Arianwen, like a bright star in the sky,
The magic inside her will never die.
Superficial beauty makes the spider come alive,
In the snow this spider will thrive.
In the dark, this spider glows,
As her exquisite pattern always shows.

Her magic is more than you can see,
Gwyn will soon find out what the future will be.
Her web is soft and filled with mystery,
She will continue to remain throughout history.

She flew into Gwyn’s hand by the mountainside,
It was the wind that made her twist and slide.
She leads Gwyn to curiosity,
Leaving him blind for what the future is to be….

Written by my 11-year old daughter and her friend.

Inspired by the Childrens’s Book ‘The Snow Spider’ by Jenny Nimmo

4 thoughts on “ARIANWEN

  1. Beautiful Poem Jimmy, please thank your daughter for the wonderful images. I have never heard of the books before so just looked them up, & will see if I can get hold of copies from the WBC, as I like to have a good selection of Welsh kids fiction. They sound like a similar idea to my favourite Welsh ‘young person’s story’ – The Owl Service – by Alan Garner, so your daughter may enjoy reading that as well, and if she then becomes hooked on children’s fantasy books, there is always ‘Over Sea Under Stone’ first in ‘The Dark is Rising’ sequence by Susan Cooper. I love to see children with their head in a book, should start a life long passion.
    A life without books is a sad life indeed. Enjoy 🙂

    1. My kids love books, our house is full of them.

      The Snow Spider is very loosely based on the Mabinogion, you will see familiar characters throughout the book.

      Like Gwyn and Bronwen etc..

      Thank you for the comments, she will be reading them.. 🙂

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