The conviction of ex-north Wales Police Superintendant Gordon Anglesea, has for many people, finally presented solid evidence to support the endless rumour and speculation that a paedophile/abuse ring has been operating, in and around north Wales, for the last four decades.

The guilty verdict that was handed down at the Crown Court at Mold on Friday, to the Freemason and Rotarian ex-policeman Anglesea, has shown that despite the endless obfusction, the continual distraction and the numerous attempts to cover up the nefarious activities of a number of people, the truth is now, at last, finally beginning to emerge.


I must admit that the guilty verdict came as a surprise to me, because having lived in the county of Wrexham for the last few years, a place where, to all intents and purposes is deep within ‘the Belly of that particular Beast’ …. and finding myself on the wrong side of the NWP and the courts (resulting in two arrests and a Malicious Communication conviction) – which I am in no doubt came about as a direct result of trying to discover what really happened at the Bryn Estyn Children’s Home.

Experiences which admittedly, were harrowing at times, and proved to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt; that there are certain individuals that really did not want anybody, especially an ex-‘guest’ of the care system in Wales like I was, digging around and asking awkward questions.

It cannot have escaped the attention of regular readers of the Outlaw, that there has been a sustained online campaign to discredit me, and to bring about as much personal difficulty and discomfort to both myself and my family, which again I believe – has only happened because of certain events I was suspected of being a witness to.

I was at that time, an ‘unknown quantity’ and someone who had not appeared on any radar prior to 2012.

I was not known to any established ‘CSA groups’, I had never been interviewed by NWP, I had never given a statement about alleged abuse or mistreatment, nor had I offered testimony to the Waterhouse Inquiry, so effectively there was virtually nobody in north Wales who was aware of my existance ….

I ‘went public’ in November 2012, around the same time as Stephen Messham appeared on BBC Newsnight, and I had set up a personal website which became the Outlaw.

Within days I was approached by a number of abuse ‘survivors’ online via Twitter, one of whom was a one-time high profile witness at the Waterhouse Inquiry, and was a prominent figure in the associated media coverage.

This alleged ‘survivor’ had also become very active on social media around this time, and had taken to attacking Stephen Messham, and any one else who was speaking publicaly about their experiences of childhood abuse, paying particular attention to those who had an association with north Wales and Bryn Estyn.

As I had very little personal knowledge in regard to the whole north Wales affair at that time, I had no reason to believe that someone else who had been in the care system, would want anything else than to seek recognition and/or justice for any mistreatment they had allegedly suffered.

It turned out that I was very much mistaken in that belief, as after speaking to this ‘survivor’ online and via telephone for a few months, I had invited him and his wife into my home.

Within days of his visit, he had, without any reason that I was able to understand at the time, began to focus his attacks on both my family and myself, attacks which, within a few weeks had become somewhat sinister and threatening in nature, and which had left me with no option but to report a number of incidents to the North Wales Police.

It is fair to say that at that point, the north Wales Police were sympathetic and were helpful, they informed us that although the attacks on us were ‘vile, threatening and obsessive’ there was little that could be done as ‘no laws had been broken’.

The online obsessional abuse continued, and a large number of malicious complaints were anonymously reported to Wrexham Social Services, Wrexham Council, the Local Education Authority and at one point, our neighbours were sent leaflets through the post claiming that I was ‘an abuser of women and children’ and had both my photograph and address printed on them.

My wife was followed each time she went shopping, we received an anonymous phone call that our 13-year-old daughter was being watched as she walked to school, and the caller reminded me: ‘Remember what happened to April Jones’…. The harrassment was horrendous and continued non-stop for many months.

The north Wales Police were aware of every aspect of what had been happening to us as a family, but were seemingly unable or unwilling to help us, as for much of that time I was languishing on bail following an allegation, which was found after seven months of investigation (including the seizure and forensic examination of my iPad), to be wholly malicious and false.

The police were also very aware of the person responsible, but again appeared reluctant to act even when presented with ample evidence of his behaviour, behaviour which, according to the National Stalking Helpline and a solicitor we had instructed to assist us, was “a clear course of conduct which amounted to ‘Stalking causing extreme fear and distress'”.

But nothing happened and the attacks continued.

During this time, the person who was harrassing us almost on a daily basis by then, had somehow enlisted the help of a number of other online entities, some of whom were Child Abuse ‘Campaigners’ allegedly, at least that is what they claimed to be and their social media profiles and websites certainly gave testimony to this, and within a short time that group had joined in with the attacks on me.

There were some incidents that occurred around this time that now seem so bizarre in their execution that they belong within the pages of a fiction novel, as I still struggle to understand how they actually happened, and that if I (and thankfully others) had not witnessed them I almost certainly would not have believed them myself.

But I digress….


It is my sincere belief, that the conviction of Gordon Anglesea is the first step along a road that will finally lead to the truth of what really happened in north Wales.

I remain steadfast in my belief that the focus of any investigation should not be concentrated on Bryn Estyn, as the conviction of Anglesea has shown that the abuse in his case did occur elsewhere in the County; an ‘Attendance Centre’ (since demolished) in Wrexham and an unnamed private residence frequented regulary by child abusers, and which backs up the claims made by other victims of abuse in north Wales.

