I feel that a dark and heavy cloud has been lifted from my shoulders today.

I was arrested on the 22nd November 2013, for a comment I made on a blog, which was edited to read something completely different, and then reported to the police.

They seized my iPad, which was thoroughly examined, I was re-bailed twice and I have been informed today that my bail has been cancelled and there will be no further action.

“The comment I made did not match the comment that was presented to the North Wales Police.”

It was a malicious and entirely false accusation, the consequences of which, has meant my family and myself have been subjected to six months of suspicion, accusations and damnable and outright lies that have been circulated via social media and a number of shady blogs.

Our home has been targeted, as have my children, I have been accused of being a Paedophile, a Child Killer, A Wife Beater, a Psychopath, somebody who abuses my children, Howard Hughes, A Stalker, A Troll and rather bizarrely, a killer of Rhubarb!!

I have also had daily threats made against both myself and my family.

This was planned and orchestrated by one man and one woman, ably abetted by a number of others, some of who claim to be Child Abuse Advocates/Campaigners.

One of whom, is a publicity hungry *investigative journalist*, who, for a reason that defies any logical explanation, manages to get his face on TV, whenever childhood sexual abuse is discussed, as he appears in his role As a self-appointed ‘Paedohunter‘.

Personally, I do not give a damn as to whether or not anyone believes me, but the evidence proves that I am/was innocent, and I can live with that.

My hands are clean, my conscience is clear and as I write this, I am witnessing the person who has done this to me/us, is now in the North of England, stalking and harassing yet another innocent person, who he now appears to have developed a grudge against.

He is cataloguing his every word, threat and action, both on Twitter and via his YouTube channel and looks set to continue until he is stopped.

To those who have supported me, I offer my gratitude and will remember all of you, and in turn, also offer my unwavering loyalty and support should you require it.

To those who stood by and watched this man attempt to discredit me and try his hardest to harm my family, you have got to live with that and as Karma has played a large part in my life, I rest assured that it will be re-visited on each and every one of you …. one-hundred-fold.

I also remain confident that your apathy and cowardice will fester and become an unbearable burden to you, rewarding you with nothing but misery, pain and loneliness for the rest of your miserable lives.”


48 thoughts on “NO FURTHER ACTION

  1. I’m pleased your ordeal is over it must have been horrible. Is there nothing the police can do to bring the person who tried to incriminate you to justice?

    Speedy recovery to you and your family

  2. SO pleased for you all, not that the outcome was ever in doubt, it should have been obvious to everyone that you had been stitched up by some of the most hideously warped, sly (but dead dopey) little wretches most of us have ever had the misfortune to encounter. The things you have had to put up with because of this freaks is more than anyone should have to endure. TOTAL respect to YOU, Mrs & the kids our friend, am so proud of all of you and to see this day come around at long last. You will always have our loyalty, support and enduring friendship, you are a good ‘un & you have more than proved that every step of the way, your strength through such adversity is a valuable lesson to us all, as is your bravery and courage.

    As for all those who have been part of this band of beasts & bad actors – karma will be catching you up – every single one of you, I hope it’s a hefty serving, because you all deserve it.
    To those who stood by and watched this and did and said nothing – what can I say, you make me proud not to be one of you.
    To the so called ‘professionals’ who joined in, libeled and spread untruths about this man – you are just more examples of why some of you people aren’t fit to be in the jobs that you do. I hope you feel suitably ashamed of yourselves.

    The Secret of Bryn Estyn – not such a secret as it happens, all out there to be read by anyone who cares to read the facts and not the media hype – just some little loser desperately trying to cover the tracks of the major part he played in the whole rotten scam – doing and acting exactly the same way as he did decades ago, lie after lie after lie. Sad little loser and his band of FAILURE mates, some parading as intelligent people, but who seem to FAIL at everything they do.

