Going on the emails and the messages I have been receiving over the last few days, it appears that there is some concern that this site has not been updated with a new post – for a little over two weeks now.

So with that in mind, I thought I should sit down and put something down by way of explanation.

Firstly, let me assure you, dear reader, that there is nothing wrong with me whatsoever, no catastrophic event has befallen me, or those closest to me, I have not been abducted by Aliens, nor have I been spirited away by the Illuminati/Jesuits/Satanists or any other such nonsense.

The reality is nothing like as exciting I’m afraid, and I have been simply busy pursuing a number of other projects that have taken priority.

As much as I have enjoyed owning, running and researching/writing for the Outlaw, a blokes also got to earn a living, and running this website at my own cost, as I have been doing since November 2012, means that it is simply no longer financially viable.

Thankfully, finding the monthly hosting fees are no longer an issue, as a good friend has, by way of sponsorship, alleviated that burden now, leaving me free to concentrate on other matters.

As I mentioned a while ago, I am currently working on a small book ‘Investiture Hill’, who’s research has taken me further along some routes I had not anticipated, which has also incurred costs, including travel, research facility access and document copying, none of which are as cheap as they once were, so also have to be considered.

At the present time, I am awaiting access to a newspaper archive which is currently being transferred to microfiche, which contains the details I need to get hold of for continuity, in order to complete the book.

In the meantime, I have been exploring a number of other avenues available to me, one of which is another piece of work, which I have considering putting together for a long time, about my personal experience of being the target of  a malicious and dangerous stalker for a few years, the ultimate outcome of which, was an entirely one-sided ‘Malicious Communications’ trial, following which I was convicted, and was duly reported upon by the local press here in North Wales, in an entirely misleading and wholly biased manner.

In fact, as the only accounts of my case that have ever been published, were by my persecutor, his online associates and the [apparently] completely corrupt North Wales mass media, none of whom offered anything close to an accurate account of what actually took place, both leading up to the trial, and the trial itself, I believe it is high time that I redressed the balance.

With facts too, and although it appears to be a rare commodity these days, and getting rarer – with actual EVIDENCE which utterly refutes the version which appears to have become accepted (and gleefully circulated) in some of the murkier corners of the interwebz.

So that is something that I am also going to be addressing soon, and making available in some capacity.

Another project that I have been working on, albeit speculatively at the moment, is reformatting a selection of original articles that have previously been published on the Outlaw, which is something that was suggested to me by a number of people, and make them available for the Kindle E-Book reader.

Depending on how the first volume is received, more will be published, but will include a number of articles/insights which have never been published, here, or anywhere else.

I have also been getting to grips with my jungle of a garden, which has sadly been neglected over what must be one of the longest winter periods I can recall, and a load of other stuff that normal family life brings with it.

Real life unfortunately, is often far more mundane, drama-free and altogether ordinary than what people claim it is on Twitter, or Facebook, or Youtube etc.

9 thoughts on “BRANCHING OUT

  1. The old saying seems relevant here, ‘Don’t let the bastards grind you down’ Onwards and upwards Jimmy J

  2. Don’t blame you at all mate. We are living in not only tough but dangerous times and a man has to do what he has to do sometimes. At least you are not publishing tons and tons of bullshit and begging for donations. All power to you bud

  3. I also have been outside for days enjoying the glorious weather. I can’t think of anything worse than being sat indoors all day glued to a computer screen when the world is such a beautiful place on days like this. Clear blue skies and Mediterranean temperatures—what more could you ask for? Apart from winning the lottery lol. Good for you Jimmy J. As the Duke famously said (allegedly) ‘A Mans gotta do what a mans gotta do” 😉

  4. Has Richard Bartholomew’s site been hacked Jimmy? It keeps directing me to clickbait pages

    1. If it has, I would not be surprised at all. Going on the types he gives free access to the comments over there – it was bound to attract attention

      1. You can say that again. I think it’s only Barts notes and Barrister blogger that allows the gruesome twosome to leave comments on their sites now.

    2. He’s an odd fish is that Bartholomew bloke. Still living with his dominant mother in his fifties. There is something not quite right with any of them

    1. It must rankle that you cannot get a platform for your obsessive and rather disturbing rants here either, eh Booka?

      You will have to stick to talking to yourself on Facebook as usual 😉

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