This article is not going to follow the usual format of the Outlaw, inasmuch as it is the first of a series, an ‘introduction’, or a ‘Part One’ if you like, which appears to be the current trend.

What I am going to attempt to set down in these articles, is not going to make comfortable reading for anyone, even more so for some of those who were actually involved, as certain ‘facts’ I am going to highlight, begin to register.

Mess 'em About

The image most people appear to have of the children that were abused in the British care system, is seeing them as they are now, middle-aged adults.

The mainstream media, have ensured that would be the picture, indelibly etched onto the nations memory, as was witnessed in November 2012, with the appearence of Steven Messham on the BBC ‘Newsnight’ programme.

Like many others, I had reservations about the whole thing being dragged up again, but on the whole, it now appears to have had a positive effect.

Survivors have come forward, who were, thankfully, not caught up in the now infamous media circus that resulted in the setting up of the Waterhouse Enquiry, which began in January 1997 and concluded with the publishing of the final report in February 2000.

“The final report ran to over 500,000 words, and contained 700 allegations of abuse involving 170 individuals. More than 80 people, many of whom were care staff or teachers, were named as child abusers in statements to the inquiry. Costing more than £12M, it was stated to be: “the biggest investigation ever held in Britain into allegations of physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children who passed through the care system.” WIKIPEDIA – WATERHOUSE

250 witnesses and more than 200 additional statements were examined, being painstakingly scrutinised alongside testimony from more than 650 people over the 203 days the enquiry lasted.

It was an expensive, bloated and fundamentally flawed undertaking, which for many, still did not lay to rest the suspicions that the whole issue of institutional child abuse in the care homes of north Wales, was still being ‘Covered Up.

There are numerous sources available online, with an even greater number of theories offered as to why Waterhouse was flawed, from suspicions of the involvement of Freemasons, through to the north Wales police, ‘covering their own backs’ by destroying vital evidence due to their alleged involvement.

So was the Waterhouse Enquiry, as fundamentally flawed as had been alleged?

Paddy French of Rebecca TV certainly thinks so.


I have now read most of what has been published online, including the 900+ page behemoth that is the ‘Lost in Care’ report, I have also, waded through a number of conventionally published books on the subject, including ‘The secret of Bryn Estyn’ by Richard Webster.

All have their merits, as well as their failings, especially with regard to their belief, that, ‘No stone has been left unturned’ and every aspect had been minutely and exhaustively examined.

I do not share that belief.

I say that because it is my understanding, that some of, possibly even the most vital of testimonies, were not examined in any great detail, omitted completely, or not even heard.

That evidence could have easily been made available, if the people who held the information had been summoned to the Enquiry of course.

Witnesses such as John Allen’s ex-accountant at Bryn Alyn, Des Frost, could have been called to give his testimony.

If that had been allowed to happen, it would have become known that a wider police enquiry into alleged child abuse, could have been launched a decade earlier.

But that would have also meant that John Allen, had somehow been allowed to continue abusing what may yet turn out be hundreds of children.

For a full ten years.

Was that the reason he was never called?

Could it have been to avoid a high profile trial, which may have proved to be very uncomfortable for the people who had enabled John Allen, access to many more vulnerable children?

Or was it not seen to be as important, as some of the ‘questionable’ testimony from any number of witnesses, who’s own versions of the abuse they claim to have suffered, had changed many times.

What I personally believe to be the biggest flaw in the Waterhouse Enquiry, you will find extremely difficult, if at all possible to locate online.

*Google will not be able to help you on this one, I’m afraid, as the only remaining reference, has very recently [coincidence?] been deleted from the Internet cache.*

It is nowhere to be found among the half a million plus words found inside the ‘Lost In Care’ report either, nor amongst the millions of words written before and since the report was even published.

In fact, you would struggle to find any mention of this particular incident, which appears to be connected to an article published in September 1997, by Guardian Journalist, Nick Davies.

Nick Davies

A paragraph taken from the article, clearly illustrates the climate that was accepted as being ‘normal’ in certain residential homes in Wales, highlighting the ‘Culture of Bullying’ that existed in care homes like Bryn Estyn in particular.

“The place was rife with perverts.”

That ‘particularly frail boy’mentioned in the Guardian article, who endured, with many others, what I could only describe, as months of ‘torture,’ at the hands of a small group of other residents, during his time at Bryn Estyn.

*Which the incumbent staff, did little to curtail, according to the accounts of the ex-residents who were prepared to speak about it.*

He was also one of the two men who initially reported the abuse that had been happening in north Wales, ultimately leading to the enquiry that made headlines around the world.