    The saddest thing is that because of these low down dirty lying skankers and their pumped up pompous (but incredibly stupid in reality) groupies, genuine people suffer all over again. Just because someone who was hated as much back then as it is now has a massive chip on it’s shoulder, who has used the fake victim card to garner unwarranted sympathy and a whole lot of wedge for being one of the biggest liars in the whole rotten plot. The strings on that old violin are busted, no more can it blame a system that didn’t make it who it was, it arrived that way all ugly and warped and never evolved, just became more despicable and even more despised.

    FAILED to get another bite of the cherry this decade and doomed to never be believed by anyone ever again and hopefully in line for the biggest dose of karma of all. Bring it on! πŸ˜‰

    1. As I have already discovered, a cut snake can still be venomous, so it’s best not to poke it with a stick and just allow it to die in peace

  3. Great news Outlaw. It was never in doubt.
    The liars should be arrested for what they put you through.

    1. Incredibly although banged to rights it’s still lying through it’s teeth. Wonder if that scar goes all red when it gets angry. Oh and because it’s too thick to work it out for itself, if you are going to set up a Twitter account pretending to be someone else, make sure you spell the name right eh dopey? And make sure you remember which account you have signed into when you are conversing with other people, because you will just end up making yourself look like an even bigger fool then you already have – if indeed that is actually possible. Somehow we think any person called StePHen would know how to spell his own name properly, only a total plank would muff that up. Doh!

      Trouble is for these selfish soul devoid wets is that one day their kids will discover who and what their dad really is, they might even have the humiliation of having to read books about what a rancid runt he really was at school, but what will be even more humiliating is that utter moronic venomous little compulsive lying snake mentioned in those books will be their own dad. I feel really sorry for any kid that has that kind of mortifying discovery, what a terrible legacy, no kid deserves to be left with that.

      The death throes of a devious dickhead. Stalking other innocent folk now, though just like the insanity of the kind of brain dead loser who decides to stalk 1 of the biggest Private Investigators in the South East and spreading the lie it was a fake set up by J or me, stalking the dad of a Police Officer is equally as moronic, but hey, you carry on there loser, you just keep digging that hole for yourself, there a good little numb nut – watching the back fill of truths collapse on top of you burying you up to your neck is treats πŸ˜‰

    2. Thank you.

      Who knows what is heading in their direction, they seem to have made the job very easy for anyone who decides to take action against them eh?

  4. Knew you would be cleared. These people are off their rockers. Give them enough rope Jimmy. They’re so busy making enemies right now and I’ve found if you don’t bite, other people see through them anyways.

    1. Thank you Sharon, I have discovered that if you stand up to them, respond only with facts and evidence and resist the temptation to stoop to their level, they literally out themselves as to what they really are.

      Oh Aye, they really do not like being ignored either πŸ˜‰

    2. Ahh Sharon Morgan the lady who was also accused of being me and was trolled to bits by the sobbing junkie & the crustilian playground watcher. Sharon (or her friends) photo was posted up in various places and the lie spread around that she was me – sorry about that Sharon – obviously it was not of my doing & it was explained to these freaky fruit loops, but as you know, they don’t listen to the actual facts or truth, let alone speak any πŸ˜€

      Whilst we are on the subject of these idiots spreading around false info, can I please just mention that I am not @JaneERussell on Twitter as has been spread around by the sobbing junkie and the crustilian playground watcher. A very simple search shows that she is in fact a real person practicing employment law. Whilst she might not be in the field of libel law, I’m sure she knows a man or woman who is. She may have not been on Twitter for a while, but I believe her husband is. Hope he doesn’t see the filth being spread around Twitter about his wife by these 2 freaks. Well actually, I hope he does, then these 2 complete simpletons might actually have the creepy smirks wiped off their extremely ugly mugs. 1 phone call and it would be sobbing apologies and grassing up mates as always. Why don’t you just give your beloved convicted weirdo judge mate a ring crusto? Far easier than playing fools footsie under the twitter table to get another date surely? πŸ˜€

