I have been asked on more than a few occasions, “Why do you not write more about CSA?”

As an example, I did not comment on the recent Ian Watkins case, simply because so much information was readily available, there was very little I could add to what was already pretty conclusive evidence.

My ‘failure’ to join in with the ever-popular online game of Celebrity Paedo Pursuit, has of course been translated as my being an ‘Obvious Paedophile,’ a ‘Paedoprotector’ and an ‘Apologist,’

Simply because I do not immediately and publicaly condemn, then jump on the already overcrowded bandwagon that rolls into town, each time the latest celebrity happens to be caught in the MSM crosshairs.

Unfortunately, (for some) the Outlaw takes a more balanced approach.

Before anything is published here, there has to be, at the very least, some actual evidence to back up any claims presented.

I may of course, not always publish the evidence in full for legal reasons, it exists nonetheless and is readily available if the need arises, should anything published be challenged.

So often throughout history, there have been men, and women who have been publicly condemned, even going to the gallows on what was in hindsight, less than convincing ‘evidence.’

A case in point being the execution of Timothy Evans, who was hanged at Pentonville Prison in March 1950, for the murder of his wife and infant daughter.


That case was not even unique in the way the public condemnation against Evans, stirred up by the Newspapers, led to the vilification of an innocent man.

We know now of course, that the real villain was John Reginald Halliday Christie, who had won public sympathy during the case with his convincing display of emphasising his war service and his fragility due to various ailments.

He successfully manipulated his ‘victim’ status to deflect attention away from himself, the real perpetrator.

He was found out however, and was hanged in 1953, for the murder of eight people, including the wife and daughter of Timothy Evans, at 10 Rillington Place.

The Internet has now in part, taken the lead of the Mainstream Media, in whipping up public opinion to suit whatever agenda it chooses.

Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook for example, along with various blogs and Forums which congregate around CSA issues, can be a powerful medium when public disquiet about emotive subjects, needs to be stirred up and directed towards a suitable target.

A good analogy is one I read recently, which compared a certain ‘Truth’ Forum to a Primary School Art class.

The children are taught how to mix the colour green, with a combination of yellow and blue paint.

But the temptation exists for the child to add another colour, and another, and another, until the final colour resembles an unattractive shade of brown, which the teacher throws away and makes the child start again.

On the Internet, what begins as one or two genuine versions of the truth, gets constantly added to by ill-informed, or deliberately disruptive people, to where the story quickly becomes a brown, smelly mess to be avoided at all costs.

That is how disinformation works.

Twitter is the worst offender, along with the David Icke Forums, who have named at one time or another, everybody from Eric Sykes, to Sooty and Sweep as being predatory Paedophiles.

It achieves nothing, except muddying the waters and spreading groundless rumours, making any attempt at genuine investigation almost impossible to achieve.

It may be worthwhile asking if that is the real reason, as the scattergun approach to online Paedophile Identification, is comparable only to the closing scenes of the movie Spartacus.

Kirk Douglas stands up to identify himself as the leader of the slave uprising, only for Tony Curtis to get to his feet and utter the now immortal line “I’m Spartacus.”

His companions also begin to rise around him, each calling out the same line, in order to misdirect the attention of their Roman captors from their beloved leader.

So the Romans, with no obviously guilty party, crucified them all, knowing that their intended target was among them somewhere.

Justice on the Internet it seems, involves accusing anybody and everybody, in the hope that they may eventually get the right person.

Meanwhile, the real perpetrators remain free, safe in the knowledge that there are millions of slaves out there, and ample scapegoats too.

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  1. “He successfully manipulated his ‘victim’ status to deflect attention away from himself, the real perpetrator”.

    Now why does that sound SO familiar? Ah I know, it was a very badly written blog I read by an evil piece of scum admitting to doing the very same thing. Probably still is, some people are just born evil & ugly & never evolve.

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