Welsh Labour MP Ann Clwyd has called, along with many others, for an over-arching Inquiry into child abuse.

But Ms Clwyd knows perfectly well that Inquiries don’t always get to the truth.

She herself, a strong supporter of the war in Iraq, was given a very easy ride when she appeared before the Chilcot inquiry in spite of being personally responsible for disseminating an uncorroborated and later discredited story just before the crucial Parliamentary vote on the Iraq war.

This described an industrial machine used by Saddam Hussein as a “people shredder” into which opponents of the regime would be fed feet first for maximum suffering, their remains put into plastic bags and used as fish food.

Without this story, it is quite possible that Britain would not have supported the Iraq war.The tall tale was also picked up around the world and used by proponents of the illegal invasion, notably in Australia and the US.

In these circumstances and with so much blood on her hands it is ironic that Clwyd also claims to support Bradley Manning.

Without her intervention on Iraq, Manning may never have been sent there and the events he is now accused of disclosing to WikiLeaks, including the Collateral Murder attack, may never have happened.

Inquiries don’t bring justice. They are always going to be led by establishment figures with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo or at least saving their colleagues from embarrassment or prosecution.

They will always be limited by restrictive terms of reference. We don’t need our information filtered, redacted and massaged.

Let’s have the raw data and we can make up our own minds, starting with the pulped Clwyd County Council Jillings Report and all the evidence it was based on.

As Julian Assange has said of WikiLeaks:“The goal is justice. The method is transparency.”

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