      Seems to be a theme this bursting into tears when confronted on the phone by the people they have been stalking, harassing and abusing. Maybe they are the real live versions of those dolls you fill up with water so that they produce tears & wee themselves. Tiny Tears eat your heart out. πŸ˜€

  5. A long wait for the inevitable result, hope this eases the pressure you and your family have been under. Onwards and upwards Outlaw πŸ™‚

  6. Really pleased to read this, Jimmy.
    It’s a hard line to draw, knowing when to stand up for yourself & when not to poke that “cut snake” you mention (especially when family are dragged into it).

    Onwards & upwards!

  7. Making false allegations to the police is a crime.

    The criminal offence of making false allegations is covered under the common law offence of perverting the course of public justice.

    The actual wording of the offence is ‘Where a person deliberately makes a false allegation about an offence in order to have a person arrested.’

    This would amount to attempting to pervert the course of public justice.

    Consideration could also be given to an offence under section 5(2) of the Criminal Law Act 1967, which covers wasteful employment of the police, better known as wasting police time.

    Is it an offence to waste police time?

    Wasting Police Time

    It is an offence to cause a wasteful employment of the police by reporting to the police or to any other person that an offence was committed.

    The person commits an offence if he or she also makes the police think that there is a real danger of safety of a person or a property.

    The offence is also committed if the person tries to pretend that he or she has relevant information in relation to some police enquiry.

    This is governed by section 5 of the Criminal Law Act.

    It is essential to note that proceeding for this offence cannot commence without the consent of the DPP.


    Penalty for this offence is imprisonment for not more than 6 months on summary conviction or a fine.

    As in Accordance with Penalties for Disorderly Behaviour (Amount of Penalty) Order as amended by Penalties for Disorderly Behaviour (Amount of Penalty) Amendment) Order this offence is a fixed penalty offence and the penalty is Β£80 for persons aged 16 or over and Β£40 for under 16 years old persons.

    1. Some very useful information there, which I was not aware of, not being a student of the law and all.

      Thank you for that, I shall have to do some reading. πŸ™‚

    2. And the penalty for stalking and harassment can be up to 5 years in clink and or a fine. Previous convictions of the same kind are also taken into consideration I believe according to info on the Home Office website, Specialist Solicitors websites and anti stalking organisation websites.

      Other offences committed can also be taken into consideration under each law they come under. So I presume all these things can be totted up when the sentence is being decided πŸ™‚

      The laws are all there, made easier from 2012 to deal with stalking and harassment too – seems that the Police just need to start acting within and according to those laws, with the extra powers they have been given especially to deal with this type of offence, due to the huge failures in protecting people who had sadly been killed by their stalkers and seriously let down by the Police when they have begged for help to protect them, but had been ignored by the Police.

      They need to get a handle on this, as I think it will become more and more prevalent and they need to start nipping it in the bud before more people end up seriously injured or dead.

      Seems the law still only kicks in if you are a sheleb, which is totally against the whole reason why the changes were made in the 1st place.

  8. Some cut snakes will carry out their strikes whatever Bandini, as is pretty obvious with the vipers in question. The simple fact that J wouldn’t roll over and be manipulated sealed his fate from the get go, as is the nature and the history of this particular beast. Nothing to blackmail him with, so lots of falsehoods & lies spread around about him and believed by people with not an ounce of common sense, including people with ‘professional’ pasts – those people added credibility to the lies, because hell, if ‘astute legal minds’ and people with Social work & psychology backgrounds believed him & encouraged people to read his lies, it must be true right ?

    I’m sure any other person who has had the misfortune to be squeezed by this constrictor over the decades will almost certainly tell you that family is fair game to this reptile, collateral damage means nothing at all to such types. Some have paid the ultimate price because it wouldn’t let go, even though they wanted it out of their lives.

