After 4.5 billion years of life, the arrival of genetically modified organisms is being promoted as a “second genesis” in which the planet is being repopulated by commercially patented life forms.

The potential long-term impact of these laboratory creations, from the emergence of new super-pests to the loss of genetic diversity in the natural world, is as yet unknown.

But for many, that is reason enough to proceed with extreme caution.

farmers in Kenya and its African neighbours grow ever more worried that the extra costs associated with using genetically modified crops will bury them in debt and force them to give up their land.

If that happens, there are many eager speculators ready to grab the opportunity.

The Bill & Melissa Gates Foundation and Monsanto are two of the better known ‘investors’ and have pumped billions into Africa in order to gain control of the food supply.

Oxfam has reported that over the past decade, 561 million acres of land in the Global South and the former Soviet Bloc have been sold, leased or licensed largely in Africa and to international investors.

It’s an area larger than Alaska and Texas combined.

The trend has accelerated since 2008 when food prices spiked around the world and Western investors fled from the U.S. property market.

Asian and Middle Eastern countries have bought up large tracts of land in Africa to ensure their future food supply.

Western investors, meanwhile, are turning to Africa to boost biofuel production by planting vast swaths of sugar cane and palm oil.

In many cases, investors see their taxes waived by host governments and are allowed to produce entirely for export.

China for example, purchased 250,000 acres of agricultural land in Zimbabwe in 2008 and is investing $800 million in Mozambique to modernise rice production for export.

In 2008 Philippe Heilburg, a former commodities trader at AIG, leased 988,000 acres in the south of Sudan from a local warlord.

Since South Sudan gained independence, Heilburg has leased another 740,000 acres.

Heilburg’s goal is to convert the land into an agricultural plantation.

From 2006 to 2010, 22,000 Ugandans in the Kiboga and Mubende districts were violently displaced from their forest homes by local security forces after a British timber company acquired title to the land they had been farming for decades.

“The scale of the land deals being struck is shocking,” Anuradha Mittal, executive director of the Oakland Institute has said. “ The conversion of African small farms and forests into a natural-asset-based, high-return investment strategy can drive up world food prices and increase the risks of climate change.”

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  1. @outlaw..o/t sorry..i know you’re not a fan of gojam etc. but he recently posted showing some docs connected with CHE ..and CGHE..thing is this ive just looked at vid from C4 showing docs to do with bryn estyn and you can clearly see (abusers) CHE..not sure what to do with scrnsnaps i got showing it….any ideas?

    1. I have not seen any C4 Doc that names Bryn Estyn Abusers.

      Do you have a link where I can watch it?

      I Have no problem with Gojam other than he posts misleading information and then refuses to give anyone who disagrees with him, the right of reply to the things he posts….

      And of course he lies about not being an ex-Lib Dem Councillor with existing links to the party, which he uses to find out information about people in order to harass them online.

      The CHE ‘exclusive’ posted for example, he states is from the ‘Conservative Homosexual Equality’, but it actually stands for ‘Campaign for Homosexual Equality’ and before that they were called the ‘Committee for Homosexual Equality’ which is/was a left-wing organisation.

      So not only is what he publishes clearly misleading, it is also completely untrue as he is directing his reader to believe it referred to the CGHE..

      1. yes outlaw this is the problem.getting his CHE mixed up with CGHE and about paedo infiltration which is noticed (tom o carrol mentioned) the C4 clips are from ‘the past on trial’ the clip i watched is ”past on trial waterhouse tribunal and the missing names” its on does name a couple..but sadly followed by ‘we cant name names for legal reasons’ but you can see shots of the documents and professions for what its worth..and i did notice even the nature of offence..of which it looks like one says *****/BLK MAGIC (??)..even one seem to say ‘bestiality’ ??…but as i say in the right column list under profession eg army etc you can see ‘CHE’ quite a few i dont know if this refers to the CHE mentioned on gojams blog or not but i noted it and took screenshots..
        there are some other ‘past on trial ‘ clips too from C4..

        1. Some interestingly points raised there Bob, so I shall find them on YT and go through them.

          Makes sense in the light of what is already known about the levels and seriousness of some of the accusations.

          THIS IS THE LINK

          C4 NEWS

          1. ok outlaw i hope this helps in some way..just makes me sick seeing those ppl suffer and justice denied them..i wiil be interested in what you think..

  2. 11 abusers at bryn estyn were says ..right hand column says CHE/crest in a few places ..would that mean the hotel???

  3. @outlaw what do you make of this? Judge Ronald Waterhouse presided over the aquital of entertainer Ken Dodd (tax fraud) that made me wonder..can you guess?


    “Born in this year were Val Doonican, Sidney Poitier, Yes Minister actor Paul Eddington, Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman, Roger Moore, and Avengers actress, Honor Blackman. Also born in this year were two notable Freemasons: the first was comedian and entertainer Ken Dodd, and one Harold Roylance Howard, born on 9 October in Farnworth.”

    Dodd was aquitted Ken Dodd was a freemason..

    Waterhouse was born in Flintshire ….a place mentioned as a place where abusers came from.


      1. @outlaw apologies outlaw it may be a reference to my comment about judge waterhouse / ken dodd (dodd being a freemason) / north wales abuse in care home whitewash..

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