Something that has been pointed out to me in regard to this website, a number of times is ‘why does the Outlaw publish so many ‘historical’ posts instead of posting about current events?’

The answer to that is quite simple, and I shall re-iterate what I answered then, which was that many events of today are not ‘new’, and one only has to look to history to find examples of similar or even identical events with which to draw comparisons from.

A case in point is something I happened upon last night, while I was doing some research for the book I am currently putting together about a building of historical interest in Wrexham, north east Wales, when I found an obscure reference to a survey of the Bromfield (Saxon Name) and Yale lordships, that had been undertaken by a Thomas Sheffield in 1315.

After a lot of searching, through books and various archives, I found a Doctorate Thesis in the Aberystwyth University Geography Archive ‘Spatial Patterns in the small town in the nineteenth century – a case study of Wrexham’, written by Sandra Irish B.A. (Tons), which was submitted in August 1987.

On page 102 of that document, there is a reference to this survey, and the date, but I can find little else about it, other than a few anecdotal quotes elsewhere, about ‘Famine’ and rather strangely ‘Cannibalism’.

In Wrexham?

So you know by now how it works, you start off by looking for something and you end up somewhere else, following clues and links and joining dots until you reach a point where you are reading about stuff that has nothing whatsoever to do with what you were actually looking for.

Anyway, the anecdotal references I had found to ‘Cannibalism’ piqued my interest somewhat, especially with all the bullshit being promoted around the internet at the moment, with taglines like ‘Baby Eating’ and ‘Satanic Practices’ and ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’ etc, so locating actual historical evidence of ‘Cannibalism’ on any scale occurring in Britain or mainland Europe, could, and I emphasize the word ‘could’, add some weight to at least some of these claims.

I avoided the ‘Truther’ websites and forums, especially those who are pumping out this kind of stuff regularly, and purposely looked for sources that were both historically ‘Mainstream’, as well as Contemporary therefore would be generally acceptable to the average person.

What I found was interesting, inasmuch as even WIKIPEDIA (although horrendously flawed, is generally the average person’s go-to reference point), has a number of pages about this very subject, but, being part of another historical event, (which admittedly I was not overly familiar with) could be easily overlooked.

Although WIKI makes no reference to the survey I was looking for, what it does mention is an event known as ‘The Great Famine’, which began in 1315 and continued for the next four years, brought great hardship and starvation to much of Europe and ‘Chroniclers of the time noted many incidences of cannibalism’….

‘In the spring of 1315, unusually heavy rain began in much of Europe. Throughout the spring and the summer, it continued to rain, and the temperature remained cool. Under such conditions, grain could not ripen, leading to widespread crop failures. Grain was brought indoors in urns and pots to keep dry. The straw and hay for the animals could not be cured, so there was no fodder for the livestock. The price of food began to rise; prices in England doubled between spring and midsummer. Salt, the only way to cure and preserve meat, was difficult to obtain because brine could not be effectively evaporated in wet weather; its price increased from 30 shillings to 40 shillings. In Lorraine, wheat prices grew by 320% making bread unaffordable to peasants. Stores of grain for long-term emergencies were limited to royalty, lords, nobles, wealthy merchants and the Church. Because of the general increased population pressures, even lower-than-average harvests meant some people would go hungry; there was little margin for failure. People began to harvest wild edible roots, plants, grasses, nuts and bark in the forests.

A number of documented incidents show the extent of the famine. Edward II, King of England, stopped at St Albans on 10 August 1315 and had difficulty finding bread for himself and his entourage; it was a rare occasion in which the King of England was unable to eat. The French, under Louis X, tried to invade Flanders, but in the low country of the Netherlands, the fields were soaked and the army became so bogged down that they were forced to retreat, burning their provisions where they left them, unable to carry them away.

In the spring of 1316, it continued to rain on a European population deprived of energy and reserves to sustain itself. All segments of society from nobles to peasants were affected but especially the peasants, who represented 95% of the population and who had no reserve food supplies. To provide some measure of relief, the future was mortgaged by slaughtering the draft animals, eating the seed grain, abandoning children to fend for themselves (“Hansel and Gretel”) and, among old people, voluntarily refusing food for the younger generation to survive.