    A bit like some species of parasite, once they have penetrated the skin, the host will never be free of them until death occurs in the host or the parasite.

    The revelation of the simple truth caused this and the fear of what that truth would mean – nothing else. What evolved was mapped out, from that very 1st contact with an account that isn’t actually who it professes to be.

    Not being a Twitter participant, you would not have seen how others were targeted in exactly the same way, only unlike J, understandably they chose to disappear from Twitter, mostly women I might add, because they are normally so much easier to intimidate. Well not this one despite having had some pretty shitty things done to me too & certain things being way too close for comfort & despite having way more good a reason than most to be like all the other people watching this & to wimp out & walk away.

    But then I’d have my own conscience nibbling away at me & that would be even worse to live with.

    There is way much more to this than any of you know – we tend to talk about those things in private, because unlike most people I encountered on Twitter and the www in general, J is the only person I really truly trust & he, his wife and 1 other truly lovely soul who has put his neck on the block to publicly stand up for J too are the only people who know anything about me, including what I look like.

    Maybe it’s because we are all the same kind of people with the old fashioned belief of looking out for each other. Too many people can fake the Mr Nice Guy act and have done to worm their way onto J’s friends list. Bit like the Icke forum, with all the fawning pretenders, until you start questioning their blatant bull. that’s why I don’t waste time on that site because it’s obvious it’s a crock of crap, as are most of the characters on it.

    Bickering with them is akin to flogging a dead horse and it makes no difference whatsoever – the Icke forums will keep going regardless, as will the fanciful nonsense most of it’s contributors spew out day after day, week after week, year after year, regardless of the bickering. I prefer to make an actual meaningful difference if I can & that is the philosophy I have always followed through life.

    I’d like to think we made a real difference regarding this nightmare situation, to a real person struggling with a real monster that has been impossible for most people to conquer, not wasted our time with a bunch of nutters regurgitating the same old boring fantasies and making up new ones, because in reality that makes no difference whatsoever.

    But we did, at least I hope so, because that was our only aim.

    Sometimes you have to push a few buttons to get answers to the questions that join the dots and gather the evidence which explain the snakes alliances. Mrs J is savvy enough to know this too and she also knows that her husband, herself and their kids would have been subjected to this no matter what, and the only thing that would have stopped it is if J had rolled over and agreed to be part of the con or else allowed himself to be hounded off the internet – neither of which he was prepared to do.

    Some things take tremendous guts and you have to stand and face the music, because there really is no choice when up against certain rotten to the core types, they don’t give you the choice, they don’t give your family the choice.

  9. Congratulations on your reprieve as it must be a massive weight off your mind. One thing I find curious though; you say on your blog that the system is a sinister conspiracy which criminalises you and your fellow ‘truthers’. Now that it turns out that *the system*, the British legal establishment is on your side and actually favors you. Doesn’t this prove that this conspiracy theory as outlined on your blog has henceforth been debunked?

    1. “On my side and actually favours me??”

      So you think that arresting me, placing bail conditions on me and taking six months to establish that I did not make a comment favours me?

      There was no evidence, therefore no crime, so no favours just common sense.

      My stalker however, remains free to do this to my family, as he is now also doing to others with no visible sign of him being stopped by the very same ‘establishment’ you refer to..

      A blatant conspiracy or a simple oversight?

      You decide.

      I do not feel particularly favoured BTW, your opinion seems more steered by your attempts to catch me out than to see what has actually been presented as a true version of events,

      I therefore reject your argument on the grounds of ‘wilful blindness’

      1. Leena – I should get some super condition for those fuzzy split ends – splitting hairs doesn’t seem to be doing your barnet or your credibility any favours – just saying πŸ˜‰ I think it’s quite obvious what you are up to – the question is, why do you even bother? We are quite good at working out the wheat from the chaff. I’ll leave you to work out which of those I think you are. Have a nice day doll πŸ™‚

  10. Leena I think the ‘system’ which Outlaw speaks of on his blog is meant in a different context to the Police framework. If I am correct, the ‘system’ drills down far deeper than the Police have control of and is a separate entity completely.
    As for the legal system which Outlaw has been caught up in, obviously there is no case to answer there – then again there wouldn’t be because it was all a load of fabricated twaddle in the first place.