It also adds weight to the many claims that the north Wales Police may have been complicit in covering up allegations of abuse for decades, that they have purposely focused on Bryn Estyn only and that genuine witnesses have not only been purposely ignored, but NWP have given their tormentors free rein to harass and threaten them to the point where a number have been driven to the point where taking their own lives has seemed to be the only option.

It may also offer answers as to why only certain alleged survivors have been lauded by the media and have been given prominent platforms at official Inquiries, such as Waterhouse, where their allegations and testimony, however flawed, has been eagerly accepted as the ‘Official’ version.

Despite all of this, it is my belief that with the conviction of Gordon Anglesea, the dam has now finally been breached, the floodgates will slowly open and the real perpetrators, along with the roles of the ‘Enforcers’ that operated in every care home in Wales, (with the full knowledge of some of the staff) and who selected and ‘softened up’ vunerable children to be further abused, the enablers, those that turned a blind eye, and those that have covered up and willingly assisted in criminal activity will finally be identified and brought to justice.

NOTE: ‘This post has turned out to be a lot longer than I initally thought it would when I started writing, and does appear to have wandered somewhat, but bear with me a while longer, as what I have outlined above is connected to what may appear in the mass media in the very future.

I am writing from a personal perspective, as not only do I feel that if people were actually made aware of what I have been subjected to in the attempts to stop me talking, and the lengths that certain people have gone to to try and scare me off, then it’s obvious to me that if there was nothing to discover, then I would not have attracted the kind of attention that I have.

I have not reported on the way that the North Wales Daily Post have favoured certain alleged survivors over others, and appear to have been steered towards reporting on only certain aspects of the north Wales story, as well as ignoring a number of genuine survivors who have contacted them to try and set the story straight.

I have not even began to scratch the surface of the true extent of what myself and my family and friends have endured at the hands of these people for the past four years either, that story will keep until a time I decide to disclose, and the Outlaw may not be the platform to share it anyway, but rest assured, it will be known when the time is right.’

6 thoughts on “SQUARING THE CIRCLE

  1. Brilliantly said. Scared to jinx this feeling, but it does actually feel that, finally, the dominoes are starting to tumble and those who have been complicit in this are starting to lose their grip at long last. This has been no small attempt to silence people. 60 odd people at a conservative tot up of all the main players who have been involved in trying to silence you (& no doubt many others). No way is that a random happening, that’s for sure!

    In my opinion, what I witnessed 1st hand by NWP regarding the stalking, threats and harassment of you, (& anyone who supports you), has been totally disgraceful. Actual blatant lies to protect perpetrators. 1 of the most frustrating experience of my life.

    Now Gordy has been convicted, it should all be falling into place with any doubters. North Wales complicit then as they have been over the last 4 years. No doubt in my mind either, because when you actually witness it in real time, every step of the way, it’s pretty easy to see how the likes of Gordon Anglesea got away with it for so long and his sidekicks too.

    I believe things are only starting to happen where the sidekicks are concerned, purely because NWP has been bypassed. Amazing what another Police force can do – no fob off’s or lies, just doing what they are supposed to do, WELL, which does not include protecting paedophiles and their hench muppets thankfully.

    As for you Mr Jones, (& a few others out there who I also witnessed being ripped to ribbons by these evil minded swines), I hope if nothing else this horrendous experience has proved to you that you are much stronger than you think. What you, Helen and the kids have been forced to endure is beyond belief. Petrifying. The lack of support, the dubious actions by NWP, (noted by anti stalking orgs and even leaving Solicitors scratching their heads in disbelief), being blatantly lied to – you have to be more than strong to deal with all that in the dignified way that you have especially.

    Hopefully the end result of some of this will show how badly you were stitched up, including by those who are laughingly supposed to see that Justice is served, but in your case, by not allowing vital evidence to be shown, they ensured that Justice is nowt but a fallacy and perpetuate the abusers belief that they have the upper hand.

    To watch some involved in this, now trying to tout their stories to anyone who will listen, of how they have proof of cover up’s by NWP for 30 years, when they have been hand in glove with Gordys mates attacking CSA Survivors for 4 years. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking the unspeakable things I’m thinking about that particular FAILED Lib Dem ABUSER.

  2. Morning Jimmy. I’ve been following the good news as I have followed and sometimes got swallowed up in the cover-up.

    I admit, they frightened me off.

    There are just so many of them I can’t trust who is who, but you know why and how it came about that I trust and support you.

    I tried to support victims of abuse, because I was abused too and didn’t get justice. It eats you up. What I learned instead is that when it’s over and you’re grown and you finally seek help, there is an altogether other kind of preditor one never dreamed about.

    The ones who see one as their Cash Cow.

    I now recommend self help. Forget the so called ‘Professionals’. The majority have or can be bought. Following this has been my cure. I’m all better now.

    When I was a small girl I thought all men where peadophiles, though I didn’t know then that there was a name for it. I just thought all men knew how to put liittle girls into ‘Freeze Frame’ and do what they want.

    I also believe that this CSA inquiry should possibly extend itself outwards, to it’s colonial sisters, perhaps to Canada and South Africa

    Too many British politicians and chariity campaigners have got a LOVE for Africa, expecially for the Cape.

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