I am posting this video here, as is.

It needs little input from me as its self-explanatory. I very much doubt that it will be shown in the mainstream media, and it is my understanding that this incident took place in Hackney, East London, sometime today 10/5/2020.

But the question must be asked of this government, when will ‘Enough be Enough?’


Updated Video:


  1. Erasmus Mustang

    Where did you get the clip? I need to share the shit out of this.

  2. All Lives Matter

    Labour councils have capitulated to #blacklivesmatter and are going to put the removal of offensive monuments ‘under review’. No surprises there

    ‘Labour councils to review all statues and monuments across England and Wales’

  3. Herringbone123

    Fuck the mainstream media. We are the media now and I will be sharing this everywhere.

  4. NO MORE

    People standing around filming when cops are getting attacked by a feral mob, this is Sadiq Khan’s London now and I hope that the cops who took a knee earlier this week are bowing their heads in shame. This is disgusting


    And they seriously want us to kneel for more of this?

    • Jenniejenjen

      We all know who the true agitators are. They thrive on divide. They have played that hand one too many times and we see them in 20/20 vision now.
      Anyone know where the seals have gone from Buckingham palace Gates? They in for repairs along with the rest of the palace?I also wonder how many meglomaniacs are wearing adult nappies now!

  6. Jenniejenjen

    May I share something?

    A few years back my mother, whom I have had no contact with since my late 30s made the front page of a few newspapers in South Africa. She was beaten black and blue like she had full face tattoos. And my heart sank with family responsibility. I didn’t want to have to enter her life again. Thanks to the report of a grandson doing that, I didn’t have to. Selfish? Or a long story?

    Last week YouTube recommended a 1996 witch hunt video to me.

    The opening scene broke me. There was my Zulu gogo, banished from her homeland on accusations of being a witch. There she was, broken and ashamed sitting in the dust in a torn dress with 2 small children. My eldest son’s Zulu mama. The older lady I had hired to show me how to be a mother when I became one, because I had no example of how to be one, a lifetime ago.

    My heart broke.

    I have managed to trace her to 2012 where she was safe and happy in a Venda tribe. I’m trying to find out if she is still there. I have some cows and goats to gift her new people. To say thank you. I’m sorry I never got to tell you I love you.

    Forget MSM.

    Get your news from the internet.

    And be self reflective. You will find a lot of truth in a quiet mind.
    Hence the MSM churning out chaos.
    In reality we all love more than we hate. Don’t buy the fear and rage on every page.

  7. Jenniejenjen

    PS: Is it George, Greg (his twin first called him Greg) or Perry (his school teacher called him that).

    And where are his chest tattoos on his arrest video?

    And how did Obam a Foundation tweet a flag with George’s face on it on 20/5/2020?

    Is it Voodoo?