    1. The police are in place to ‘uphold the law’ they are not the lawmakers, which as Mildred as already said, that is where the real problem exists.

      I have no problem with the police, as many among their ranks are as disillusioned and angry with the system they represent as many of us are.

      The good and decent ones are leaving in droves, or are fighting against what they see as mountains of unnecessary restrictions which prevents them doing what they signed up to do.

      Being good old-fashioned thief takers.

  11. On ever tighter budgets and fewer staff and with the good possibility with the government we have of being replaced with something like G4s/Atos or some other similarly 2 bit unfit for purpose company no doubt, just as everything else seems to be, mostly because the powers that be have fingers in lucrative private pies. As well as that, I have read that half of the force isn’t even up to speed on the new law changes, so if they don’t know what they are, then what hope is there of the laws that are in place being upheld?

    Then you have the CPS, who seem to be even more of a shambles and as you say, the law makers, who dictate sentences that seem to be out of the ark and quite often whose sentencing doesn’t fit the crime in the publics eyes. A total mess really. The Police have featured in many complaints of late, but people forget that often it is the government that are pulling the strings and the Police do as they are told. I’m sure they would like to stand up & say exactly what they feel about the force sometimes, but of course, doing so would end their careers, and being a whistle blower isn’t a good position to be in as it often tarnishes a persons future career prospects and leaves them in a similar position as a convicted criminal.

    But all those excuses melt away when you see a couple of hacks being trolled on social media by what are actually harmless idiots for a couple of months, who seem to have no problem getting the Police to protect them against what would only ever be words on a screen, but Joe Bloggs being attacked for years, with a mountain of evidence and the real threat of physical attacks being completely ignored. We seem to be in that age old state where any government involvement is concerned, layers of costly, pointless red tape and common sense flying out of the window.

  12. Can I ask if you have reported him to the police? I dont really bother with Twitter anymore or the whole ‘truth movement’ but I can’t help having a nosey from time to time to see who’s kicking off with who!

    Ive read his Twitter and he’s coming undone. He’s got serious problems from what I can tell. Why don’t his family members sort him out? Do his wife and kids know that he drives around the country stalking people? I would be very careful if I were you Outlaw, his behaviour is escalating, you can see that clear as day from his Twitter account. The guy is a complete nut job.

    He needs to get off his arse, go and get a job and stay off the internet. What sort of a role model is he to his kids?

    1. He has been reported many times by more than a few people with no response that I am aware of.

      He has done this for many years it seems, bullying, threatening and stalking, in fact, he was the first person to be charged when the new stalking laws were introduced.

      From what I can tell his family are well aware and are in some way complicit, as I know that any normal person would have at least raised some concerns about his behaviour.

      He has many secrets that he does not want made public, this is the way he tries to keep people quiet.

      I also agree that he has serious mental health issues and that he needs to be dealt with before somebody gets hurt.

      1. Im surprised the police haven’t pulled him in then, especially as he is a convicted stalker.

        He really should take a long, hard look at himself. He got a degree in criminology and did absolutely nothing with it, what a complete waste of time. He comes across as very bitter and vengeful, not good traits in anyone.

      2. So the police know all this yet they still go around arresting people on the hearsay of a nutcase……

  13. Hmmm still making public threats from the grossly un-sexy granny mobile. Still, must be handy for transporting the granny in though. Oh sorry, it’s not granny is it? Whoops! My bad. Plenty of witnesses, yet it still bleats on and on, threat after threat, lie after lie – a born liar by all accounts. Really does need a check up from the neck up and removing from society so that it cannot be a danger to anyone else any more.