*The chroniclers of the time noted many incidents of cannibalism.*

The height of the famine was reached in 1317, as the wet weather continued. Finally, in that summer, the weather returned to its normal patterns. By then, however, people were so weakened by diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis and tuberculosis, and so much of the seed stock had been eaten, that it was not until 1325 that the food supply returned to relatively normal levels and the population began to increase again. Historians debate the toll, but it is estimated that 10–25% of the population of many cities and towns died. Though the Black Death (1338–1375) would kill more people, it often swept through an area in a matter of months, whereas the Great Famine lingered for years, prolonging the suffering of the populace’. –WIKIPEDIA

That of course does not ‘Prove’ that Cannibalism is practiced today by any means, only that extreme hardship had forced a number of people out of sheer desperation and extreme hunger, to do the unthinkable in order to survive – that appears to be a historical fact.

There is of course the now infamous Sawney Beane case, where an East Lothian native in the 12th Century, along with 47 other members of his murderous and cannibalistic family, were executed:

‘Their crimes were considered so heinous that the normal justice system, for which Scotland is so renowned, was abandoned and the entire family were sentenced to death. The following day the twenty-seven men of the family met a fate similar to that of many of their victims, by having their legs and arms cut off and being left to slowly bleed to death, watched by their women. The twenty-one women were burned like witches in huge fires.’

So even in the 12th Century, cannibalism was considered so heinous a crime that the Scottish  justice system was abandoned.

As many of these recent ‘Baby Eating’ claims are known to be emanating from over the Scottish border, could they be using the Bean case, as it’s local to them as a point of reference?

Because I would bet a pound against a pinch of pig manure that they are not aware of what happened during the ‘Great Famine’, and out of great necessity only.


Another thing I would like to draw attention to, although it’s unrelated to the eating of people or babies, is another event which happened prior to 1315, (also referred to in the WIKIPEDIA page) and which is believed to have been the cause of the famine:

‘The onset of the Great Famine coincided with the end of the Medieval Warm Period. Between 1310 and 1330, northern Europe saw some of the worst and most sustained periods of bad weather in the entire Middle Ages, characterized by severe winters and rainy and cold summers. The Great Famine may have been precipitated by a volcanic event, perhaps that of Mount Tarawera which lasted about five years.

Changing weather patterns, the ineffectiveness of medieval governments in dealing with crises and population level at a historical high made it a time for little margin for error in food production.’

Which shows that ‘Global Warming’ or ‘Climate Change’ is not a new thing either, it’s a perfectly natural cycle, (every few thousand years) is entirely predictable, and is certainly not ‘ManMade’ as every western Government has claimed for the last decade or so, and that there are not that many things that are entirely ‘New’….

*Note: I will continue searching for the Wrexham Cannibals though, in case you were wondering …. It would make a great story…… If it’s true!*

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  1. I would certainly well believe that cannibalism was practiced in Europe in the middle ages.

    In fact, the suburb of Dublin from which I hail, though nowadays known largely for its racecourse track, originally got its name because it was once the site of a leper’s colony. We now associate leprosy with very poor countries, if we think of it at all, but the disease was common in Dublin in medieval times.


  2. As ever excellent research Jimmy, and as you say current events are treated as ‘new happenings’, when they all have their roots in the past. Climate change is not a new, or man made phenomena but something that is a natural occurrence re the ‘mini ice age’ between 1645 and 1715. It was ended by the sun becoming warmer again, proof that such events run in cycles.

  3. Another great post, how you come up with these articles and ideas I would not like to even guess, but I for one are glad that you keep coming up with them. Visiting the Outlaw is a unique online experience for me and I hope it continues for a long time. Thank You

  4. Another known case was the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 in 1972 carrying a rugby team which crashed in the Andes too. They made a movie about it. Some of them went mad after the experience I read somewhere.

    “The survivors had little food and no source of heat in the harsh conditions at over 3,600 metres (11,800 ft) altitude. Faced with starvation and radio news reports that the search for them had been abandoned, the survivors ate the bodies of dead passengers that had been preserved in the snow. The human remains were cut up into tiny bite size strips and left to dry in the sun. Due to food shortage, every part of the human body that could be eaten was eaten. Rescuers did not learn of the survivors until 72 days after the crash, when passengers Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa, after a 10-day trek across the Andes, found Chilean arriero Sergio Catalán, who gave them food and then alerted the authorities to the existence of the other survivors”.

