The following article has been compiled from a number of sources, including online documentation, living witness testimonies and thus far unpublished archive materials.

Some of it is presented here without visible evidence so may prove difficult to believe, some may find it impossible to comprehend, yet it exists nonetheless.

You can probably remember what you were doing when you heard that Diana, Princess of Wales was killed.

You should also remember what you were doing when the TV screens were filled with images of what you believed to be two large aircraft crashing into the World Trade Centre on September 11th 2001.

Those who are old enough, would certainly remember what they were doing when JFK was killed.

The murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the archetypal incident that would live on in the memory of millions of people, an event that ensured they would never forget what they were doing when the news was announced.

If any of these memories are indelibly etched in your mind, why would it be that you could so easily forget the announcement by the US Government, urging people to spend, spend, spend immediately following 9/11?

Do you remember that?

Why would you?

After all, how would you know that those three events were the planned result of a practice dating back hundreds of years, by agents that were very aware that people developed permanent memories when subjected to hugely traumatic events.

What people learn (or more importantly what they forget), can be controlled by the determined and deliberate application of something known as ‘Trauma Association.’

A practice which has, over many, many years, become a standard to intelligence agencies around the world, for no other reason than to ensure security against external threats to the collective culture, their memories, uncomfortable events, unpopular rulers or even ‘Secrets,’ not deemed to fall into the realm of ‘Public Interest.’

To understand some of the events that happen today, you have to go back sixty four years to 1950, when CIA Director Allan Dulles approved a shadow government project, known as ‘Bluebird,’ which had the following objectives.

1. To discover a means of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorised extraction of information, by well practiced means, up to and including torture and abuse.

2. To investigate the possibility of control of an individual by application of special interrogation techniques.

3. To investigate memory enhancement.

4. To establish defensive means for preventing hostile control of agency personnel.

A few years previously, the US Government had been carrying out research to explain why so many ordinary soldiers could not handle the psychological effects of war, indicating a need to ‘toughen them up’ generally, or to instigate elite training methods.

Among the methods used to ‘de-program’ traumatised soldiers was by means of electro-shock treatment and insulin-induced coma therapy.

Over years of intensive experimentation, the de-programmers became expert in the practice which has become to be known as ‘Brainwashing.’

The main protagonist of this ‘Therapy,’ a Dr William Sargeant, was seen as being credible enough to be called as an ‘expert’ witness, in the trial of ‘Terrorist’ Patty Hearst in order to convince a jury that her actions had been controlled while in a brainwashed state.

What this research also discovered, was that any countries population could be easily influenced, toughened up, de-sensitised or simply manipulated at will, just by knowing what buttons to press.

Many millions of dollars were poured into this research, which proved promising enough to be continued through 1951, the only obvious difference being, that Project Bluebird had morphed into Project Artichoke, and had also began using drugs along with aggresive hypnosis techniques on it’s vulnerable subjects (almost always without their consent).

I could reel off a list of names here who had been subjected to this type of ‘Therapy’ over the years, but you will have worked out at least some of them for yourself, by the time you have reached the end of this article.

So what happened to Project Artichoke?

By late 1953, it had spawned at least 149 sub-projects, including the now infamous MK ULTRA, which eventually became, what has come to be known as Project Monarch.

Very, very few people are fully aware of the ultimate aims where Monarch is concerned, but you can be assured that any mainstream media coverage, will be entirely focused on distracting the more open minded members of society away from the truth, using tried, tested, and also very effective methods.

A determined researcher however, using the internet in unconventional ways, can make inroads into establishing both the facts and obtain any number of genuine survivor testimonies, which have been slowly emerging since Monarch became a matter of public knowledge around 1970.

Many events we are witnessing today, both online and in the real world, (specifically during the last two years), may be a direct result of Monarch survivors speaking out.

As much of the Monarch programming involves the use of electric shocks, drugs, hypnosis, trip chairs and almost indescribable levels of ‘Ritualistic’ (remember that word) abuse and humiliation, designed to remove and totally destroy the ‘subjects’ memories, there are certain elements in society who would like it to remain secret.

They would almost certainly not wish those with‘recovered memories,’ becoming known and speaking out.

Have you noticed the way that ‘Experts’ go to the most extraordinary lengths to discredit the testimony of survivors (and witnesses) of ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse,’ who’s memories incidentally, are remarkably similar to those so vividly described by Monarch survivors?


How can this be achieved?

The easiest method used by far, is to publicly ‘Rubbish’ them in an attempt to discredit their testimony.

By labelling them as fantasists, suffering from extreme delusional behaviour or blatantly lying, through to being gold diggers or suffering from the recently adopted term ‘False Memory Syndrome.’

Advocates of False Memory Syndrome have been appearing all over the internet, although personally, it is something I firmly believe does not exist.


