignore them you need to try harder. Fuck wits are fuck wits despite their individual backgrounds. Would your life be any worse without offering reams of replies? Why do you think I don’t get this kind of shit from the likes of Scharenborg and the other sick trolls? Because you wouldn’t climb into the cage to feed the wolf would you? No, course not, you’d get your head ripped off. They might seem to be wanting some peacey type of stance here but to me it’s shadowy, under-handed and devilish and belongs on the fuck off list.

    1. Just removed their comments.

      She is well known for having a go at anyone and everyone and has had a bit of help from mystery man again…

      I am not even going to give her space any more… 🙂

      Especially when she praises another blogger who puts the very same article on his blog…

      She attacks me for allegedly revealing her identity, but on March 23rd 2013, admits that she is witness ‘E’ and posts it under her own name…

      She has outed herself, then accuses me of forcing her to reveal her identity????

      Am I missing something here??


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