    FLIGHT 571

    1. JAB
      Interestingly, it seems that the religious survivors of the the crash struggled most. There were those who wouldn’t eat human remains and died in the mountains, while those who did have suffered ongoing and severe mental anguish. The less/non religious were much more able to return to ‘normality’.

      1. Phil a couple or few decades ago, I read about the plane crash and afterwards wondered what I might do, it’s the kind of discussion I had with myself.

        I realised that if my life and survival depended on it, that I would probably eat anything available that I didn’t think would kill me, though I’d also probably be pragmatic about that….

        Gonna die anywhay, so might as well kinda thing…..

        I wouldn’t though kill to save myself. They’d have to already be gone.

        Just as in some countries even today, some children are sold by their parents, so poor and unable to feed them that they are able to do the unthinkable….

        I’m sure that it probably did go on in very desperate times, given the abject starvation and weakness, madness even likely, babies would have been likely to die….

        So faced with death or eating a dead body, might have been a life saver, saving people to protect as far as possible their family.

        I’m just trying to put myself in their shoes a bit and even if they did it doesn’t mean that they killed them first.

        I’m not gonna go THERE though.

        1. So many fortresses, towns and, in modern times, even cities have been besieged, sometimes for many months; their populations reduced to eating their pack animals, pets, even rats… It seems logical that some of the dead would become food for starving survivors.

          Explorers of remote areas may have done the same.

          What about Scott’s ill-fated Antarctic expedition? Oates reportedly said “I am just going outside and may be some time”. The bodies of Scott, Wilson and Bowers were later recovered. But not that of Oates.

          Well, you never know!

  5. Hey Jimmy, while on the subject of strange Scottish people, one of them has created a really odd video and put it on YouTube mentions you and people who comment here.

    *Trigger Warning* You may actually piss yourself laughing if you watch it as it’s truly awful, like something a bad tempered toddler would do when they are overtired


    1. Oh Dear! That’s two, no sorry three minutes and thirty three seconds of my life I will never, ever get back.

      From what I have just seen, it looks very much like she has been up all night stalking social media accounts and websites to Screengrab comments that are already in the public domain, and then spent her day cutting and sticking them into a montage which then resembles something cobbled together in a kindergarten art class….


      And she also wants vulnerable abuse survivors to contact her and those she promotes to get their stories?

      An experience that would be like being a patient of Hannibal Lecter ….

      It only needs some more ‘Thumbs down’ for that video to be perfect

      One more thing.

      Commenting on ones own social media account or website, does not make anyone a ‘troll’, she does not appear to possess the mental capacity to understand that.

      It’s when someone comments on ‘somebody else’s’ social media page, or forum post or Website in order to annoy, derail or cause distress to someone which makes one a ‘Troll’ by it’s own, and correct definition ….

    2. It’s a very poor response against what has been levelled against them. Especially when you consider who they all seem to link to. Smacks of desperation.

      I only hope there are some Scottish CSA survivors reading this blog, who turn up and ask questions directly to them, questions they won’t be able to delete and ignore.

      Hopefully, no one will be daft enough to turn up at all.

      1. First question being, given that there is a properly constituted Scots inquiry, what is the purpose and desired end goal of this alternative inquiry they seem to be proposing?

        1. Because they cannot exert any personal influence or control over the official inquiry perhaps?

          Nor can they rattle donation buckets and tins.

          They are undoubtably other reasons which may make themselves apparent in time, but until then it may be wise to simply keep an eye on proceedings.

      2. Jane, I can’t believe that she thought it would put me, you or Jimmy or others she’s trying to smear, in a bad light.

        It’s laughable but very telling that she picks on a few minor details but addresses nothing of importance.

        1. I have had far scarier types than that lot on my case Sheva.

          I haven’t seen any of them vow to ‘bury me and then pour concrete on my coffin’ yet – which was a particular favourite of the last lot who tried.

          1. I remember it well Jimmy.

            Where is that idiot now?

            Disappeared up his own well-used orifice last I heared

          2. I am really disgusted that they just trot out these mantras about you that were planted by themselves on the net.

            That though is really a sign of what they feel embolded and justified to do once they’ve put the idea about that your a child molester……. or all the various names I’ve been called…. I’m not scared at all.