Another method used is by creating Memes, (Lurid Media Revelations about Jimmy Savile may even be one example) which of course, the public readily and gratefully accept, and is a particularly useful tactic if used on social networks (#Paedobritain?) and ‘Truther’ Forums, which have now led to an entirely new (online) belief system being created.

*The Internet is much harder to influence than the mainstream media, so the methods have been updated. Included within these updates, are the constant references to ‘Conspiratorial’ Bloggers and certain social commentators who highlight SRA, as being ‘loose cannons,’ ‘flaky’ and entirely ‘untrustworthy’.*

This usually runs alongside the release of a mixture of truth and disinformation, designed to keep the population permanently confused by allowing only tiny pieces of genuine information to ‘leak out.’

The rest they leave for the population to make up as they pursue, in ever increasing numbers, what they believe to be the ‘truth.’

That also serves to ‘muddy the waters’ very successfully, thus creating a negative influence over any subsequent court cases where high profile (celebrities) end up in the dock.

The proverbial ‘Elephant in the Courtroom.’

How often has that been witnessed lately?

It is also worth mentioning the number of ‘Psychologists’ and ‘Hypno-Therapists’ that have suddenly appeared online, may also have some bearing on the attempts to identify and discredit historic abuse survivors, some of which undoubtably include Monarch survivors, who have recovered some or all of their memories.

These are seen as authentic spokespeople, and are employed to add some weight or much needed ‘credibility’ to otherwise suspicious CSA ‘Campaigners’ and bloggers, who spring up like mushrooms following high profile cases.

Discredit one survivor and it casts immediate doubt on others, successfully dissuading them from speaking out.

If you can accept that much of Monarch is based (modelled) on whatever works, including organised and widespread child abuse, it should begin to make a lot more sense.

Monarch is designed to be a never-ending circle of depravity that is self-sustaining.

It’s victims are constantly made to feel that their situation is inescapable.

The key word to look for is ‘modelling.’ it is a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) term, widely believed to be part of the technology of psychological control, that has itself spawned it’s own secretive communities.

It’s also very well protected in British law, which isn’t surprising as it’s origins are firmly based within the intelligence community.

Whatever it’s practitioners and many supporters may claim to the contrary.

Within that secretive community, fortunately for the rest of us, there is also an acute awareness that there is a ‘media-bomb’ primed and just waiting to explode.

Anything can and will be used to prevent that happening, including legislation being put in place to protect the NLP community from censure, (including a possible NLP rebranding to DHE, which stands for Design Human Engineering. )

I believe that many legitimate looking (to the casual observer), websites, blogs and social media accounts, have been specifically set up to identify, isolate and attempt to discredit, both historical abuse and of course, the real targets, which are the Monarch survivors.

These online ‘personalities’ are funded by both the Intelligence Services and the Media, as both agencies are partly responsible for the disinformation and decades of constant denial of this abhorrent practice.

Their involvement should provide proof enough that SRA and Monarch are both very real.

Real enough to have specific funds set aside, and freely used to try and prevent the truth getting out.

The implications of full disclosure are seen as being far too dangerous to be made public, especially when you consider the direct links to the very heart of the British establishment.

*If you want to research any of what is contained in this article, please be aware that much of what is written online about SRA and Project Monarch, will be a web of disinformation and confusing, usually dead-end links, specifically designed to tie you up in knots while you try to make sense of it. A good place to start would be ‘The Aviary,’ but be prepared to venture into some very dark and disturbing places.*

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  1. I posted a link to this forthcoming TPTB effort in the previous thread.I strongly suggest that anyone interested in this goes back & tries those links.

  2. I fully believe this too, especially after what we’ve seen this last year. My mind keeps going back to the article Spiv posted about The New Forest being a bit of an SRA hub & how so many of the weirdos we have encountered also have links there and how these people have been dead set on discrediting you and have tried their very best to bring you down, as if on a mission. And just look at all the mind melders that have popped up, all with alleged high flying careers, 1 supposed to be an astute legal mind, although there is also info suggesting that this person was nothing more than a glorified Social Worker with powers. And I ask myself, if this person is supposed to be such an astute legal mind, why would they champion the blog of a person that they must have known was a complete con man, one of the biggest con men of all? Unless his poorly written drivel discrediting survivors suited their agenda of course.
    I don’t believe in false memory syndrome per say, but I do believe for example how hypnosis can be used to manipulate minds and probably plant false memories. Really dangerous in the wrong hands, especially in the hands of an out and out con merchant via Social media, because we have all seen how some people get sucked in purely by what someone says they are, without questioning obvious anomalies as displayed by people like Dr Fib.
    There are a lot of people with a lot to hide and a lot to lose, including all political parties. I believe that if the entire truth came out, it would cause political melt down and this is what they are all most petrified of and I feel that there has been an obvious trawling exercise in the guise of fake CSA campaigners to net genuine abuse survivors.