    “Point One, there is no food. There is minimal to no harvests here in the US.
    Point Two, I have been warning about a June/July food shortage. Food coming into the US south of the equator is starting to taper off. Just look at what we are now buying. Grainy, dry, soft, bruised yucky fruits and veggies.”


    “The Americans do not only spy on governments, authorities and private individuals across the world with the help of their secret services; they also understand how to push forward the global interests of their companies with full force. An impressive example of this is the agriculture giant Monsanto, the leading manufacturer of genetically modified seeds in the world. A glimpse into the world of Monsanto shows that companies which delivered the pesticide β€˜Agent Orange’ to the US military in the Vietnam war had close connections with the central power in Washington, with tough people from the field of the US secret services and with private security companies.”


    “Get Ready for the Next Terror”


    This article was first published on December 21, 2012.(MANY LINKS IN ARTICLE)

    “A disturbing trend in the water sector is accelerating worldwide. The new β€œwater barons” β€” the Wall Street banks and elitist multibillionaires β€” are buying up water all over the world at unprecedented pace.”


  15. OK, I’m just wondering if your harasser has Police/Special handshake connections.

    If you’ve complained at only one station & yet still nothing has been done about him….

    Failing that the cops finally take action,I think it’s time for you to contact `Rent-a-Druid’ & see about having a curse or somesuch put on him.

    (I think I’m joking about `Rent-a-Druid’,but in todays Britain,who knows?.Just look in your Welsh Yellow pages.)


    “Global warming zealots must have been overjoyed when they read that headline, because to them it’s proof of global warming. But I see it a different way. I see it as undeniable proof that it has been warmer in the past.”


    β€œMonsanto have claimed more than 1500 climate resilient patents, and are hoping to use the climate crisis to make even bigger profits,” Shiva says claiming that β€œMonsanto wants super profits through total control over nature and humanity.”



    “Morgellons Disease sufferers report strange, fiber-like material sticking out of sores or wounds that erupt on the skin. This is accompanied by painful, intense itching, that has been described as β€œan ever present sensation as if something is crawling under the skin.”


    “The US Central Intelligence Agency has created and funded Boko Haram, a Takfiri group that abducted about 300 Nigerian girls last month, says American analyst Randy Short.”(WITH VID-& THE COMMENTS ARE VERY INTERESTING)



    “The head of the Lower House financial markets committee said that until Russia passes a law, any report to US tax authorities about a client accounts in Russian banks would be considered a violation of bank secrecy.”


    1. I was thinking along the same lines OG…..maybe this character is …erm ‘connected’.

  16. Rent-a-Druid! I like that OG πŸ˜€
    Allegedly in the re-investigations of Hillsborough, the pinny wearing ninny brigade in white gloves were banned from being on the investigating team. I think that should be the case for all investigations, in fact I think they should be banned from Politics, The Police force and every government related department and anything to do with scouting or child related associations etc. They really are as dodgy as it gets.

  17. Glad to hear the news Jimmy. Hopefully, you and your family can get on with your lives.
    Take care fella.

  18. There are some who claim to fight for a cause……..then you find out they are hand in glove with a seriously warped serial abuser. Yep! Plastic pearls of wisdom, just cheap imitations of the real thing.

  19. Just thank your lucky stars you haven’t got a granny annexe, I think they are so desperate to be close to you, they want to move in & they’ve already got the geriatric transport. Obsessed πŸ˜‰

  20. I know, seriously concerning behaviour. Especially from someone who works with kids. Very worrying πŸ™

  21. Good grief – G4s ARE actually providing wannabe detectives to the Police force. I knew they would be. I bet they’ve done a good job hiding just which top MPs have shares in that shambles of a company. Accused of rape in detention centers both here and abroad (though Australia at least had the good sense to rip up their contract) & the Olympics fiasco. Keystone Cops anyone?

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