            I have been in far worst situations and real danger before.

            I will just try to use them as an example for others to be warned by.

            No one is paying them any attention.

            Just their own few clingons and flying monkeys thinking they can carry on forever but failing ever more successfully.

            Thanks in no small part to you and your good friends.

        2. Sheva, I think we may all need to chip in to buy Penny a new Satanic forces detecting Divining Rod, because judging by her friends list, the one she has, doesn’t seem to be working very well.

          Maybe we could ask her disreputable friend Kevin Annett if he could hand back some of the donations she’s allegedly made to him,then we could get her a super strength one? 😀

          1. She has lots of gadgets too, seen promoting them at the early Amaach meetings in Belinda McKenzies house with Miles Johnston 2011.

            Her friends list is good evidence of their conspiring. Thanks.

    3. I did pmsl…. I had just finished uploading screenshots, had quite a busy time of it swatting some twitter twats and reporting the whole case to IWF & CEOP and getting some fine results, when it popped up in my twitter feed posted by one of theirs.

      So it was really helpful to have such a great example of me posting handed to me on a plate 🙂

      To add in to my planned video.

    4. Not exactly Braveheart and Robert the Bruce are they Jimmy?

      More like WeakFart and Noggin the Nog if you ask me 😉

  6. Fascinating post Jimmy, how refreshing to see real research.

    Well I learnt some new things today, thankyou.

    I agree that the earth has cycles of weather change, history tells us that, but I do think that we have added a burden to the earth through our use of chemical & mainly plastics.

    1. “…but I do think that we have added a burden to the earth through our use of chemical & mainly plastics.”

      The EU/German policy of promoting diesels over petrol engines is also wrong-headed.

      Diesel engines are much worse than petrol apparently, they create more pollutants.

      According to this article (yes, I know, it’s Monbiot, but he does sometimes make valid points) the German government blackmailed the British, Irish and other European governments into policies that helped the German auto sector:


      1. Thanks tdf and Yeah, I used to drive diesel it’s something I take note of and I do think we need cleaner energy and glad we’re heading that way.

        I watch click a lot on the Beeb, it’s very informative on lots of areas of tech.

        I didn’t know Germany were doing that, a German women told me years ago that in cities they had days when there were no cars allowed to give the atmosphere a chance……… I went to Hamburg once and it really felt laden and filthy with pollution.

        Plastics in the ocean…. though and how we can clean that up and the cruise ships dumping really annoys me.

        I get sick of people crying about chemtrails and flouride whilst avoiding doing anything about their own habits or making changes happen quicker.

  7. Hi Jimmy I don’t know if you are aware of this but a Screengrabbed comment from FTS has been posted to the Hoaxtead blog spouting his usual shit but I did notice that he is now fully on board the SRA bandwagon now along with Ogilvy and Cat Scot and that lot. He seems pretty desperate IMO as he has gone from kissing Spivey’s arse to slithering around the SRA and babyeating believers mob. Proving what most people thought about him anyway I should think

    1. An old adage which springs to mind here is “Judge a man by the company he keeps” ….

      Any person who latches onto people who promote and hide behind the shameless and cruel exploitation of a vunerable Downs Syndrome girl – are beneath contempt.

      There is little more I can add to that, except a little-known Arabian proverb which states ….

      “The only true mark of a man is in the number of attacks on him by his enemies”….

      1. Isn’t it strange that all the major Troll groups ALL use disabled kids as a tool?
        Some are quite hypocritical about it too. My memory is longer.

        I think Bob sides with anyone he can to get back at Jimmy when he’s attacked by people on this site personally, but then I have a few hundred emails that you don’t, so maybe that’s why I know these things.

        I doubt it’d happen quite so much, if people didn’t insist on bringing his name up out of the blue when everything’s quiet and there’s no real reason to. That does seem to be THE straw that breaks the camels back each time.

        But it’s a double edge sword, because as you say, he will be judged by the company he keeps and that’s his choice.

        Personally I wouldn’t be seen dead knocking about with people linked to paedophiles, bent coppers and attack agents, but that’s just me.

        I think Tom, however blunt, does manage to explain them all pretty well.

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