  3. OUTLAW:- I’ve just seen the following on another site.No idea as to this comments’ veracity,but it could be worth checking out,& if true,spreading as widely as possible.


    Anonymous said…
    Thanks for putting this up TAP she spoke for us all.
    Members of a christian group allied to the British Resistance, penetrated Stonewall who want sex with kids normalised, it seems Peter Tatchell etc are funded by Nationwide.
    Email them and tell them what you think, this is the man directly responsible

  4. Researcher and author H.P. Albarelli Jr. has made a seemingly definitive pronouncement about the alleged Project Monarch CIA mind-control project, on the Truthout website – it never existed:
    “I researched the CIA’s programs for over 17 years.
    As far as I could see and find, there is/was no Monarch project. Indeed, I was told by the fellow who first wrote about it that it was a fabricated project on his part and that he has regretted the creation for years. It is not necessary to make MKULTRA and Artichoke any worse than they were. They were absolutely horrible programs and the attempts to embellish them with made-up projects is not helpful or needed. In fact, it readily serves the Agency’s disinformation objectives to scatter this fabricated disinfo dust over the real story”.


    1. A Definitive Pronouncement eh?

      No room for investigation or a valid argument.

      There is ample information to support any hypothesis you care to name.

      I tend to trust my gut and look at all sides of any argument before I commit myself to any theory.

      Evidence can be fabricated as easily as official ‘Experts’ can be purchased by anyone who wants to strengthen their argument or theories.

  5. I found this.It’s a pdf of a “Lancet” article about the dangers of fluoride.(The fluoride in water & toothpaste is SODIUM fluoride, NOT the naturally occurring & beneficial CALCIUM fluoride.)


    Jimstone recommends downloading it now, before it disappears from the web.

  6. Jimmy – You’re an intelligent guy and you seem to have a lot of energy & determination. Your help is needed with documentation of things that really happened. For example, I believe that the Imperial Iranian Academy of Philosophy where Peter Lamborn Wilson was hanging out in the late 1970′s, was a front for “boylover” pedophiles – but for the life of me I haven’t been able to document that. Can YOU crack that nut?

  7. Justin Sanity: Can you try the “Wayback Machine”?.I’ve never accessed it myself,but it does exist.Although,be warned,I believe Google bought that out a few years ago.If this was in the late ’70s,then that was before the internet as we know it now,and in the earliest days of “bulletin boards”,as they were then called.It’s possible that there were never any postings about such a place.Also,so far as I know,there was – & still is – something called “AltNet” or “AlterNet” for quite old stuff.I emphasise that I’m posting this from a memory of many years ago,when I was on the net in the early 90’s..

  8. Justin Sanity:- I just googled “Imperial Iranian Academy of Philosophy+Peter Lamborn Wilson”
    Try it.Some stuff about religion came up.If you have a more compelling interest than me,you might find something you’re looking for.

  9. Mr.Outlaw. I am shocked! I’ve just been to the site of a most esteemed former councilor & – no new “product” since March 7th.

    What on earth can be going on?

    I hope he hasn’t begun to experience “problems”.

    1. Well Well, has conscience, karma or something in uniform finally caught up with him?..

      I have no doubt we will find out soon enough

  10. Ticking off SkyNews for releasing details of teachers caught with dodgy pics as he wouldn’t want parents to be terrified that the pics were of children. Somehow I think the parents might know more about it than some little rancid dick weed. Could it be any more transparent? Could it be any more plastic? Could it be getting ready to bow out of the pretend anti CSA supporters game? We can only hope – for the sake of all genuine survivors.
    But just to recap, champion of:-
    A money launderer who stood to get £300k for his part ripping off old people for their life savings & has some dubious connections with regards to the whole Elm Guest House saga
    THE Bryn Estyn Bully boy abuser victim jockey
    Someone who signed the waiver, took the money & has since been convicted of assaulting a nurse.
    Any more for any more?

  11. There’s not much they can’t do. Check these patents:

    US 6506148 B2

    Fyi: when nanoparticles sprayed into the air or added into food are introduced to the body it causes disruptions to the energetic balance via electromagnetic and homeostatic rhythm via methods referenced. This puts the system into a hyper immunity state in an attempt to fight off any invader – which then causes adrenal fatigue (which most ppl have at this point). As a result this leaves one vulnerable and depleted, full of metal, highly conductive – and a prime target for the nervous system stimulation.

    US 3951134 A
    Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves invented by Robert G. Malech

    US 4883067 A
    (totally effed up, I’ll let this be a surprise)

    US 7166070 B2
    stimulation of brain via acoustics

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