I feel angry today.

I listened to a Radio Interview on the Victoria Derbyshire Show on Radio 5, which featured somebody I know.

This particular Lady was once a soldier, and this particular soldier had the misfortune to get on the wrong side of an Improvised Explosive Device or IED, in 2005 while serving in IRAQ.

I do not need or wish to go into details, but suffice to say she suffered many horrendous injuries including the added burden of completely losing her sight.

Since then she has overcome years of the almost unimaginable pain, the sudden and nightmarish plunge into total darkness, spinal damage and the loss of her right hand.

While back at home and still recovering, she has had to cope with domestic violence, a massive betrayal by the system that was designed to protect her, bullying and harassment by members of the public, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Reading her Blog and watching her daily Tweets my heart went out to her.

The way she has taught herself an entirely new set of life skills, adapted around her cruel injuries.

The way she has not given up, and the way she has even started a business creating stunning clay sculptures, in the studio she built herself after teaching herself to use her left hand.

My own sadness was mixed with an overwhelming admiration for the courage this woman has shown in the face of such almost insurmountable difficulties.

But now she faces a new challenge.

This Tory-led Coalition Government, with their uncompassionate, soulless and inhuman ‘Bedroom Tax’ may well force this unbelievably brave woman, who in no way can be described as a ‘Burden on Society,’ to now, after all she has been through, lose her home.

This is just one case among hundreds of thousands, who are having to face a stark choice, each are as important, and each are worthy of of our attention.

In attempting to raise awareness of the true picture of the way that this country is heading, I am highlighting just one of the many heartless ways that the British Political System is trying to demoralise, destabilise and ultimately destroy the weakest and the poorest in the population.

We must fight against this, as we must fight against all injustice. We can no longer sit on our hands and nod with blind acceptance and beg for every crumb that is casually tossed in our direction.

We must get angry, we must rage, and kick, and scream and fight against this heartless system that aims to bring more than three-quarters of the population to it’s knees.

If you click the link below listen to her words, and hear the choice she may now be forced to make, which without a doubt, will turn her whole world upside down.


6 thoughts on “ABOMI-NATION

  1. This is an absolute outrage,how can those responsible for this attack on the most vulnerable in society sleep at night?I will post this link to others.I hope this decision will be overturned.Welsh Wallace you are an inspiration to us all.

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    My heart goes out to this extremely brave woman, soldier for you are the inspiration, courage, strength, that has kept you with the hand of the Lord his Love and Grace surround you. For you are in our prayers each and every day we pray. Blessings, Peace, Prayers, Honour and Respect to al our Brothers and Sisters in Arms, for those Loved and Lost. In the name on the Lord Amen :_(

  3. Blessings, Peace, Prayers, Courage, Strength, Honour and Respect My heart crys when I read this is so terrible to express God Bless Am reblogging this to show my respect for this cruelty and such inspirationand bravery. How will Society Sleep at Night:_(

  4. Should read above that…I am reblogging thisto show my respect for such inspiration and bravery’. Lost internet connection whilst trying to write the above. Blessings, peacenPrayers:_(

  5. Im not British but this is a horrible way to treat people – we should always wish for the best but should not be surprised that governments will always look out for their own and that ordinary working people no matter how brave will be treated like sh#t

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