His experiences, also add credibility to the rumoured ‘acts of bestiality’ described by Anne Clwyd MP, after reading parts of the Jillings Report, which was commissioned in 1996.

*A report, which has still not been released in it’s entirety, regardless of what some people are saying online.*

It would have been impossible for him however, to have been able to give, what could have been crucial evidence to the Waterhouse Tribunal.

Sadly, he had taken his own life on the 6th of January 1994, almost a full three years before the Inquiry began.

He hanged himself from a door following many years of alcohol and drug abuse, and soon after serving a six month sentence for an attack on the person he had instantly recognised, as the one who had terrified and tortured him at the Bryn Estyn Childrens Home.

He had seen him, some years after leaving Bryn Estyn, later returning to the squalid flat where his tormentor was then living, and struck him three times across the face, slashing open his nose, with what was described as ‘a large sword’.

The man who had made his life ‘a living hell’ for years however, was never convicted, or appeared before a court, nor was he even named in any of the reporting media outlets.

His identity has remained hidden for more than twenty years, stored safely away in a court archive, or on a long-closed file tucked safely away, somewhere in North Wales.

His name therefore, couldn’t be found among the pages of a very now scarce, self-published book, written by the brother of the man he could have driven to a point where he would take his own life, I wouldn’t have thought.

Or could it?

NOTE: Not only did this person torment, bully and abuse this man and undoubtedly many others, he also managed to get one of  his victims sent to prison, even claiming compensation from the CICB, after being attacked by him.

To be continued….

16 thoughts on “HOUSE OF LIES

  1. There’s a line in a poem about someone who when left on his own with his own thoughts & memories took the “Including him as well” option.

    A life long torture that only death could dissolve. Always losing to his abuser. No escape from it. No end to it.

    He took the only option that he felt would make it all go away?

    Peace. x


    1. Some truly tragic stories are emerging now. People seem to have realised that they may finally be listened to and the ‘truth will out’.

      The best memorial would be for the truth to be told, for people to understand what it was really like for some of those children.

      Decades of lies and deception.

      “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”

      There is part of a poem that I remember too, it makes more sense now.. I shall have to dig out the book and find the rest of the poem.

      “His flat was his protection zone,
      Like an armoured shell.
      Probably from his torture,
      In his Bryn Estyn hell”

    2. I do believe that I did not mention any names in the above article..

      If the article is all ‘lies’ why go to the bother of making a video and admit being stabbed, thus identifying yourself as the person not even named in that article, an article which you also claim is a lie?

  2. I do hope so! It’s long overdue. At least this time, they are aware that there is genuine support for them. Until we deal with the huge injustice of the past, how can we begin to tackle it in the future? The time is now.

    That verse sounds so familiar, think I may have read it too. Very descriptive, piece. Extremely sad but well worth reading as I recall.

  3. I think the Mother of the Author of the poetry is rightfully proud of the publication of the book. HIS words, not yours.

    Really cleverly written. well worth reading.

  4. And could it be possible to conceive
    The abuser that you do perceive
    Waves the flag of an anti Abuser
    When all along he’s just a user?

    He rides upon the ‘victims’ back
    Whilst his chosen victims he does attack
    Could it be that decades later
    The abuser remains a vicious hater?

  5. Here’s hoping that Person A for abuser is squirming right about now. Maybe justice is around the next corner, maybe that net is closing in on the sprat in the sea, maybe he is busy getting his stories straight.

    Such close friends – really? are you sure? I mean is that really the type of thoughts going through your head that you as Person A were actually friends with the Victim?

    So tell us all Person A, is this how your friendship was – with the Victim wanting to attack you? Is that your idea of ‘friends’? I think NOT!

    Person A you know what you did don’t you? Your tormenting of the Victim, so much tormenting but wasn’t it fun eh? Who’s going to be laughing next then?

    So will you do the right and respectable thing and confess to what you did? What’s was that – excuse after excuse after excuse, is it because you are worse than those you accused?

    Mind how you go now – I’m sure there are plenty of people who want you to tell the truth so you need to be well enough for that.

    1. Oh Lord, excuse the pun. I have watched his video 5 times now this evening “How many times?” I’ve watched it 5 times Jim. “How many times?” Um 5 times Jimmy!

