In what now appears to be a clarification of my previous post, TOP BOYS, news has emerged of something, that although may be common knowledge to many of those who have spent time in a care home in the UK – especially during the 1970s through to the 1990s – may come as a surprise to many people.

Yesterday, an ex-care north Wales care home resident, specifically the Bryn Alyn Community Home near Wrexham, admitted sexually abusing a boy, under the age of sixteen, on three occasions, while he was himself a resident of the same home.


Although the length of time this has taken to come before the courts was, understandably, questioned by the presiding judge, and he also pointed out one of the complainants was first interviewed in 2014, he was assured that Operation Pallial was a “lengthy investigation that had generated hundreds of complainants and 106,000 pages of material that had to be considered” before cases could be brought before the courts.

Which might lead one to believe, that other similar cases may, in the fullness of time, also come to light.

It also has to be considered, that not ALL acts of physical, and indeed Sexual abuse against young people in the British care system, was perpetrated by members of staff, and what this case will hopefully highlight is, that (although nobody appears to want to talk about it) this type of peer abuse, was rife throughout the entire care system.

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  1. IIRC, there were a lot of redactions in Operation Pallial’s report, though I assume there were good reasons for that.

  2. Resident Evil. Quite apt.

    Someone once referred to other residents as his own personal playstation way back.


    I was demonized, but this same resident was supported when I jumped in feet first after witnessing him egg another ex resident on into suiciding after that awful Newsnight/McAlpine fiasco.

    All on Twitter.

    With the world as witness.

    I was floored by whom the charities, mps, journos, make out TV investigator and loud lawyers were supporting and defending.

    Then the dawning of their filter system woke me up.

    P.I.E. never disbanded. It just went underground with their network already in place, is my view of all this. From government to media to lawyers and charities. They have their feet firmly under some very important desks.

    I no longer contribute to any charity, especially for children, having observed what I have from them on a public forum.

    One thing I do know, being the product of 1970s children’s home myself is that no, we were not protected while they raised us. We were housed, schooled, clothed, fed and beaten in between for the privilege.

    No real care was given.

    Those were the days when children were physically punished. We were meant to be seen but not heard.

    Chucked into cold baths at night for bed wetting and caned in the morning for getting caught out of bed if you did wake up for the toilet at night. A sado-masochist’s dream job terrifying small children.

    Now that we’ve grown they are invested in those seeking justice remaining unheard, imo.

    I look for no retibution of my own care home abusers only because their abuse was purely physical while my own father was much worse.


    There is no justice.

    If I had known then what this fifty something woman knows now, I would have killed my own father. He died after his police interview and before his court date.

    Let’s hope I never become a granny because should harm come to them I will leave this world after committing a horrendous crime myself. I believe I would harm the perpetrator rather than peruse the legal route.

    Where do I come from?

    My childhood. My life experiences. My truth.

    My heart aches for all the children, especially those of institutionalised abuse.

    It’s such a intimate violation.

    Because it is an intimate violation I am assuming the fight or flight drug can perv and confuse an already damaged mind.

    Perhaps thats how Top Boys become the victim and abuser themselves.

    I’m not sure.

    I just know that our government is more concerned about gagging free internet so each than they are about ruling harshly on child abuse.


    1. “During the time that they were at Bryn Estyn, Tanner constantly bullied Wynne, verbally tormenting him because he had no family and because of his supposed sexual underdevelopment.

      Tanner would call him names such as ‘orphan’, ‘homeless’ and ‘pubeless’.

      When I met Ryan Tanner in August 2004, and asked him about Peter Wynne, he immediately admitted that he and the other boys at Bryn Estyn used to bully him partly because it was easy to provoke Peter into a spectacular frenzy, which they found highly amusing.

      ‘Dinky Wynne,’ Tanner recalled, ‘was our Playstation.’”


  3. Hi I have just been looking up a home I used to reside in back in the late 60s to 1975. Can I ask if all the children’s homes listed are suspected of being run by staff who abused residents, or are they just listed as Children’s homes? At this point I am not naming the Children’s Home, but am a little unnerved that they would be accused of anything untoward as this would be 1000 miles from the truth. I am hoping the children’s home is just that, one in a list of homes.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Dawn, thanks for your comment. The list of childrens homes and various establishments that are listed on this site, are places where abuse has been ‘alleged’.

      That does not necessarily mean that abuse actually occurred, only that allegations have been made.

      The establishments where convictions have been secured are clearly outlined and are marked as such in red.

  4. I remember reading somewhere that one of Seddon’s victims in Bryn Alyn reckoned that he was ‘made into a monster’ after being groomed by John Allen. The article was by Eileen Fairweather who used to report a lot on the North Wales Child abuse.

  5. Some survivors of the Residential School system for Indigenous children in Canada apparently gave extensive testimony about the physical, emotional and sexual abuse they suffered from peers therein. Tragedy on a grand scale 🙁

    Privately (non-governmental) run “programs” for “troubled youth” here in N.A., such as “Boy’s Ranches”, have been infamous for peer on peer sexual assault since I was a youth some 40 years ago, and apparently little has changed:


    Supposedly “enlightened” benign neglect with respect to sexual activity often cited as a factor.

    Halvorsen & Woodall, volunteer parole officers in New Orleans, 1970’s, exploited that role to collect boy “clients” who had some kind of sexual “acting out” history; involvement in prostitution, sexual offending or simply homosexual ‘promiscuity’ with peers, then referred them to their infamous Louisiana Boy Scout troop as “therapy” – wherein they exploited them for prostitution & pornography during trips to places like Disneyland.

    I’ve often wondered if pervs running private care homes might have employed some similar, nefarious, screening/selection process with referrals to their homes.

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