      Oh my God, I wonder if he McL has any idea at all how he is coming across to us the public? Anyone with even half an ounce of integrity, can see him for what he is. For a start he has the most evil insincere face of any bloke I’ve ever come across, ew ugly old bloke. I see a chap who is silently in panic mode, making stupid videos trying to discredit you, which incidentally isn’t working mate in my mind, so i assume others with an ounce of integrity feel the same as i do. Not all people believe all they hear and I am shocked that Rogers, Moonad, Jan, Inna etc have fallen for his lies, i mean them people on twitter, its some how unreal mate. I don’t understand after what he did to them as far as i can see, unless I am missing the point somewhere?

      There is no way on earth this bloke is a real criminologist, pmsl, i asked Prof DW and he said the bloke wasn’t and he was a complete fake, a total amateur sleuth, that this is schoolboy with a grudge stuff and he can’t even see that we are all watching the playground rantings of a deluded man child who’s only ever grown up in his own perception of self. We are watching and listening to a desperate man for whom the net is closing by the looks of it. He is suffering from alapecia by the day as each video emerges, Number 6 tomorrow? where will that be filmed? he does a poor impression of Chunky Mark, supermarket sweep? maybe he’ll film from his wife’s Ann Summers party tomorrow? I wouldn’t put it past him by the way his character comes across. Doesn’t stress cause Alapicia. I looked on that website where all the things he said on twitter are listed in plain site, the one about him and his friends murdering etc, his own words as he likes to say. someone out there did society a huge favour by archiving this blokes words. It’s very scary that there are blokes like him wandering the streets. I couldn’t believe what I was reading yet I couldn’t stop either. He admits to being a drug dealer, he admits to lying in court, he sounds so proud of all his misdemeanours. He’s been in prison. His children must be so proud to have a Father like him. getting his young lad to read the stolen Jilling’s report on ebay was about the the most disturbing thing i had ever seen. The most selfish act of an inhumane person putting his child on cam like that. Why would any parent to that to their child? That poor young lad, one day he will grow up to be a man. Some of the tweets there that he said about some people like Paul Rogers Father are awful, truly awful, how can these people now be his close friends? If anybody had said those disgusting things about my Father, strict as he is, I could never forgive that and be best friends? Does anyone else understand because I don’t, please could someone explain because I must have missed something along the way.

      I can’t remember his name but the ex policeman who sued private eye magazine re Ian Hislop and won a hell of a lot of money in compensation, McL and he are good friends right? Yet this copper has been accused of sexually abusing boys at Bryn house over and over again? Do you think the policeman will call McL again as a defence witness if any charges are brought against him? I don’t think he would make a credible witness do you? Not with all these things he’s said in public, he had totally discredited himself Outlaw.

      On the other side of the coin, you have acted in such a way that I can only respect you and the situation you and your family have found yourself in. His public condemnation of your blog post in my opinion only shows panic in this blokes eyes. You have always told the truth. To an outsider who follows your blog, you’ve come across as an intelligent, wise, intellectual man who must be going through hell, who lived a quiet and dignified life (after recovering) up until November 2012 and the Messham fiasco. Show me any decent man who wouldn’t fight for his truth and survival after that.

      You are an intelligent man, you could easily parade your children in front of a camera, like McL has done but you a real Dad and a real caring parent will go to the end of the earth to protect their children, to protect his family and there is not anyone who can call you for that Jimmy.

      If you are following this and if you have a conscience then please for Gods sake speak up, anon if needs be, Jimmy needs out support against this monster, NOW! Come on OutlawJimmy fans, there are many of you. Stand shoulder to shoulder with this good bloke’

      Regards always

      1. Thanks for your comment Joseph. I did watch the video yes, (only once though) and what struck me was his apparent eagerness to name the people he assumed I had written about.

        What I also find odd is how his version of life at the ‘Big House’ is markedly different to almost everyone elses.

        There must have been hundreds of lads who had passed through the doors of Bryn Estyn, yet only two to my knowledge have ever pushed themselves forward for the cameras in that way.

        I can assure you, that everything written in my article has a source of reference, which I shall of course make available if needed.

        The Youtuber is only too aware of the fact I cannot directly respond to him, as he has ensured that I would be arrested for doing so.

        That also means that he has free rein to ‘Embroider’ his story in any way he chooses, safe in the knowledge that he cannot be directly challenged. By me at least. Hence the amount of blogs, tweets and videos he is currently producing, to try and reinforce his story, which of course he needs to be seen as the definitive version.

        His aggressive manner and threats, directed toward anyone who dares to challenge or even question his ‘honesty’ tells it’s own story I think.

        He certainly is looking like a man who seems to have something to hide.

        1. Indeed Jimmy. His last video was of him shooting himself in the foot. I was horrified at his revelations. Oh McL if you are reading this and I assume you will be, let me tell you something. We are an astute lot us public, you give us very little credit for our ability to read a situation, our ability to feel the truth. I don’t watch them but you only have to look at these reality programme winners, it is always the good guy that wins. Your story screams of lies and cover ups. You come across as a man desperate to hide the truth about Bryn Estyn, your relationship to this day with the copper who stands today as an innocent man but has been accused of some horrific crimes of sexual abuse against children and he has been arrested and is currently on bail, I wonder if I may request you educate us all as to your almost lifelong friendship with this copper? I’m sure many would like to know. Your long association with each other leaves a bad taste in the publics mouth FYI. Your last video says a hell of a lot about you and from watching it you appear rather tired, rather worried and I should think you should be after what we have been reading. Karma is a wonderful law. I have been reading your own words where you state your group have murdered, abused your own children, you state high security prisons were built for people like you, could you elaborate on your this via another video please. I think you need to answer some questions about your own writing. You have for now taken away Jimmy’s right of reply, you’ve silenced him temporarily, ironically it is you that comes across badly not he. Jimmy comes across as a man with a unquenchable thirst for truth and justice. You come across as a scary unhinged man on the edge, a desperate man, not a nice bloke are you? I am thankful to Jimmy if he deems it acceptable to let this comment through as you don’t publish comments on your blog. I wonder why that may be? No contact email, no comments shown, no credibility whatsoever and I’ve wasted enough time looking and listening to you. It’s car crash TV nothing more as far as you are concerned, IMHO. Give up your secrets before Karma does it for you.

      2. My creed.

        How fine it is at night to say:
        “I have not wronged a soul to-day.
        I have not by a word or deed,
        In any breast sowed anger’s seed,
        Or caused a fellow being pain;
        Nor is there on my crest a stain
        That shame has left. In honor’s way,
        With head erect, I’ve lived this day.”

        When night slips down and day departs
        And rest returns to weary hearts,
        How fine it is to close the book
        Of records for the day, and look
        Once more along the traveled mile
        And find that all has been worth while;
        To say: “In honor I have toiled;
        My plume is spotless and unsoiled.”

        Yet cold and stern a man may be
        Retaining his integrity;
        And he may pass from day to day
        A spirit dead, in living clay,
        Observing strictly morals, laws,
        Yet serving but a selfish cause;
        So it is not enough to say:
        “I have not stooped to shame to-day!”

        It is a finer, nobler thought
        When day is done and night has brought
        The contemplative hours and sweet,
        And rest to weary hearts and feet,
        If man can stand in truth and say:
        “I have been useful here to-day.
        Back there is one I chanced to see
        With hope newborn because of me.

        “This day in honor I have toiled;
        My shining crest is still unsoiled;
        But on the mile I leave behind
        Is one who says that I was kind;
        And someone hums a cheerful song
        Because I chanced to come along.”
        Sweet rest at night that man shall own
        Who has not lived his day alone.

        Jimmy thank you on behalf of us all for never giving up, for educating us, for your bravery in the face of extreme adversity. This poem reminded us of your fight for the truth. Thank you.

        1. What a beautiful poem – so apt to what is going on, and the last bit I wholeheartedly endorse. So many thanks to you too.

  6. Ah what a difference a day makes – unfortunately it cannot bring you beauty, hair or brains but you know that dontcha after all you have to look in the mirror each day and face yourself. Does it come easy to you avoiding those thoughts of guilt? Oh silly me of course it does, you don’t do guilt or shame do you? You’re all ego and sex aids #gottakeepitupsomehow

  7. I think this is, as I know it was intended to be, a respectful memorial in what happens to be an Anniversary year.

    Seems fitting to me that a genuine survivor of CSA (who spent a short time at Bryn Estyn himself) would mark the sad passing of a fellow care home kid, who had suffered greatly too. More right to than most I would think.

    And those who know something of Jimmy, either personally or through his writing, will no doubt agree, that if they could choose anyone to write about such a sad story, someone who’d give it the dignity, respect & due care it deserves, Jimmy Jones would be the man they’d choose.

    Anyone kicking up a stink or has chosen to reveal themselves is their own affair.

    This remains a tribute to people who are sadly no longer here, a subject much talked about on many other blogs & isn’t an issue to disrespect.

  8. The quality of the comments plus the beautiful/needle sharp poetry says it all.
    I am an ‘outsider’ with no agenda or cross to bear but The Outlaw / Jimmy Jones’ has morals and integrity that shine through his writing and online presence.
    I can see the truth and I support you.
    Keep that positive light blazing on those that thrive in the negative darkness Outlaw.
    Sending you love and energy; that I’ve sapped from your vampires

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